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Carolyn Edlund once said, “Art is not just a thing; with every purchase, the buyer also receives a piece of your creative spirit.” Imagine this: if an artist makes some art in their studio, then someone buys it, and it is mailed to them by courier. All of this is done without the artist stepping out of their house; this is the power and magic of the internet. 

Upon becoming an artist, your focus shifts to monetizing your art, whether it’s a digital or physical art, painting or embroidery, etc. It’s a big disappointment that there aren’t enough reliable platforms. A major concern for artists is making a living from their art. In case you are in the same boat, you might be surprised to discover that India has a plethora of online art-selling websites. Additionally, their galleries offer art collectors an affordable way to purchase prints and original artwork.

Nowadays, just like everything else, selling art online in India is a realistic way to make money. Gone is the time when artists had to set up expensive e-commerce websites and hire designers to sell art online. Today, anyone can make it a full-time business with just a few clicks and a few apps. 

Where To Sell Paintings Online In India?

To begin with, artists can sell their artwork digitally through online art galleries. These services help artists sell their fine art to anyone or any place in the country. Collectors or potential buyers can connect with artists and find the right work at their fingertips. The online art galleries will take a percentage of the sales, which varies according to their popularity and online footfall. 

Abundant Art Gallery

In association with CONTRIVANCE Artists Guild, Abundant Art Gallery presents Indian contemporary art to a diverse national and international audience. Their collection includes artworks by aspiring, budding, and well-established Indian artists. New artists can show and sell their art on their websites. They can bring their creations to life at their online art exhibitions. Most importantly, the gallery promotes and encourages artists to focus on diverse and prominent schools of art, such as the Bengal school of art. This gallery draws inspiration from the Ajanta cave frescoes.  


You can sell your artwork on Etsy, which is one of the most popular websites. As a one-stop shop for all kinds of artwork, it offers a wide variety of products to buyers. You will have to pay a nominal fee to list your artwork and make financial transactions. However, it would not be a problem since your artwork would be seen by the right people. Artists and buyers can also access Etsy’s awesome art online through its iPhone and Android apps.


You can auction your artwork on eBay, an eCommerce platform where everyone loves an auction. Being one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, eBay offers a fair price for artwork, and sometimes even more, which makes it a viable platform for selling artwork.

Rhythm Art Gallery

This art gallery specializes in presenting out-of-the-ordinary artworks that are contemporary and unique at the same time. Inaugurated in 2016, it promotes young artists and houses over 100 artworks that have become widely popular. Artists can sell and present their art online and will be able to connect with many potential buyers all over the country. It provides a convenient base for selling artwork as it focuses on a rich cultural and social diversity of art.  


With creative designs from independent artists around the world, Society6 has grown to become a thriving community for independent artists. As Society6 takes care of marketing, fulfillment, printing, and shipping, it is one of the most convenient places to sell your art online.

Saatchi Art

You can sell your artwork on Saachi Art, the world’s leading online gallery. With buyers all over the world and a variety of options to sell your artwork, you can find many customers and a fair price. It highlights and promotes several artists who have created innovative and one-of-a-kind works worth sharing with the thousands of art lovers visiting their website. This is an exemplary art gallery for artists trying to discover novel themes and designs through their art and trying to change people’s thoughts about modern art. They will be able to share their culture, vision, experiences, climate, and everything that makes their art uniquely different worldwide.


The Mojarto platform is one of the largest online marketplaces in India for selling original paintings and fine art prints. The platform also offers lithographs and handcrafted collectibles created by artists at all levels. By using this platform, artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and resellers are empowered and brought together on a powerful online platform, along with the promotion and development of their artwork.

In recent years, earning money online has become an increasingly popular option for individuals from all industries. Furthermore, artists who sell their artwork online in India have the opportunity to earn money online. These are among the most effective websites for Indian artists to sell their works on the web, meet new collectors, and grow their communities.

Best Site To Sell Paintings Online In India

Online retail is an efficient and trusted way to sell paintings or art in India. Listing artwork on websites primarily focused on selling art is the most conventional way to send handmade products. offers a wide range of unique masterpieces that are a treat to the eyes, and the owners’ pride is in the store. Among the most popular places to sell art, artists can find the best prices and most suitable buyers here. The program provides artists with an online catalog of categories, prices, and collections to assist them in finding the best category.

