12 Best Job Oriented Courses After 12th Complete Details

job oriented courses after 12th

Everyone wants a job that pays for their lifestyle. Due to increasing competition, it is becoming more and more difficult to get a job.

So everyone is looking for courses that will help them get their dream job. Everyone wants to enroll in job oriented courses after the 12th to get faster placements.

As an Engineering student myself I can say that many of my friends who didn’t opt for engineering after 12th are earning a decent amount highest being Rs. 45000 per month.

After completely reading this article you will be able to choose the right job oriented course after 12th.

Job oriented courses after 12th

This Article is divided into two main parts. One is the short-term courses or diploma courses and the Second being bachelor courses or long-term courses.

Short term job oriented courses after 12th

This Short-term course list is made keeping in mind that students irrespective of their educational background.

After Jio’s internet revolution students are not restricted to stick with their streams they chose for their 11th.

Now companies have also started to recruit employees based on their skill not degree.

After completion of this course, you can definitely get a job with a decent salary.

Diploma in Interior Designing

India’s Real estate is now worth over US$9.3 Billion and by 2025 will touch the mark of USD 15 Billion.

Interior Designing course is best suited for students with creative minds or folks who can understand colors.

Interior designers are the ones who help in planning the layout of any commercial building, house, etc.

Interior designers are in great demand these days and some of them are among the highest paid designers.

Diploma in Interior designing is a one-year course where you are shown the practical approach to utilize every sqft. available.

Diploma in Interior designing topics includes:

  • Auto CAD

  • Space Layouting and Designing

  • Color and Visualisation and many more

After you complete this course you can join any Real estate firm and can start working as Assistant Interior Designer.

Various top-level colleges are offering an interior designing course. In fact, IIT-Guwahati’s median salary is Rs. 15 lakh per annum.

You can check more here-10 Best Interior Design Courses offered by top Colleges. Interior designing can be the best job oriented courses after 12th for students who can understand colors and are creative enough to vus

Diploma in Programming Language

Programming is the need of the hour. India’s I.T sector is reaching new heights. Now TCS an Indian I.T company is now the world’s third-largest I.T company beating the USA’s Accenture.

A diploma in a programming language is a one-year course in which you go from zero to hero. You start from learning basics like what are header files to printing hello world and finally moving to dynamics programming.

Here is the list of programming languages that you can opt for learning:

  • C

  • C++

  • Java

  • Python

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

You can choose any one of the above and start your course there are plenty of offline training centers that provide even assistance in getting a job.

But my advice would be to chose Java as your programming language as this is one of the commonly used languages in the Industry.

Java developers and Python programmers are among the highest-paid developers/programmers.

If you don’t want to spend more but still want to learn to program then YouTube is the best platform and the best channels to follow are:

Code with Harry(for Hindi explanation)

FreeCodeCamp(for English explanation)


After completion, you can apply for the startups and walk-in drives of IT companies or you can start your career as a freelancer.

Diploma in Animation and Multimedia

This is one of the most desired courses for students after 12th. With the expansion of 4g in India, Indian’s are going crazy after animation, multimedia, 3D animation, and much more.

A Career in animation & multimedia is among the most profitable and is in great demand. A great animator can earn roughly about Rs.150,000 per month.

Previously in India demand for animators was limited to televisions, commercials but YouTube has changed the scenario of animation.

With channels like Short of the Week, Karan Animations, Animator Bhai, etc. The Indian animation community is growing at tremendous speed.

Topic included in the course:

  • Basic Designing

  • Color Theory

  • Story building

  • Basic animation

  • 3D modeling

After completion of this course, you can join any creative studio, production houses, channel as a junior animator.

After you gain enough experience you can start your own YouTube channel.

There are various online websites where you can learn animation at a cheaper price. Like Udemy, Udacity and many more.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing the trendiest course on our list. This Pandemic helped us realize the need of digital marketing for businesses. Thus businesses are seeking professional help to establish their business online.

