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motivational movies in hollywood

Everyone’s been through a phase of life where things get a little too much, in the era of the neck on neck competition, even minor incident creates a significant impact on the mind. And we are trapped in a situation where we need motivation.

Almost everyone likes to watch movies; some people tend just for entertainment, some for educational purposes, and even watch movies to pass their free time.

Movies can help you get motivated; There exist various films that entertain you and give you some life lessons and help you stay motivated.

In this article, I will mention various motivational movies of hollywood that will inspire you and help you stay on track.

In this list of 11 motivational movies of hollywood, the characters may be different. Other actors can play them, but their only aim is to keep you motivated.

There’s a lot you can learn about the life, Society from these movies. These movies will help you characterize your problem differently and teach you a valuable lesson.

Best Motivational Movies of Hollywood

The Pursuit of Happyness

Cast: Will Smith, Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith, Kevin West

Director: Gabriele Muccino

Year of release: 2006

The pursuit of Happyness is one of the Highly recommended Biography drama.

Chris Gardener( Will Smith), a Broke Bone density Scanner salesman, has to Sell a minimum of 2 Scanners to service. 

This Movie perfectly portrays the Struggle of a Father and how patiently he handles them to run their family.

Chris was even dislodged from his home as he was unable to pay rent for months. Both Chris and Lynda(Thandie Newton) worked day and night to support their needs and refused to give up.

He even go through relationship trauma, and Chris decided to keep Christopher(their son) with him.

This movie perfectly portraits the bond between a father and a son, Their Only Happiness was in their togetherness.

After Fighting with all, he finally gets a good income job he dreamt of. The message was Loud and Clear ” Never Give UP.”

After becoming successful, he said, ” This moment of my life is called Happyness.”

Shawshank Redemption

Cast: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton

Director : Frank Darabont

Year of release : 1994

Remember Red, Hope is a Good thing, Maybe the best of things , and no good things ever dies” – ANDY DUFRENSE

The Shawshank Redemption is a story of a banker Andy Dufresne who was falsely accused of killing her wife and her lover and was sentenced to 2 life imprisonment at Shawshank state penitentiary.

This Movie perfectly portrays the importance of friendship and preservance and that you must not lose “hope” even in the darkest of days.

Find someone whose presence eases your life in those dark days, Just like the Morgan freeman in the movie who helped Andy to cope with prison life.

Hope is what makes Andy alive, and it was his effort that helps him break the jail at last.

So Never lose Hope and do your work consistently, and at last, you will also be free from a devastating situation.

Forrest Gump

Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gray Sinise

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Year of Release: 1994

Forest Gump one of the best American romantic Comedy-drama. This movie teaches us that never consider ourselves disadvantaged.

Always do what makes you feel happy, just like Forest, played by Tom Hanks, does with his childish behavior; with this, he still leaves a great impression on people.

But that doesn’t make him weak. He dominated his football team and became a college football star. He fought for his country in the Vietnam war and at last captaining a boat.

He always tried to make people happy with his small efforts.

This movie is truly inspiring, especially for someone who thinks they are disadvantaged. This movie will help them overcome and face the situation with determination and help them find happiness in small things.

A Beautiful Mind

Cast: Russel Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly

Director: Ron Howard

Year of release: 2001

A Beautiful Mind is a great biographical drama based on John Nash’s life, an American Mathematician. This movie is based on an award-winning book,” book by same name” by Sylvia Nasar.

This movie portrays the different faces of human sentiments and how a great mathematician is misused, blackmailed, and forced to do assignments for the US’s Defense.

A Beautiful Mind showed that you must not take work too seriously as this can affect your family and cause you mentally sick.

No matter what others say, do what you want to, and in the end, you will be successful.


motivational movies of hollywood

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young

Director: John G. Avildsen

Year of release: 1976

Rocky isn’t a regular Boxing movie. It’s a movie that portrays that you can become somebody from nobody with hard work and struggle.

The movie revolves around the daily struggles of Rocky Balboa and his love life ( his best friend’s sister). And his journey from rags to riches.

A dream that looked impossible but rocky with his hard work and dedication aced it. And most importantly, Never give up.

