Top 10 Legit Online jobs for college students- For instant earning

online jobs for college students

Most college students don’t realize that they can easily earn up to Rs 12000 per month easily.

In fact, 98% of student doesn’t care about this while in college

You want to do everything along with managing your finance by earning some extra bucks while you are in college.

You can utilize your time and earn good money alongside. As a college student, you can finance your travels, parties without even being a burden on your parents.

Online jobs for college students

We all have been through a phase where we don’t have enough money to do some activity to drop. Earning money while in college doesn’t mean you are in need of money or so.

A friend of mine earns Rs12000 per month although he is rich. It’s just he wants to be independent.

As you are in college you have plenty of time to try and test yourself.

This is the perfect time to start your business as you get ample time to learn new things and implement them while you are completing your degree.

So let’s Move to see the Best Online jobs for college students.

Best Online Jobs for college students

Online jobs for college students with no experience/ investment

1. Web Scrapping


Online jobs for college students with no experience/ investment

1. Web Scrapping

2. Tutoring English

3. Audio Transcription

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Survey/Reward Programmes

Web Scrapping

Web Scrapping is by far the easiest and yet not so popular Gig/ Job of online jobs for college students with no experience without investment.

All you need is the right tools and techniques. The price of this gig on Fiverr starts from $5 and goes as high as $20.

In this digital era, companies crave Information or popularly known as data. Also, they want their product info to reach as many people as possible.

Big Companies like Philips, Himalayan and many more spend Millions of $ just on the advertisement. Smaller companies don’t have that much to spend on ads.

So they try to market their product via email marketing. But for that, there’s only one limitation i.e they don’t have sufficient emails.

Here people like you come into play. Companies go online on sites like Fiverr, Upwork and hire a 3rd person who provides legit emails in return.

So What do you need to start this gig right now:

1. Laptop/computer with an average internet connection

2. Little/No knowledge of Excel

3. Right tools and focus

4. 1-2 precious hours of your day for 1 project

What actually you have to do:

You are given some keywords along with location and no. of emails they need all you have to do is to make a list of people’s emails and send it to them.

This Guy is fabulous, Apart from the fact that he is Pakistani. Watch this video completely to understand how easy is to earn money from this gig.

Talking about the gig, In the list of online jobs for college students our no.2 is

Freelance Article Writing

This is again a High in-demand job. You can earn a very good amount with this. As you know content is king.

Everyone wants to rank no.1 on google and a good article will definitely help to achieve that

But you will need good writing skills with good grammar along with the proper structure to write a good article that will actually help the client to get traffic.

There are various ways to stick your audience to your post and that is definitely a very good sign

All of us want to generate some income via the website but either people aren’t much skilled to write on their own or they handle multiple websites.

In those cases, they go on freelancing websites like Fiverr and hire someone to write articles on their behalf.

The freelancer’s charge can go as high as $60 for a single 500-600 word article.

So to start on with this what are the things you need to become a freelance article writer

1. Laptop/desktop with an internet connection

2. Any language such as English in which you are comfortable

3. Good Grammer

4. A decent typing speed

5. Payment Method(Paypal, Paytm, etc) to receive payments

Now the question arises from where to get: Follow this article to get the whole idea about this topic.

Some of the Preferred Websites for freelance writing are:


2. Flexjobs and many more.

If your Article writing skill is keyword-oriented you will be definitely hired by some great Domains and in return will boost your skill.

These are legit online jobs for college students and also online writing jobs for college students.

Tutoring English

We all know that English is known as a global language. Around the globe, more than 350 million people speak English as their first language.

Thus creating a huge demand for English speakers as more than 150 million people speak English as their second language.

Thus there’s a huge potential for students who are good at English verbally. You can utilize this talent and can definitely earn some good money.

The pay can go anywhere between $10- $20 per hour.

The best part is you don’t need to have formal teaching qualifications all they want is You can talk and explain the principles of grammar to your student i.e-> To be fluent in English.

There are various websites that look for good English tutor:

1. iTalki

2. VIPKID – Good for beginners

3. lang-8

4. Sharedtalk and many more

Don’t worry if you are not good at English you can be good at some other subjects like Maths, Hindi, History, etc.

Online Tutoring

online jobs for college students

Unlike the previous one with proficiency in English, It’s everyone you may not be good at English but can be great at mathematics.

There’s still a great demand for good teachers. There is plenty of teachers available but there’s a shortage of quality teachers.

Teacher’s who know how to convey their words are known as the best teachers or good teachers.

Unlike some teachers who have Ph.D. and experience still don’t know how to convey their words.

This pandemic created a huge opportunity for good teachers and that can be beneficial for you.

Apart from the money that you will earn it’s great for students, you will learn different approaches for the same problem sets.

You can earn anywhere between $10-$15 per hour.

There are various online websites that provide online tutoring facilities

1. Tutor .com– The oldest and most trusted website in this domain.

2. Chegg Tutors – Best Per hour pay

3. Buddy School


5. Udemy and many more

Audio Transcriptionist(Speech To text)

online jobs for college students

We all know how technologies are evolving everyday computers are getting smarter and more accurate in almost everything.

