List of Best ITI Courses after 12th


With increasing competition, getting a job is not an easy task these days. Even after completing a four-year engineering course according to a survey more than 75% of engineers are not employable.

But what if I told you a one-year course related to engineering can get you a job with a decent starting salary? Yes, that’s possible there are more than 20 courses available which you can join right away.

This is among the best short-term course after 12th which you can land you in a big Multinational Corporate.

If you want to see yourself working among India’s top private MNCs like Tata Motors, Reliance, etc.. or even if you want to get into top PSUs like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL), ONGC or government-owned companies like DRDO, etc.

In that case, ITI is the best short-term and job oriented course after 12th for you. I will share my personal experience somewhere in this article so keep reading so that you don’t miss it.

This article will walk you through every prospect of ITI courses after 12th.

What is ITI?

ITI aka Industrial Training Institutes are DGET(Directorate General Of Employment and Training) governed institutes that aim to provide training to potential factory workers.

Unavailability of skilled labors in India led to the foundation of ITI in 1950 by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship with the sole focus on Skill Development and employing skilled people.

What are ITI Courses?

Since ITI was founded with the aim to fill the gap between Industry Demand and Skills that our workers had that’s why ITI courses are highly Industry Oriented and job focused.

Most of the time you actually struck a contract while you are interning with a private firm like in the Coal Industry.

Most of the Colleges either Private or Government focuses on developing only industry-specific skills. Even these ITI courses help students establish MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise).

My neighbors used to make ball bearing sets using lathe machines and they used to export them to 12 different countries.

ITI courses can go anywhere from One-Year to Three-Years and there are a variety of different fields from fitter to grinder to electrician, etc..

Types of ITI courses after 12th

The general misconception people have about ITI courses after 12th is that only folks interested in mechanical fields are suitable for this course.

In fact, there are even courses focused on Languages, Soft skills, and many more. Not even that some courses might not require you to be 12th pass.

Broadly ITI courses after 12th are divided into two main types:

  • Engineering Courses

  • Non-Engineering Courses

In ITI Engineering Courses you get to study core mechanics in-depth to have a better understanding of Technologies involved in Industries, their Science, and their significance. Math is always a major subject of focus.

In Non-Engineering courses, you learn more about teaching-oriented skills which include Soft Skills, Languages, and similar Job-Specific roles.

iti courses after 12th

Course Duration of ITI Courses after 12th

Duration of ITI Courses can anywhere between SIX-Months to Two-Years. Duration depends on what course you choose. Sometimes the course is of six months but the internship/training period is of 15 months.

So before choosing any course let’s look at the ITI courses list after 12th.

List of ITI Courses after 12th

TradeTrade DurationTrade Sector
Mason1-Year Engineering
Machinist Grinder1-Year Engineering
Fitter6 Months-1 YearEngineering
Computer Operator & Programming Assistant(COPA)1-Year Non-Engineering
Computer Hardware and Networking2-YearsEngineering
Call Centre Assistant1-Year Non-Engineering
Radiology Technician 2-YearsEngineering
Gold Smith2-YearsNon-Engineering
Plastic Processing Operator1-Year Non-Engineering
Physiotherapy Technician2-YearsEngineering
Health and Sanitary Inspector2-YearsNon-Engineering
Mechanic Agricultural Machinery1-Year Engineering
Old Age Care Assistant1-Year Non-Engineering
Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician2-YearsEngineering
Basic Cosmetology1-Year Non-Engineering
Automotive Body Repair1-Year Engineering
Spa Therapy1-Year Non-Engineering
Automotive Paint Repair1-Year Engineering
Counselling Skills1-Year Non-Engineering
Mechanic Tractor1-Year Engineering
Travel and Tour Assistant2-YearsNon-Engineering
Multimedia Animation and Special Effects1-Year Non-Engineering
Sheet Metal Worker1-Year Engineering
Hospital House Keeping1-Year Non-Engineering
Interior Decorator and Designing1-Year Engineering
Baker and Confectionary1-Year Non-Engineering
Craftsman Food Production2-YearsNon-Engineering
Health and Safety Environment1-Years Non-Engineering
Mechanic Agricultural Machinery1-Year Engineering
Finance Executive2-YearsNon-Engineering
Cutting and Sewing1-Year Non-Engineering
Business Management1-Year Non-Engineering
Laboratory Assistant(Chemical Plants)2-YearsEngineering
Horticulture1-Year Non-Engineering
Data Entry OperatorSix MonthsNon-Engineering
Lift Mechanic2-YearsEngineering
Insurance Agent2-YearsNon-Engineering
Mechanic Lens/Prism Grinding2-YearsEngineering
Motor Vehicle Mechanic2-YearsEngineering
Stenograhy(Hindi)1-Year Non-Engineering
Stenography(English)1-Year Non-Engineering
Architectural Draughtsman2-YearsEngineering

Completing any of the above courses gives you an opportunity to become an Entrepreneur and you can list your company in India’s MSME sector.

