10 Best Interior Design Courses offered by top Colleges

interior design courses

Unlike the 1950s or 60s, owning a house was a big deal, and some just dreamt about getting their roof. Things have changed; now, people own money to spend on luxury.

Instead of 4 walls and a roof, they are looking more to live a luxurious lifestyle starting from home. India’s Real State is expected to go from Rs.65,000 Crore to the U.S. $1 Trillion by 2030.

Around 2030, Real State will be contributing 13% of India’s G.D.P. So there lies tremendous growth for companies and individuals.

Interior Designer can earn anywhere between Rs 600,000 to Rs 16,00,000 Per Annum, and that is some impressive figures.

There are various A-grade colleges in India to study interior design courses. Before Moving Further, let us first know more about Interior Designing.

This is why Interior designing is one of the highest paying jobs in India apart from this Top 10 highest paying jobs in india.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior Designers are the ones who help in planning the layout of anything from houses to corporate buildings.

Interior Designing is becoming a trend in Indian Youth because of its extraordinary potential alongside some of the big names from B-Town that have started their label like Gauri Khan Designs.

Interior Designers’ main aim is to utilize every bit of space of the establishment and give it an attractive look. Interior designers decorate the interior space of any establishment according to the customer’s demand.

Career In Interior Designing

As more and more Indians are getting exposed to foreign countries’ design/ Architecture, their expectations with the quality of their lives are also increasing.

Thus Indians are spending more on living a quality life than post Independence. Thus Interior designer has excellent potential.

You need to be creative to become a good interior designer, followed by hard work and determination.

Interior Designing is a higly competitive field that only best survives and earns a ton of money. There are many Startups like A.M.P. designs they earn in Millions.

Various top Colleges are offering interior design courses but getting onto them is tough.

interior design courses

10 Best Colleges for interior design courses

Here is the list of the Best 10 Interior design courses offered by top colleges in India. Nevertheless, to get into these colleges, you have to give the entrance exams.

Some of the best entrance exams are:



3. NID



Before Getting Into these colleges or starting with this course, there are few things you need to keep in mind.

Some of the important skillset needed to become an Interior Designer:

1. You must have Good communication skills

2. You must have good sense of colours

3. Your Knowledge of textures, Materials must be excellent.

4. You must be aware of trends

Indian Institute of technology- Guwahati

With 15 lakh as Median Salary, I.I.T. Guwahati is one of the biggest names in this Industry. Everyone knows the value of an I.I.T. degree

It is built on 740 Acres of Land. IIT-G offers the best Campus experience with Advance technologies of the future.

IIT-G offers a four-year Bachelors’s degree in Designs. You can Get admission into IIT-G through UCEED

The highest package Offered In-Campus at IIT-G is Rs 35,00,000 Lakhs Per Annum. The lowest being Rs.800,000 per Annum and a 95% Placement record.

Indian Institute of Art and Design

Indian Institute of Arts and Design or IIAD results from collaboration with the prestigious Kingston School of Arts. IIAD is also known as the school of the future.

Established in the year 2014 is comparatively new in this market but has the best facilities in the whole Fashion Industry.

IIAD has been awarded the prestigious “College Of the Year” in 2020 by Silicon India. IIAD is situated in Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi.

IIAD has State-of-the-art Facilities from 70,000sqft Campus to design lab, Computer lab, Pattern Lab, and many more.

The best part of IIAD is not their Campus facility. However, their Teacher Student Ration, i.e., 1:15, which is excellent, not even I.I.T.’s have that great ratio.

To get admission into IIAD, you need to clear your IDAT first. The top recruiters from this college are Levi’s, H.R.X., Mad designs, and many more.

IIAD offers a four-year Bachelor in Interior Architecture. IIAD is a costly School, but once you complete your studies, your money will be worth investing in

Anyone who passes 12th in any stream from a recognized board can get admission to the IIAD and pursue interior design courses.

