Top 5 Website and strategies to write articles and earn money in india?

write articles and earn money in india

Today I’m going to give you a brief overview of how to write articles and earn money in india with some pro tips that will help you build a career with it, and you can easily earn upto Rs:25,500 a month. 

This is a proven method as almost every successful person in this field have Used this method. And even you can kickstart your Career and earn upto Rs25,500 per month.

Everyone’s Got something within themselves. Some are good at Swimming, Some are good with Finances or Some are Good at writing.

But First, There’s One Thing to keep in Mind That this is a Genuine Method, which means it takes time to earn a decent amount.

Along with it, You have to be very consistent to Match The Industry Requirement.

I’ll be guiding you through mentioning Top Indian websites and effective strategies with the help of which you can write articles and earn money in india.

How To write articles and earn money in india

“Remember Great Things never Come from Comfort Zone”

  • Self Motivation (Most Important)
  • Laptop
  • Internet
  • Any Language in Which You Are Comfortable 
  • Good Grammar 
  • A Decent Typing Speed
  • Payment Method (Paypal, BHIM UPI ,etc)

That’s all you need to kick start your Career as a freelance writer or write articles and earn money  in India.

But if You Wanted to earn a decent amount, I would suggest focusing more on writing your articles in English rather than other languages as English is a widely accepted language.

After Gaining Some experience in this field, you can write articles in your regional language. Due to the expansion of JIO in India, the internet is becoming a necessary part of our Day-to-Day life.

One more thing that you will require is a decent or above-average typing speed of at least 35-36word per minute.

There are various online websites where you can practice, one such being ThetypingCat.

You can conduct various tests of 1 min length and can improve your typing speed at a very fast rate.

If your grammar is good, then you are fine; otherwise, you can use a plugin called Grammarly, which is sufficient if you are bad with spellings like me.

The free version is More than sufficient to help you in every possible way, although many more services are offered in premium.

The best alternative is to read journals and articles and find out the meaning of the words you didn’t understand.

write article and earn money in india

Mastering The Art Of Article Writing to write articles and earn money in India

One must master The Art of Article Writing to become a good content writer.

Before Jumping into writing Articles, we must Understand the Types of Article Writing.

There Are two types of Article writing Techniques not only in the English language but in any regional language like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujrati, etc.

The technique for Article Writing

To become successful, one must master the technique of Article writing. But First, We need to understand What type of Article’s intend is required.

Understanding the User Intend for the article

Anyone searching for a topic might have some doubts and unanswered questions with them Yet to be answered.

So Inorder to Understand The User Intend, You Must Understand the RNT & AIDA Formula.

Using These Formulas, You Can Write the perfect Article, and these Articles Will generate Some money In return.


write articles and earn money in india

The RNT stands For

  • Research
  • Note
  • Type


You have to do Outstanding research about your topic to meet the User Intend for the topic.

For instance, you are writing an article about how to earn money online in india or the same topic as You earn money by writing articles in india.

Here the User’s final intent is To gather information, but if you look at a broad aspect, you will definitely figure out some point.

If you cannot find anything, do a little search on google and read the first few articles about your topic and some related Articles.

So once you finish reading, you’ll learn that with how to earn money online user also comes up with different things

  • how to earn money online in india for students
  • how to earn money online without investments 
  • how to earn money online without investments for students 
  • write articles and earn money in india

This is where Note comes into Play.

A pro tip–> Make a google spreadsheet Titled Supporting Points and mention all metrics and points available.

Although you can create an excel on your laptop or pc, I suggest you create it on Google drive as it’s much feasible you can access the spreadsheet anytime, anywhere.

Write articles and earn money in india


You Completed your Research and completed Your Notes. This is the time of putting all the things together and make a fabulous article out of it.

Remember, Even though you have done outstanding research and all your points are valid, but your presentation isn’t upto the mark. No one’s going to read it.