Digital Marketing has immense potential and so do chances of getting a good job. Digital marketing requires knowledge of anything and everything related to the market.

From market research to market evaluation you will learn all of this in digital marketing course along with:

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  • PPC(Pay per click)

  • SMM(Search Media Marketing)

  • Facebook, Bing, Google, Instagram Advertisements

  • Email Marketing

  • Google analytics and much more

After completion of this course, you can join any organization as an SEO expert or advertisement expert, or Search engine evaluator.

Diploma in Event Management

With Indians spending more and more to flaunt their wealth. Event management becomes one of the most profitable industries along with one of the fastest-growing industries globally.

With sectors like sports, hospitality, business and hospitality observing tremendous growth in recent years thus making event manager a high profile job.

In 2019 BCCI spent more than Rs.23 crore on just IPL openings. This is just the opening in series of 60 matches every franchise spends a huge amount in organizing events to maintain their popularity.

To become part of the event management industry one must be fluent in English or Hindi, with very good communication skills.

In this short-term course you will learn about:

  • Budget Planning

  • Event Advertisements

  • Brand Promotion & Integration

  • Communication and Presentation skills

  • Public Relations

Nowadays Event Manager not only earns money via promoting or organizing an event but also by establishing a company that manages social media celebrities.

For example, Rohit Raj Business Manager not only manages BBK vines but also Celebrities like Flying Beast, Sankraman The Band, Agasty Band, and many more.

Diploma in Android Development

Among white-collar jobs, android developers are the ones in great demand. Unlike others where you work on-site deal with different peoples every day.

Rather you work either from the office or home. Android developers generally don’t deal with different faces even on monthly basis.

Duration of diploma in android development is generally a one-two year course. Although you learn more about architecture and after completion you can apply for the post of a junior developer.

Students who have cleared their 10+2 from a recognized board/university are eligible to take admission.

After completion of the course, you can expect an initial salary of3-4.5 lakh per annum. Which is equivalent to the salary offered by most IT companies to an engineering grad.

The fee range of diplomas in the android development course is 20000-70000 in total that you can give in EMI’s.

Colleges to consider:

Center for Development Of Advance Computing(Industrial Training)Rs.20000Mohali
National Institute of Electronics and I.T – cerificate courseRs.6962Imphal
Envision Computer Training InstituteCall to askPune
Thakur Institute of career advancement – certificate course7000Mumbai
Agile AcademyCall to askAhmedabad

There are many more courses you can check out:

Merchant Navy Officer:- Starting salary Rs.30000 per month)

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Diploma/ Certificate in Content Writing Courses

Tally/ E-Accounting course

Diploma in Web Development

Complete Data Entry Course:- If you just want to earn extra pocket money.

Diploma in Photography

Diploma in Textile and leather designing.

Long-Term Courses

This list of long-term courses is divided into three parts, based on student’s choice of the subject after 10th.

The duration of this course is generally 3-4 years and if you did this course with determination you will definitely get a decent job with a salary range from 5 – 25lakh per annum.

best job oriented courses after 12th

Engineering Courses

Engineering is a very beautiful stream of science for students who really want to explore and understand the technologies and their applications.

Engineers are coined as the best problem solvers(Engineers are meant to solve the problem of society using their knowledge and technology).

Unfortunately due to the theoretical approach of the Indian education system more than 70% engineers are not employable.

As an engineering student, I can confirm that there is a huge gap between industry demand and the college syllabus. For example, We still learn 8085 processors but intel’s 10th gen processors recently launched.

But if you complete your studies from the top 50 colleges of India then the chance of you getting employed is above 85% if you study properly. So let’s get into the Engineering stream.

Engineering is a full-time four-year course where students can learn about different technologies in different stream. Popular streams being C.S, I.T & Mech.

Students are exposed to high-tech labs where they can perform every experiment that they have learned through lectures.