Cons: Buyers can also discover and own authentic art from the best artists and renowned gallery collections. New and budding artists can also connect with brilliant artists, craftsmen, curators, and collectors from all around the globe directly with online buyers. It ensures each piece is personally certified by the artist to preserve the genuineness and authenticity of the artwork. 

How To Sell Art Online?

To sell their artwork online on Artzole, artists must go through specific steps and procedures to ensure a safe and secure purchase of their beloved artwork.

  1. Sign up on the website as a seller, choose a store name, and provide other essential details.
  2. Upload the scanned digital high-resolution images of your artwork on the website.
  3. Artists can use the bulk upload option if there are many scans, such as 20-30.
  4. Go to the products section for bulk upload and click on bulk add products.
  5. Users will get a sample XLSX template to download in which they have to submit the product name, category, and price. 
  6. After adding the details mentioned earlier to the spreadsheet, they will be required to upload it back by clicking the upload button. 
  7. They will have to choose the art pictures for each product. 
  8. Make sure to upload the correct corresponding pictures against each product name. 
  9. Once the pictures are added, click on save and add pictures to your account on the website. 
  10. There is now an online store on the website that features all the art scans with the proper names and categories.

The artists can see their art store with the products’ listed prices and other specifications. Any user can buy the product immediately from the store by clicking on the buy now button. When someone buys the product, the artist will get a notification on their registered mobile number and email id, and they can choose to accept the order or not. Once the order is accepted, the product will be made ready for shipping by the website. 

Artzolo has third-party shipping integrations with leading shipping companies like Dunzo and Shiprocket so that artists can deliver their products anywhere in their city, country, or the world. Once delivered, the proceeds made from the product will be instantly deposited to the artist’s bank account with a minimum convenience fee. 

Sell Digital Art Online In India

The easiest and most profitable way to sell art online is via social media. Instagram, Jugnoo, Facebook, or Twitter, the social media platforms where artists can sell their art online and make money in India, are endless. Following these steps, artists can connect with their potential buyers.

best site to sell paintings online india
  1. Establish a platform account specifically for the art and provide details such as an email address and a personal account so that buyers can reach out to the artist directly.
  2. You should post the artwork on social media platforms and invite people to contact you if they are interested in purchasing the artwork.
  3. Ask close friends and colleagues to popularize the account by uploading stories and posts and tagging them for others to view.
  4. If any potential buyer is interested, send them the UPI id after price negotiation, and it will also allow curators to create a shipping label.
  5. Ship the product to the buyer through a trusted courier service. You should mark it as a fragile product so that it is not damaged during transport to the buyer’s home. 

Selling Art From Home

The process of drop shipping or using a full-service printer is one of the most effective methods for selling art from home. This service will work if the artist has designs they are willing to sell as prints. This allows artists to use their artwork in numerous ways, such as posters, stickers, wallpapers, and curtains. The artist will have to capture a high-quality digital image of the artwork, and the printer will take care of the rest.  

Building a personal website or making a YouTube channel are creative ways to sell art online in India. Artists can list their artwork according to their preferences and design choices without external interference. They can also connect their websites to online payment portals to ensure a safe and secure payment process. Moreover, they can connect the websites to postal services offering a range of delivery services ranging from basic to express deliveries at particular charges depending on the location and dimensions of the artwork. 

The biggest benefit of hosting a website for the artwork is that artists will not be required to share their earnings or proceeds with anyone else. As for shipping, artists will have to keep the products ready at their homes, and third-party shipping companies like DHL, Dunzo, and Delhivery will send representatives to pick up the order and deliver it safely to the buyer. The seller and buyer will get tracking numbers, live location, and customer service until the order is safely delivered.  

Sell Paintings Online In India For Free

Many websites, such as Fizdi and Gallerist, offer free artwork in simple steps. For instance, Gallerist is a highly reputed and awarded art e-commerce India-based art gallery with over 5000 certified artists and collectors registered. It boasts an art collection of over 37000 paintings and many more to add. It offers a lot to artists and is a leading and trusted platform where artists can register for free and sell their artworks. 

Be it paintings, vast canvases, or drawings, artists are offered the complete freedom to sell at the price they want. Moreover, artists can upload as many artworks as they wish. They also promote the artwork on various social media platforms to garner potential buyers. Gallerist has simplified selling paintings online in India for free, from easy registration to a good sale. 


Various modes of expression have emerged in Indian contemporary art, including bright colors and shapes of abstract art. Different shades of colors surrounding larger-than-life characters looking past each other, denoting perhaps a metaphor for urban living. By selling art online in India, young and budding artists can be a part of the online art collection that includes the celebrated artworks of prominent artists and offers endearing exposure. 