Sir Jamsetjee jeejebhoy School Of Arts

Sir Jamsetjee jeejebhoy School Of Arts, best known as Sir JJ School of Arts, is the best college for Arts. Sir JJ School of Arts is hands down the prestigious college of Arts in MUMBAI.

With the alumuni list of great personalities like Nana Patekar, Raj Thackrey, Arun Kolatkar.

Sir JJ School of Arts is among the top schools whose students get the highest paying internships or jobs.

Getting into J.J. school of arts is not easy. Getting admission into the J.J. school of arts is very tough. You have to clear B.F.A. entrance with good grades to board this Institute.

Sir JJ School of Arts offers a four-year course in interior decoration in Mumbai. Just like it is Sir JJ School of Arts, Students are easily picked up by big companies.

Anyone that passes 12th in any stream from a recognized board is eligible to get admission to the prestigious Sir JJ School of arts and can pursue an interior design course.

National Institute Of Design (Ahmedabad)

National Institute of Design Ahmedabad or N.I.D.- A was established in the year 1961 to create an institute for Indians to cop up with the international fashion/design industry.

NID-A was declared the ‘Institute of National Importance by the parliament in the year 2014.

All N.I.D.’s across India have almost equal facilities, and they are good too. However, NID-A being the most prestigious among them.

NID-A has been part of ‘Top 25 European & Asian design programs‘ for 2006,2007,2009, and 2014.

However, getting into NID-A is not easy; you have to clear the N.I.D. Entrance exam and your ranking must not be above A.I.R. 225 to get admission into any of the 16 courses.

NID-A is a campus spread over more than 11,000 square meters. India’s best companies like Myntra, Bombay Design House, Adobe, Tanishq, and many more recruit designers from NID-A.

NID-A offers four years Course in Bachelor of Designing in Furniture and Interior Design.

Anyone that passes 12th in any stream from a recognised board is eligible to get admission to the prestigious N.I.D.- A and can pursue interior design course

CEPT University

CEPT University, a U.G.C. approved Private University with 20+ courses offered with Campus built on a massive 12-acre land, is one of the best private Universities for Architecture.

CEPT University was established in the year 1962 in Ahmedabad. CEPT has one of the largest libraries with more than 46,000 books and resources and 150 national and international periodicals.

CEPT students can access both the N.I.D. Library and The British Library. CEPT has in-campus hostels and has facilities like ‘Playing Guest Housing,’ Music room, and a fully “Wifi-ed Campus.”

CEPT offers a five years Bachelor of interior design courses. Even though CEPT University is a private university but to get admission, you must score high in NATA.

The top recruiters of this Campus are Adani Group, Godrej homes, Atkin Global, and many more.

Anyone with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in their 10+2 are qualified for CEPT University & can pursue interior designing courses.

George Institute of Interior Design(Kolkata)

George Institute of Interior Design’s parent Institute, George Telegraph Training Institute, is one of India’s Oldest Educational institutes.

George Telegraph Training Institute was established on 16th May 1920 to tackle the Unemployment problem.

George Institute Of Interior Design is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, near the Park Street area. This Institute Offers two interior design courses.

A one-year Diploma in Professional Interior Design and the second one is Advance Diploma in Professional Interior Design.

George Telegraph Training Institute has a history of developing high-quality human resources. This Institute is, in fact, the training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation or NSDC.

The Best part of the George Institute of Interior Design is students can directly contact and apply for.

Anyone from any stream with just passing marks from any recognized board is eligible to apply for George Institute of Interior design.

ZEE Institute Of Creative Art(Indore)

Zee Institute Of Creative Art Indore or ZICA-I is a trendy choice among Youngsters nowadays.

ZICA-I institute is a joint venture between the famous ZEE and Essel Group, established in 1986.

Essel Group is among India’s most diverse business ventures. Essel Group owns ZEE Network, Dish Tv, Asian Sky Shop, Essel world, and many more.

ZICA-I courses are heavily Industry oriented. They work with industry leaders and always try to give their students proper exposer to Industry.