To get admission into any college there are certain criteria that you must follow:

  • Student must complete his/her 12th in science with at least 75% in PCM

  • Students must give entrance exams like JEE-MAINs, WBJEE, JEE-ADVANCE, etc..

  • Student must have a valid score in entrance exams

  • Student must sit for counseling

Engineering is a very high prospective course where the students unable to get jobs in their core fields to get jobs in I.T companies. They can go on to become a great software developer.

According to rank students can choose different streams of engineering from different colleges. list of streams from which student can select:

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • IT Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Automobile Engineering

  • Mining Engineering

  • Agriculture Engineering

  • Textile Engineering etc..

Below are the best colleges to complete engineering from:

Name of the CollegeEntrance Exams Fees RangeAverage placement offers
I.I.T MadrasJEE-Advance 6 -10 lakhs14.5 lakh per annum
I.I.T BombayJEE-Advance10-11 lakhs12-51 lakh per annum
I.I.T Delhi JEE-Advance 8 -10 lakhs15-17 lakh per annum
N.I.T TiruchirappaliJEE-Mains11-13 lakhs10 lakh per annum
Birla Institute of Technology, RanchiJEE-Mains12-15 lakhs9 lakh per annum

The fees range above includes the mess fees but doesn’t include the semester fees.

Medical Courses

Medicine is the stream of science for biology students. Medicine/ Medical courses is among the highest-paid courses in 2021.

Science students with biology i.e PCB can choose this stream. This pandemic taught us the importance of our healthcare workers.

When the whole industry collapsed due to lockdown only Pharma Industries were the ones saving live and making millions in profit.

There is a great demand for Indian doctors/nurses abroad like Belgium, the U.K, Mexico, Canada, etc..

Regardless Doctors are treated as gods. Doctors get the utmost respect as they are the ones saving our lives.

In general, medicine is a 5.5-year course which student must complete in order to become a doctor. This includes a 4.5-year theoretical + practical training in college and additional year for internship.

The Internship is very important in medicine and you get your degree after you successfully complete your degree.

But first, there are certain criteria a student must follow in order to secure a seat:

  • Student must complete his/her 12th in science with at least 65% aggregate

  • Student must sit for entrance exam NEET

  • Student must secure a good rank

  • Student must sit for counseling

According to its rank students are allowed to choose from different field of study:

1. MBBS Medicine

2. BDS Dental Science

3. BAMSAyurveda

4. B pharmacy

5. BHMS Homeopathy


7. BUMSUnani

8. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

It is very hard to say the best college as there are separate colleges for separate streams.

Charter Accountancy

Charter Accountancy is the top choice of any commerce student. It is also among the highest paid jobs in India.

Becoming a C.A or Charter Accountant is a dream of millions of commerce students. It is the most reputed course in the commerce field.

The average salary of a C.A is 12-15 lakh per annum or more than 1.2 lakh per month. With such a great salary comes great competition.

C.A is a foundation course, it is on the list of India’s most difficult courses, and is in no.1 spot in it’s own niche.

C.A is a very practical course where in your five years tenure you must complete a 3 year articleship. In which you have to do a one-year industrial training and a 2 year training under a Chartered Accountant.

After completing articleship you have to give your final exam i.e-> C.A foundation based on the practical implementation of theories and laws.

Once you pass the C.A foundation exam you are eligible to get a job in any company with a minimum salary of Rs.75,000 per month to Rs.150,000 per month.

The best thing about C.A is that you are not restricted to one company. You can earn in lakhs per month from a company plus you can run your individual coaching centers or company that deals with G.S.T and all.

Since Charter Accountancy is conducted by The Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India, so there are no physical institutes available. Once you register with them you just have to sit for the exams.

Alongside you can complete your graduation. It’s better to choose any stream/course which is easy and doesn’t require much involvement as C.A do.

