3 Tips to Ace why should you be hired for this internship?

why should you be hired for this internship

An Internship can be the first step To your dream job. But answering “Why should you be hired for this internship” can be Challenging especially for freshers.

This is among general and beneficial questions asked in an interview, and In many cases, it’s self-evident.

This is your moment; this interview can take you a step closer to what you have dreamt for, what you worked harder for.

As a B.tech Computer Science Student, I know how important an Internship can be in some Engineering Colleges. If you don’t do an internship in your B.tech course, You won’t get the Degree.

If you are one of those who wanted to be An Entrepreneur, then Internship is a great way to start your career. It will give you an idea about each and everything from tools used to how and where to look for customers

If you are a fresher, this article will help you answer one of the most tricky and essential questions: Why should you be hired for this internship or why should you be hired for this role.

Always Remember to create a Great First Impression as the First impression is your impression. An experienced interviewer can conclude within a minute whether you are suitable for this role or not.

In all those nervousness and Preparedness, you forgot to prepare for one of the essential Question. Why should you be hired for this internship? 

First of all, What is an Internship?

An internship is a workshop offered by Companies to The Students for a limited amount of time.

So Why Internships are Important?

Students’ problems while applying for the job are “Work experience” Every employer wants Employees that use fewer resources and give maximum Output.

A degree isn’t enough to Secure even a Well established job it requires Industry Experience.

During Internships, students are trained for their skills they good at and a chance to practically apply the knowledge and get feedback from Industry.

What are the Benefits of Internship

Real-Time Industry Experience and Exposure

You get your first exposure to Industry before your actual job. You get to know how things are done now, and if you are lucky enough, you can get to know how items are cooked from Scratch.

Explore The career Opportunity

During Your Internship, You will come across different company departments, and since you all share the same atmosphere, it will be easy for you to grab the opportunity.

Helps to make Professional networks

Many young folks aren’t aware of the importance of professional networks. In many cases having professional networks even gives you chances to hire for your job.

LinkedIn is the best platform to create Professional Networks

If you want to know what are the top highest paying jobs of 2020- Click here

Add Values & Skills to CV

An Internship adds great value to Your Cv; You will be no Non-experienced or non-skilled job seeker anymore.
In fact:

In 2010 around 40% of Employees came from the Employee internship program.

In 2012 Interns to Full-time Employment rate was as high as 58%.

In 2015-16 close to 60% of students are unemployed after completing their Engineering due to a lack of required skills.

In 2018 the acceptance rate of an intern was 77.4%, and the offer rate being 59%.

Ace Soft Skills and Company Culture

An internship gives you a great opportunity to master your Soft skills, Which will 100% help you get a job later.

The Formula Of – Why should you be hired for this internship? or Why should we hire you

When Asked, everyone says I am hardworking, and I want this job. But it would be best if you said something to stand out among 50-100 Candidates waiting outside for their turn.

#1: Read Your job description carefully

For example I’m Taking Internshala’s Post as reference

Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Work on lead generation
2. Work on client handling
3. Perform search engine optimisation…………..


Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), English Proficiency (Spoken), English Proficiency (Written).

Keeping The terms Underlined above, My answer Would be :

From your job description, I noticed you are looking for someone with great proficiency In English and practical skills, which is why I’m a perfect fit for the job. I am a productive Content writer generating 100s of reactions to my post, and with the help of tools, my post ranks on Google’s 1st page for targeted keywords.

Everyone can say that I have strong communication skills, but not everybody can say that they use their communication skills to solve problems.

So here comes our second element in why should you be hired for this internship Stories. Build the story to proove that.

#2 : Connecting Stories

You can proceede with something like:

I was the Supervisor of the State-wise Robotics challenge organized by our college. As our college Outranks other Colleges in Robotics challenge, We received Hundreds of queries. I answered every Query either via E-mail, phone or even in person ranging from Technical Interview to the accommodation at the end of the conference, My HOD even commended me for being calm and empathetic while handling all the Communication.

Moving on to 3rd Element What makes you different?

#3: What Makes You different from others standing in the queue?

Now you have given a proper requirement oriented Answer, you have attached a supporting story to it and you have to show how you are different from others. Tell them about your skills.

You may Include your Volunteer Work, How good you were as a team player, examples when you went beyond your call of duty, Your willingness to learn quickly.

You may proceed with something like In My free time, I learned how to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript to compete with the Upcoming Competitors. I have even applied my skills to boost my websites ranking by three places.

And even revamp my college’s Robotic website, for which I received appreciation from my H.O.D. I love to bring my coding skills and passion for learning new technologies to this Position.

This will definetly get you a job and make you stand out from other candidates.

Take a closer look to why should we hire you best answer example, why should we hire you answers examples, why should we hire you examples.

Or simply Why should you be hired for this internship

These are just sample examples. But I would suggest you to stick to the formula. And build your own Answer.

#Answer 1: “I respect lasting relationships and actively want to create those with programmers, vendors and senior managers alike. Besides, I enjoy interacting with clients and understand a happy customer is a repeat customer. My enthusiasm for this business and the job I do compels me to deliver high-quality work every day.”

#Answer 2: “The experience that I have and the profile that I have to build is significantly related to the technology Used. I think my ability to manage Content, websites and Social Media makes me a good match for this position. 

In my recent position, I was responsible for maintaining my department’s website this required updating products, services, and social media profiles and posting information about upcoming events. 

I enjoy doing this work, and in my free time, I am also learning new programming languages, and I use these skills to update our homepage, which is always valued by our management. I would love to bring my skills and general passion for learning new technologies to this position”.

#Answer 3 ( Without professional skills): “The main reason I applied to this position is the eligibility matched my strengths correctly. I am good at managing multiple projects, and I’m really trying, and I work my time very economically.

Many have those traits, and however, If I were in your circumstance, I’d have enjoyed myself as of my enthusiasm with this particular industry and my Optimistic character. My education, history, strengths show I could perform that specific job.

I want to create more of an impact when compared to a job, to get exactly what it takes to enhance your business.”

Last Tips on why should you be hired for this internship

So here are the last tips before summoning up this why should you be hired for this internship article :

1. Be confident

2. Don’t brag about your skills

3. Always try to give a job oriented Answer to question why should you be hired for this internship

4. Don’t tell about your skills again and again

5. Don’t hesitate to say that ” Sorry, sir I don’t know the answer of this question” if you don’t know the answer

6. Don’t get over excited

7. Don’t be over confident

And You can use this strategy in both why should we hire you and why should you be hired for this internship.

So Please leave comment below if it worked for you Thank You.


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