An inspiring quote from The movie: “Every Champion was Once A contender who refused to give up.”

The message that rocky wanted to convey is that nothing is impossible, and if someone is thriving today, then he must have been a struggler before.

This is a must-watch movie.

127 Hours

Cast: James franco, Amber Tamblyn, kate Mara

Director: Danny Boyle

Year of Release: 2010

An inspiring story of a mountain climber named Aron Ralston. It’s the year 2003, and Mountaineer Aron Ralston goes to Utah’s Canyonlands national park for hiking.

After reaching the camps, he became friends with other hikers already present at the camp.

Aron starts hiking with some hikers he met there, and he slips and crushed his right arm underneath a rock against the wall.

It took 5 days for the rescue team to reach him. While he was stuck there, he started to recall his golden days, moments with friends and family, and even the people he met at camp.

He got only 2 options to get stuck forever or else take some step and get him out of that situation.

We forget to cherish the moments and respect the persons around us who actually care for us. At last, he gathered all his courage and did what was necessary.

The lesson that 127 Hours movie wanted to convey was:

We don’t give much importance to them when they are around.g= Gradually, we understand their importance in life when we got away from each other.

So never take anything for granted. With time everything changes; what doesn’t change is memories.

So after you realize, gather all the courage and tell them how much they mean to you.

The Blind Side

motivational movies of hollywood


Director: John Lee Hancock

Year of release: Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw

When you open your eyes and the past is gone, The world is a good place and it’s all going to be okay “- The Blind Side

When we hear the term “Family,” we often think of someone related to blood, but that’s not true.

The blind side is a movie that picturizes the true meaning of family and bonding.

When Tuohys brought Michael “Big Mike” Oher, a black homeless and traumatized teen, and gave him what he missed the most, a caring family, he came out to become an All- American Football player and first-round NFL draft pick.

This all happens because the women and family cared for Big Mike and supported him, believed in him, and at last, he didn’t disappoint them.

The whole cast played a significant role in protecting the family’s accurate meaning and how members must treat each other and care for each other.

Remember, A family always supports each other no matter how challenging the situation is. They may or may not be someone from your blood relation.

Into The Wild

motivational movies of hollywood

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener

Director: Sean Penn

Year of release: 2007

Into the wild is an Inspirational story of Christopher McCandless, born and raised in an Upper Middle-class family where everything is weighed in money.

Due to the less involvement of his parents, he is always depressed inside. One day he decided to get rid of it.

He left his profitable Career, Burnt his entire document, donated $24000 to a charity for his education, and left his home with just a bag in his car.

He doesn’t believe in a career it’s just a 20th-century creation. And he moved towards the Alaskan wilderness to do what he loves and find his inner peace.

This movie teaches us that You must do what you love to, follow your passion. Create your own identity, go beyond luxury and find inner peace.

Yes Man

Cast: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper

Director: Peyton Reed

Year of Release: 2008

Carl Allen, who is a bank officer by profession, is depressed from his life. He started to ignore friends and relatives and think that nothing good can ever happen in his life.

But One Seminar Changed his Life and transformed him from ” No Man” to “Yes Man,” and he started to say “Yes” every time someone asked him anything.

Carl’s life takes a U-Turn, and he started to experience all good things just by saying “Yes.” He even made a girlfriend named Alex, and they started to enjoy times.

This is the power of “Yes” every time we ignore things by saying “No” even if we think we can say yes. This movie shows the power of attitude.

This Movie is representation of how your attitude can transform your life completely.

The Theory Of Eveything

motivational movies of hollywood

The Theory of Everything is the biography of a real-life genius “Stephen Hawkings” a cosmology student in England, and how, despite his medical condition, he published a book called “A brief History Of Time.”

His medical conditions don’t hold him back. He was diagnosed with a disease that left him stuck in a wheelchair, and later on, he lost his voice.

Despite all this, he never stopped researching the black hole, and later the world recognized him and gave him the honor he deserved.

He got a lovely wife that accepted him and took care of her forever.

We can learn from this movie that even if the conditions are not in your favor, don’t hold back. Come forward and face the situation.

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