Use this schema to get the best results out of it

  • Use Heading’s that give the User a brief idea about the topic
  • Don’t make your article emphatically lengthy
  • Discuss To the points
  • use short para avoid long para
  • use subheadings to make your Article worth reading by discussing the above-noted points
  • Use infographics or images to give a true idea about the do’s and dont’s

NOTE-> 30-35% User Never go beyond 2-3 paragraph if they didn’t find anything related to what they have searched for and their questions to be answered

A-Pro Tip -> Always Write the First 2-3 Paragraph by using AIDA Formula


get paid to write article

If you are stick upto this long, let me tell you the Formula’s Practical Implementation.


I grabbed Your attention by writing some power words like “Top 5 website and Strategies” here, “top” is a power word, or I used the main keyword write articles and earn money online.


If you are search for a keyword like write articles and earn money online, then your primary interest is to earn money through writing articles.

That’s where I claimed you can earn upto Rs: 25,500. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the payment proof with me, or else I would have attached it at the very beginning of the Article.

If I had attached the payment proof, 100% user retention would have been achieved.

I would suggest you to attach the payment proof if you have with you.


They desire to earn money. That’s why I have mentioned that with consistency, you can even earn upto Rs25,500 with the focus keyword write articles and earn money in india.


In this section, you have to provide The complete Plan with information like do’s and don’ts.

A-Pro tip-> A survey suggests that 70-80% user doesn’t like long para, so try to keep every part short like 1-2 lines are enough. 

And if you want to learn more, you can follow the copy blogger and backlinko the best in the market.

Summary of writing article

  • Do proper research For the Article
  • Use AIDA formulae in the starting paragraphs
  • Make Notes of the Supporting important points
  • Write articles with the supporting headings
  • Don’t write anything that you don’t know about
  • Build a Loyal user base(Best For the Career)
  • Don’t write para of more than 1 line
  • Use different colors to highlight different Portions (important)

Since you have gained knowledge about writing Articles, it’s time to know about Some of the websites that pay you to write articles or simply write articles and earn money in india.

Before That A-pro tip-> First start Guest Posting(Later explained in the article) and see how people react to your Article .

Websites where you can write articles and earn money in india



There is no minimum educational qualification required though you should have excellent and creative writing skills and the basic computer knowledge would be sufficient in addition to the following:

  • Good writing skill in English (or in Hindi in case you want to write articles in the Hindi language)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word (or OpenOffice Writer and WordPress)

Per article payment rate:

Word limitPayout (In Indian rupee)
6000 more300

Bonus on timely submission after claiming or the assignment of the topic:

24 hours10%
2 days8%
3 days6%
4 days4%
5 days3%
6 days2%
7 days1%
>7 days-2%

Bonus on Facebook link likes (see the instructions here):


Best To Start Your Career With and a very Good payment Structure as well as payout . But low comparatively to Others.

2. Writers lab

Benefits for The freelancers/Content Writers

1.Free Registrations
2.Ontime Payments
3.Flexible Working Hours
4.24/7 Support
5. Work in your Niche

But first, You have to pass a test or Their 2-Step Verification process in order to be a member.

Some freelancers/ digital writers are bad at financing or anything related. In Writer’s Lab, you will get Assistance.

3. India Writersbay

Eligibility Criteria

You must be fluent in English and must have basic Computer Knowledge Along with Great Creative writing skills.

Procedure to earn From the website

  • Fill The Form
  • Pass The grammar Test (14 Must be scored out of 15)
  • Pass the Citation
  • Within a short span of time, Write a Short Article of about 150 word
  • Upload D0cuments/Resume


1. Variety of Niches available
2. 24/7 Support available
3.Timely Payment
4.One of the reputed Websites
5. Good Payment offered

4. Fiverr

One of The great Place for Freelancers of every field from digital marketing, Content marketing to Freelance Writing to earn a decent amount.

You need to purchase a Gig, and as soon as it reaches someone, he or she will contact You. The minimum is $5, which is about Rs 350.

And you can change accordingly .

5. Upwork

Same as Fiverr Upwork is also a freelancing website here you can also become a part time freelancer or content writer, You will be paid to write and can make good money by these article writing jobs.