India’s MSME sector plays a vital role in the Indian economy. If the economy grows that means your company has a great potential to grow.

Admission Criteria in ITI

Criteria for admission to ITI colleges depend upon the course that you choose. Admission in ITI starts just after finishing your 8th grade(course-specific) but most of the courses require candidates to be 10th pass from any recognized board/university.

You have to give ITI Entrance Exams conducted by Respective State Boards Of Technical Education.

The Minimum age to appear in these exams are 14 and there are no restrictions for the upper age limit.

The application form will cost you anywhere between Rs.250-500. You are not restricted to any state, you are free to give other state’s ITI entrance exams.

The admission process is simple once you obtain your marks you have to sit for the counseling and get your sit allotted in college and if you are satisfied to take your previous certificates to pay the fees and get admitted.

Brief about criteria for ITI courses:

  • You Should have cleared 10th or at least 8th from any recognized board/university.

  • You must have a valid ITI entrance score

  • You must have everything that your college/course requires

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Best ITI Colleges in India

  • Industrial Training Institute-Purulia

  • Industrial Training Institute-Surat

  • Industrial Training Institute-Tollygunge(Kolkata)

  • Industrial Training Institute-Pusa(New Delhi)

  • Sir C.V. Raman Industrial Training Institute-DheerPur(New Delhi)

  • Industrial Training Institute- Gariahat(Kolkata)

  • RamaKrishna Mission Industrial Training Centre-Kolkata

  • Industrial Training Institute(Women)-Madurai

Does ITI course have job opportunities?

Yes, ITI courses have plenty of opportunity. If you study good and work hard you will definitely be able to earn a good amount of money.

The vocation training offered by ITI’s often help students to grab both technical and non-technical jobs. Here’s one such example.

One of my Neighbour works at DRDO and he failed literally 2 times while completing his 12th. But now he earns more than the starting salary of an engineering grad in a good IT company.

What are ITI Courses?

ITI courses are those which gives an hands-on experience of Industry in your niche. They are designed to prepare Indian Workers to cope up with demand of skill labors in different sectors of Indian economy.

ITI was found with the vision to support Indian MSME or small scale businesses and give vocational training to students. ITI courses can last anywhere between 6-Months to 2-Years.

After You complete your ITI trade you will receive a national trade certificate to become a valid employee.

Can we join ITI Courses after 12th?

Yes, you can do iti courses after 12th. In fact it is more preferred to join these courses after 12th since you can adapt to the technologies easily at the trade center.

Generally Student who join ITI courses after 12th has an better edge above other students as they have better understanding of mathematical notations, engineering concepts.

Although there is no as such restriction but its always good to join iti courses after 12th. 2th paas students can gasp things quickly.

Can we join ITI Courses after 12th fail?

Absolutely Yes, you can definitely join ITI Courses even after failing in your 12th. You are good and can join as long as you follow these eligibility Criteria:

1. You must be at least 14 there are no upper age restrictions
2. You must be 10th pass or at least 8th pass

As long as these two criteria are followed you can join any ITI colleges Government or private institutions.

Which ITI Course is best for government job?

Some of the best courses for government jobs are:

1. Fitter
2. Machinist Grinder
3. Electrician
4. Radiology Technician

The demand changes time to time and so is vacancy so kindly do a double check before selecting any course. Although if you have completed any iti course you are eligible for almost 50-55% companies.

Can we join ITI courses after 10th

Yes, absolutely if you are 10th pass that instantly qualifies you to join any course in the list and pursue a career in it.

What is the full form of ITI?

ITI stand for Industrial Training Institute. ITI was established in the year 1950 by ministry of skill development to train Indian citizens to match the skilled labor requirements in the industry and to reduce the un-employment rate in India.


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