How To Sell Paintings In India?

In order to sell a painting, one does not need to be great in order to start, but they have to start in order to become famous. There are a plethora of steps and activities that artists can do to sell their artwork.
Your products should be diverse and creative on a regular basis
Make your art stand out by selling it creatively. Create products to sell with your art, such as mugs, clothing, bookmarks, posters, wall decor, and coasters. Many artists use their skills as illustrators to diversify their work and make their art available to a wider audience. 
Organize webinars and workshops
Artists who have successfully managed their online businesses also emphasize building trust with their customers. In order to establish a trusting relationship between the buyer and the website, you need to build trust in both parties. Make sure your products and services are trustworthy and offer a pleasant experience.”
Be patient
For starters, being patient is the key to a successful selling approach. Just as it takes time to make the perfect art piece, it also takes equal time to sell one. Artists should keep faith and hope for the best while waiting for their artwork to sell. If they rush into any sale, they might incur losses or lose their precious artwork to a fraudulent sale. 
Ensure that logistics are handled
In addition to being expensive, priceless, and fragile, art is also fragile. The packaging and shipping of your product should be taken care of by a trusted shipping company. Many trusted shipping partners are available on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay.
Find an Art Gallery
Finding the right art gallery is as critical as finding the perfect color for artwork. Artists should focus on choosing the right art gallery, connecting them to the best potential buyers and getting the best rate for their work. It will also allow artists to interact with the best curators and art collectors who will recognize the appropriate value in their hard work. 

Participate in exhibitions
Art exhibitions are the prime location to interact and connect with the other artists in the community and find the most effective connections for art sales. It also boosts creativity and motivates them to try new and unknown styles and designs. Exhibitions provide an artistic and creative environment where artists willing to sell their artwork can connect with the most qualified buyers looking for the most authentic art.

How To Sell Paintings Online On Amazon?

Selling artwork on Amazon is a safe and secure method. Artists will be required to pay a certain amount to Amazon, the hosting service for all the artworks posted on it. Amazon will be entitled to take a small percentage of the sale price. For premium customers, there are also different packages through which they can sell their artwork. Premium membership is attributed to the good reviews given by buyers and the number of sales made by artists.
Process (step by step)
Step 1 – Visit the Amazon website and select the handmade section, which features handmade craft products worldwide.
Step 2 – Click on the home & kitchen section and choose paintings in the artwork subsection.
Step 3 – Scroll towards the end and click on the sell products on Amazon option.
Step 4 – Scroll to the bottom and click on the Amazon handmade option.
Step 5 – Sign up as a first-time seller on Amazon.
Step 6 – Depending on their rates, you can choose between two selling packages: individual or professional.
Step 7 – Users should have access to their bank account number, bank routing number, chargeable credit card, government ID, tax information, and mobile number.
Step 8 – Upload pictures of artwork at the resolution of your choice.
Step 9 – Lastly, they can add information such as the product description, price, and other relevant details for buyers.
The benefits of selling on Amazon include protection laws for the buyer as well as the seller. Furthermore, they are

How to sell art online and make money in India?

Over the last few years, things have changed a lot in India with the enormous growth of online shopping and selling. There are numerous marketplaces in the country that encourage art sales online. Establishing a tie-up with such marketplaces is highly recommended to ensure a profitable and safe sales process. 
E-commerce Platforms or Online Shopping Websites
Popular websites such as Amazon, Gallerist, Artzolo, and others provide an extra and invaluable push to artists’ sales as their artworks are visible to an entirely new range of customers. This removes the restriction of selling only through Facebook or Instagram. Artists will also greatly benefit from the marketing activities these websites undertake to promote their sellers. 

Social Media
Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Jugnoo offer a diverse curated marketplace and a wide range of connections with buyers and collectors. For a fruitful art-based business, social media can help artists to increase their sales with multiple income routes. It will also enable them to reach their target audience or niche market.
Third-party Applications
Mobile applications such as Patreon and Artsy encourage budding artists to be conscious of their brand and expand their reach to buyers. It also enables them to maintain a comprehensive sales record and other pertinent details. Moreover, it establishes strong and financially significant connections with clients, buyers, and art collectors.

Can You Make Money Selling Art Online?