You can get money Through paypal into your Bank account directly

There are many more indian sites Such as, Intershalla where you can get job offers and can work as a Content writer writing online and working from home .

So you can write articles and earn money in india.

Apart From Online Websites You can also Earn a Good amount From Writing For Magazines,Guest Posting

1. Literary Magazines

A Facebook Group where people Share their Necessity about writers and Provide Their Deadlines . If you work Consistently You can earn about Rs 6000-7000 Per month

2. Transitions Abroad

A Interntional Website That pay $150 about Rs 11000 Per post To share your Experience

3. Horizon Edition Magazine

These Magazine pay you About $100 About Rs 7344 per post

4. Wanderlust

This Magazine pay You About Rs 217000 Per Post

So you got the idea on the requirements, Techniques and Lastly Best sites to kickstart Your Career

Once you got the idea, it’s time to know how to get Customers as starting is very difficult.

Must Read : Earn Money With Online jobs from Home

How to Get Customers to get paid to write articles

As i have stated earlier starting is very difficult but once you get on the track The route will be smooth

Here Are some Tips on How to get started With Article Writing to write articles and earn money in india.

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting will be a very important aspect of Your Career. This will definetly Help you Build A Digital Identity.

You can submit these Guest posts link along with your post’s User Interactions to Build a strong portfolia and that will help You get jobs more often .

Some Guest Posting Websites

You Can find Guest Posting Websites almost in every Niche. Medium is a great example Of guest posting.

Here’s The Blog url Where You can find 150-sites-to-guest-post

2. Facebook Groups

Once You have enough Guest post’s urls you can join some active facebook groups where people from the same Professions exchange words.

They even Provide Work if they like Your Guest post’s or any Previous Posts . SO with the help of these groups you can write articles and earn money in india

Some Groups are :

1. Hire Content Writer

2. KaranTech

3.Content Writing

and there are many More ..


Youtube is a very Good Platform To Flaunt your Skills. It’s Same as Afiiliate In which You sell some product Here you selling the gig that’s the only difference

You can take orders from Your Subscribe’s and get paid to write articles .

With the help of youtube you can write articles and earn money in india , And once you have enough knowledge about this field You guide others through Your Videos.

4. Your Blogpost/ Website

Once You have enough idea about the Article writing techniques and seo you can start your blog and monetize it with Google Adsense.

On your Website you can write articles to earn money in india. But you need to have vast idea about how to write Seo Focused Articles .

if you are wondering What SEO is It is Search Engine Optimisation . This is very Important as this will help you to rank On the top of google and so that you can get the traffic .

The main race is to get listed on the top of the Google and get all the traffic on their site’s Post .

Owning a Website is a bit risky as you have to continiously work on your website and have to invest time and Money.

Here you can write articles and earn money in india infact a good sum of money as You don’t get a share of a large chunk you get the whole chunk.

Steps to start a website to write articles and earn money in india

Follow these Steps To start a Website and run Efficietly to earn Money

1. Domain Name -> A domain name is the name of your business like mine is Careerguarantee. It must be Unique as this is your business identity

2. Hosting Provider-> They provide you a small part in their server Where you hosts your file

3. WordPress -> WordPress is a popular Content Managment System Like joomla etc.

4. Theme For website-> A great Theme Is very Important As this will help You in evry Aspect.

Note:-So if You want a geniuine Virus Free Theme Of NewspaperX Worth $60 – RS 4400 Absolutely Free Then comment down below with your Email id I will be Sending you within 24-26 hrs .

Points to Remember

So I Think You acquired Satisfactory knowledge through this Article and I Hope you have a wonderful Journey.

But There are certain things i would you to tell is that Be patient if you ever fail that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a Good Writer it’s that you just need to upgrade your skill to the latest Update.

Never Limit Yourself . Juts focus on your Goal . Your Goal must be to become a Good Seo friendly Article Writer not to earn money .

My last piece of advice would be to Focus on learning Seo and start your own website.

Inshort Practice More and more and follow above Rules Thoroughly

I hope this Article will help you to write articles and earn money in india.

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