Company Secretaryship Course

Company Secretaryship course or C.S course is another course which is equivalent to Charter Accountancy course but isn’t popular like C.A.

C.S course can be best for students who think that C.A course is very difficult but still want to earn great money.

C.S course is conducted by ICSI(The Institute Of Company Secretaries of India) and it is a three-year course which is divided into three parts:

Foundation Program: One year

Executive Program: One year

Professional Program: One year

The average salary offered after completion of C.S is Rs.6 lakh per annum and it can go as high as Rs.43 lakh per annum i.e Rs.359,000 per month.

You can check out more courses after 12th commerce.

Diploma in Acting

After hearing the word “Acting” every one of you must have thought about actors and acting. But let me tell you this course offers way beyond acting.

Diploma in Acting course train’s you in method acting, imagination, creativity, body language, direction techniques and much more.

The Course duration of a Diploma in acting varies from 1-3 years. The only eligibility to join this course is you must have completed your 10+2 from a recognized board/university with a minimum of 45%.

This course can be best for students who want to pursue their careers in acting, dancing. Even if you failed to made it to Bollywood you can definitely pursue your career in the TV industry.

Everyone is aware of the glamourous lifestyle of actors, dancers, producers. You need to work very hard to finish it to the top.

If you think you are creative or you have an interest in dancing, acting or you are keen to know about the film industry this is the best course you can do.

The difficulty of this course is low so parallelly you can enroll in courses like Diploma in Writing, Videography, Production, etc.

The average placements offer of top acting schools is Rs.600,00-800,000 per month.

Getting admission into a top drama school is very tough you have to clear the entrance exam and then sit for counseling.

Top Entrance Exams:

NSD– National School Of Drama

FTTII– Film and Television Institute of India

SRFTI- Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

AISF- Annapurna School of Film

Top Drama Schools:

College NameAdmission ProcessAverage Fees
National School of Drama
Film and Television Institute Of India, Pune
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata

Hotel Management

India’s Tourism & Hospitality Industry is now worth over US$194.3 Billion and by 2029 will touch the mark of USD 488 Billion.

Hotel Management is a three-year course where students get familiar with Food & Beverage Services, Bakery, Accommodation Management, etc..

Although this profession offers a comparatively low starting salary, regardless the prospectus of this course is very high.

In just 5 years experience you can get a salary of around Rs.8 lakh per annum or more.

To get admission into Bachelor’s course you need to complete your 12th with a minimum of 55% from a recognized board/university.

Students have to sit for exams like:



  • IIHM eCHART and many more

After passing the entrance exam students have to sit for counseling through which you get admission in college.


What are the job oriented courses after 12th pcb?

There are variety of high paying courses which you can do after completing your 12th standard with pcb:

  • MBBS

  • BDS

  • BHMS


  • BUMS

  • B.sc Biochemistry

  • B.sc Biology

  • B.sc Environmental Science

  • B.sc Nursing and many more.

What are the job oriented courses after 12th science?

Science stream is divided into two one is students studying PCM and other PCB. So in previous question I answered about PCB so here is the list of courses you can do after PCM:

  • Engineering

  • Commercial Pilot Training

  • Hotel Management

  • B.sc IT

  • B.sc Computer Science

  • B.sc Agriculture

  • B.sc Nautical Science

  • Entrepreneur

  • Programmer

  • Scientist

What are the job oriented courses after 12th for commerce stream?

You can check out 10 best professional course after 12th commerce to earn more than 2 lakh per month. I have answered the same question in details there

What are the job oriented courses after 12th for Arts stream?

Job oriented courses after 12th arts are:

  • Interior Design Courses

  • Teaching Courses

  • BA

  • Diploma in Acting

  • Hotel Management

  • Language Courses

  • Painter

  • Writing Courses

  • Dancing Courses

There are even courses that doesn’t require you to be 12th pass but offers great career opportunity. You can choose this course if you want to:

Photography, Musician, Freelancing, etc..


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