ZICA-I’s end sem assignments are of industry standards. In short, they always push their students to understand the Industry before they go on the field, Which is great since many institutes lack here.

ZICA-I offers a two-year course in Advance Program in Interior Designing.

Admission at ZICA-I is on basis of merit. You can directly apply at ZICA-I via both online and offline mode.

Anyone with above average marks in their 12th standards from any recognized board is eligible to apply for interior design courses.

Indian School Of Design and Innovation(Mumbai)

Indian School of Design and Innovation, popularly known as ISDI, was established in 2013, but this Institute’s performance has been admirable.

ISDI offers a full-time four-year course in interior designing. ISDI has a specialization in interior designing.

I.S.D. is based in Lower Panvel and offers 25 courses across all four streams. With a Campus size of over 1,75,000sqft. ISDI is already India’s leading innovation-based school of Design.

ISDI is equipped with state-of-the-art Laboratories like Stitching Lab, Prototyping lab, V.R. zone, Gaming lab, and many more.

ISDI is a fully Wi-fi-ed campus with air conditioning across all classrooms. ISDI even has a Dance, Music room.

Top companies recruiting at ISDI are Godrej & Boyce, Total Environment, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more. The Placement cell of ISID is very active and helpful.

To get admission into ISDI, you need to give the exam conducted by ISDI. You must have atleast 50% or above in your 12th from any recognized board with any stream to pursue interior design courses.

SNDT Women’s University(ChurchGate)

SNDT was established in the year 1916 in Mumbai. This is a Female only university.

SNDT offers a three-year Bachelor of Vocation in Interior Design. There are only 30 seats available to offer in interior design courses.

To get admission to the course offered by SNDT is very tough since SNDT admits students purely on their merit.

SNDT is a very prestigious college for studies in Interior design. Any female candidate with 50% or more marks in her 12th from any recognized board can apply to do interior design courses from any stream.

Any female Candidate who holds NSQF( National Skills Qualifications Framework) level 3 certification in Interior Design. can also apply

FOR Lateral Entry :

Female Students who completed the three-year full-time diploma in Interior Design by any recognized University or Institute OR held an NSQF level 5 Certification in Interior Design can apply for interior design courses.

MIT Institute Of Design(PUNE)

M.I.T. Institute of Design was established in 2006 in Pune, Maharashtra.

M.I.T. Institute of Design offers a four-year Bachelor of Design in Interior Space and Furniture Design. There are 200 seats available for Interior design courses.

M.I.T. Institute of Design offers one of the best infrastructures in the country.

M.I.T. Institute of Design has state of the art library with over 6000 books, 1450 graduation projects, and more than 83 journals.

MIT insttute of Design has tie-ups with University of Bridgeport(USA), Cancouver film school(Canada), L’Ecole de Design ( Nantes Atlantique).

M.I.T. Institute of Design has 57 full-time and 51 visiting faculty members, and all of them are very experienced and accomplished in their respective fields

To get into the M.I.T. Institute of Design, a student has to clear MITID-DAt and complete his/her 12th with atleast passing marks from any recognized board and can be from any stream for interior design courses.


  1. What Qualifications do I need to be an interior designer?

    You need to be just 12th pass with any stream from any recognised board.

  2. How long is the interior design course?

    On an average Interior design courses vary from one year minimum to five years maximum.

  3. what are the colleges offering one year diploma course in interior designing?

    Among the top colleges George Institute of Interior Design offers a one year diploma course in Interior design.

  4. Which Interior design course is best?

    Interior Design Course from National Institutr of Design Ahmedabad is hands down the best course available. But every other colleges mentioned are also excellent but NID-A is best among them.
  5. Interior design course online

    Nowadays various companies offer online design course for students who are unable to take physical classes for some reason.
  6. is interior designing comes under a professional course

    Interior designing is not only a professional course but interior designers are among the highest paid professionals of India.

  7. How much percentage i have to obtain for interior designer course?

    You don’t require much percentage to get admission but during placements you will suffer. So to be on the safer side 70% is a good percentage in 12th for interior design courses.

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