We all use text-recognization technologies on daily basis like “Siri”, “Google-Assistant”, “Alexa”.

They need data to train thus creating an opportunity for people like you. You can do this in your free time so this is also for students searching phrases like ” online jobs for college students with no experience“.

With experience, your pay can even double. Some companies offer to pay $0.24-$0.40 per minute. The more you convert correctly the better you earn.

But you gotta have great listening skills to do this job which means you must be a patient listener.

Some websites even give classes/Assessments where you can train yourself.

Some of the dominating websites are :


2. TranscribeME

Since they are international websites therefore you need a Paypal account to receive money.

Virtual Assistant

This is another easy job on the list. A Virtual Assistant is an assistant that’s virtually present to help you.

There are different types of Virtual Assistant’s like:

Virtual Recruiter

Virtual Administrative assistant

Virtual Product expert and many more

Can you believe people even pay $85 nearly Rs 7000 just to make phone calls, Yes you can also become one of them.

As you can see she received 260 orders and for 100 calls in 4 days she charges Rs 7000 i.e- Rs 70 per call.

This gig is best for someone who has enough time as you can do multiple tasks while completing this gig.

Even if she received 260 orders for her basic service that’s $5* 260 = $ 1300 more than Rs70000 just for calling people and delivering the message.

So what are the things you need here:

1. Good communication Skills

2. A good service provider

3. And a phone and you are good to go

Stock Photography

The availability of cheap professional-grade cameras has led rise to an Online-Photo business.

With expansions in business, the use of stock-photographs is at a new high, Creating a good opportunity for someone with even little experience of photography or videography.

There are plenty of Free Beginner-Course available on youtube you can master and can click exceptional photographs.

All you need is a good free course to understand the basics of photography- manual flash control, contrast, and other technical terms.

But above all, you need to be creative first to recognize your surrounding. Getting a perfect shot is very difficult you need to have an artistic eye to capture the incident/scenery.

If you have all this then getting into this “Stock-Photography” world will be a lot easier.

You can even become an online influencer by sharing some work with your online audience.

Instagram is the best site to share your work with.

There are plenty of websites like “pexels”, “pixabay”, “Shutterstock” to start your career with.

Social Media Influencer

India is the second most populated country in the world with a population of over 1.3 Billion there is plenty of opportunity for everyone.

With the expansion of network services and Short video-making apps like Tiktok or Moj, a normal person like me and can also become a social media influencer.

Previously there were not so many options available other than Instagram. So it was limited to rich persons as they can afford a good camera, setup, studio.

But now the audience has started focusing on talent rather than famous personality. Thus creating a great opportunity for you.

Once you build good social relationships with even a decent reputation on social platforms with the time you will get to collaborate with companies.

Companies look for influencers who can help them build their reputation and can sell their products.

For example, MIVI an Indian brand have collaborated with almost every big Indian Influencers and is recognized by more than 40% of Indians.

To start off with Online Influencing You must find out your passion and take it to the level that people actually enjoy seeing it.

If you are good at dancing, Start your channel on youtube give everyone tips about how they can dance. OR

If you are good at photography start your Photography Page on Facebook, Instagram. Start to showcase your skills on other short video platform app like TikTok etc.

Whatever you do, Do it with full effort and dedication and you will definitely succeed.

As becoming an Online influencer takes a lot of time I would also suggest do something else parallelly like Online tutoring, web scraping.

Survey’s / Reward Programmes

If you want to utilize your spare time and make some money then the surveys/Reward Programs are a significant method.

You don’t require any skill or experience, not even you have to think about anything all you need is Laptop with internet and spare time.

A survey typically Pays You about $0.50 and you can easily make $2-3 a day i.e roughly Rs 200 daily.

One survey typically lasts for about 15 minutes or so if you utilize your 1 hour from your spare time then you can definitely earn Rs200 daily.

onlline jobs for college students

You can always do different things and can earn from companies like Survey Junky, Swagbucks, Toluna.

There are very limited websites that pay a good amount else almost everyone advertises themself as they provide good cash but once you registered with them you find out that you are ineligible.

So I would suggest going with these websites and neobux and save your time.

Online jobs from home

Become a Youtuber

5 September 2016 was the day when JIO was launched in India. With the vision of connecting the whole of India with its 4G technology.

Due to this rapid expansion of Jio people got a great opportunity to come online and connect with different people.

Due to this demand for video content outburst and the largest portion of that is still owns by Youtube. Basically, this video content Industry is dominated by Youtube.

If you are creative or do anything that you think is worth sharing with people then you must have a youtube channel.

From cooking to teaching anything that you are passionate about. You must be consistent and honest with your content to grow your channel.

You can earn anywhere between $1 to $2000 per month. The growth Potential on youtube is magnificent.

You need to be patient as you will have to struggle to get your channel uplifted and once it’s done then definitely it would be easy.


Whatever you do, Do it passionately and don’t be upset if you aren’t even earning a single penny at first give some time you will definitely see the results.

Don’t settle for less and have faith in you one day you will be successful.

Till then work hard, stay motivated.

Thank You



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