Revolutionize Your  Investment Goals With Cryptocurrency 

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is a form of money  and  can be used as a means of transaction across a computer network independent of the regulations of any Central  banks or financial  institutions.

What is the Use Of  Cryptocurrency


 The extremely dynamic value growth of cryptocurrencies can prove to be a great way to increase one's wealth.

 Alternate currency

Many Merchants Around the world have started accepting Crypto's as an Alternate Payment. Reducing Dependency on Hard Cash.

India’s Take On Cryptocurrencies

The RBI and Central Government is in denial but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has curtailed the circulation of cash notes in India, where the cryptocurrency revolution is also now present.

So What are the top 7 Cryptocurrencies  that you can Invest  in India

1. Bitcoin

Original author: Satoshi Nakamoto Status of development: Active Initial release: 2009, January 9 Website: Implementation: Bitcoin Core

Pro- Bitcoin is Limited 

2. Etherium

Original author(s): Vtalik Buterin and Gavin Wood Status of development: Active Initial release: 2015, July 30 Website: Developers: Ethereum Foundation, Hyperledger, Nethermind, OpenEthereum, Ethereum JS.

Pro- Next Gen Crypto, Safest Crypto  to invest


Original author(s): Gavin Wood Code: DOT Initial release: 2020, May 6 Website: Developers: Parity Technologies

4.Shiba Inu

Original author(s): Ryoshi Status of development: Active Initial release: 2020, August Website: Code: SHIB


Original author(s): Changpeng Zhao Area of serving: Global, excluding the United States of America Initial release: 2017 Website:


Original author(s): Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins, and Craig sellers Initial release: 2014, October 6 Website:


Original author(s): Charles Hoskinson Initial release: 2017, September 27 Website: Status of development: Active

This is not an Investment Advice. Do your own research before investing