Setting up efficient, safe, and secure payment options on personal websites is an extremely critical and integral task. This is critical as anyone willing to buy artwork online can do so without losing their identifying information. On the personal website, add payment options by offering online payments such as UPI, credit/debit cards, and online wallets. Once their account is verified with the concerned bank, they will be able to receive the sales profits right into their account at the moment of the sale.

How Can A Beginner Sell Art Online?

Artists or curators who have many pieces of art they can sell online or who wish to sell online. Several tips and tricks can help them learn how to maximize their return on their sales.
Digitalize and make your presence online
The first step in selling art online in India is creating a virtual copy of all the artworks they have made. This can be done by taking high-quality and clear pictures of their paintings. They can also scan them with a large scanner or even a mobile scanning app to snap pictures and convert them into digital scans. Several apps are available on the iOS and Android stores to be downloaded for free. These will help sellers easily take pictures of their art and convert them into digital scans, which are easy to share online. Nevertheless, the paintings have been numbered properly during scanning and taken into consideration. When they are arranged later, they will be easy to recognize and recognizable. Computers, laptops, or mobile phones should be used to store these scans in a proper order. 
Find a reliable online selling  website
Many websites allow users to set up free online stores within a few minutes without providing too much personal information. The sign-up process is very simple and takes less time. The curators will have to provide a store name, category, and specifications about the artwork. Their online digital store will be up and running in no time at all.  
Be ready to invest
Investing enough time and resources in a business venture is crucial for its growth. To strengthen and promote the quality of their work, artists should devote time and effort in enhancing their artworks’ quality, style, and consistency.
Network with people both online and offline
Networking is integral for the growth of any business venture. Likeminded business partners or associates are helping to spread the good word for the artist’s work and connect them to several art galleries or provide valuable contacts. 
Engage through social media handles
It is an evergreen tool to promote art sales. Nowadays, users spend hours scrolling through their feeds for images and videos. Using the benefits of such platforms’ algorithms, artists can promote their artwork to a wide range of interested audiences and make it easier for clients to buy art with a few clicks. 

What Type Of Paintings Sells Best In India?

Folk arts and crafts in India showcase the beauty of the country’s rich cultural diversity. Some artists have multiple talents that they want to explore or experiment with. Many different types of paintings will sell in the best and fast manner ensuring maximum profits. To begin with, traditional landscapes are best selling paintings as anyone can easily understand what’s been depicted, and it feels soothing to the eyes. 
The following are the most popular types of painting in India
Phad Painting
Having multiple stories presented in a single composition is a marvel of Phad Painting and the aesthetics of artistic expression are beautifully maintained.
Madhubani painting
Madhubani painting is a form of wall art originating from the Mithila region of Bihar and is one of the most popular forms of Indian folk art.
Warli paintings
Sacred rituals and nature are reflected in Warli paintings. Besides featuring daily life scenarios of local people, Warli paintings also depict dance, farming, hunting, and praying scenes.
Miniature painting
In Indian art history, miniature painting transformed its identity and was influenced by Mughal art forms during the 16th century. There are various schools of miniature painting along the length and breadth of India, including Kangra, Rajasthan, Malwa, Pahadi, Mughal, Deccan, etc.
Kalighat painting
Kalighat is a painting found at Kali Temple in Calcutta around the mid-19th century. “Patuas” were the people who created these paper paintings and drawings. Indigo, ocher, Indian red, grey, blue, and white are some of the earthy colors used by Kalighat artists.
Similarly, paintings depicting local views and abstracts are also very profitable as they focus on showing the artist’s expression as well as their talent in painting. 

What is the best website to sell artwork?

There are various website through which you can sell your Art-work here are few dominating players in this field:
1. Amazon- You can find various stories of successfull art seller that made their way through Amazon
2. Ebay – Ebay is also one of the great platforms that can give you world wide exposure. Plus you can actually hold an auction on Ebay itself
3. Society6- With at least 5Million visits per month, the chances of your art selling is comparatively high
4. Esty -Another great platform to showcase your work

Do you need a license to sell your art?

Absolutelty Not at all. You need to be creative enough to create a master piece that folks like and are willing to pay for.

Where can I sell my artwork online for free?

There are various marketplaces where you can sell your art work, but here are few:
1. Society6
2. Amazon
3. Ebay

Where can i sell my paintings in India?

There are various Marketplaces to sell your drawings here are few:
1. Artzolo
2. Ebay
3. Flipkart
4. Myntra
5. Snapdeal
6. Jio Mart
7. Spencer’s
8. Amazon


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