Redefining Blogging: Meet India’s Top 10 Female Bloggers

top 10 female bloggers

Inspiring Voices: Top 10 Female Bloggers Making an Impact in India

India is a country of talent and known for its dedicated people. Both the men and women of India find their own way to be successful. In earlier times due to gender inequality, only men were seen in every field. But nowadays, there is hardly a field where women have not contributed. From space programs to politics, from civil services to blogging, women are standing with dignity. Blogging is becoming one of the most reliable platforms in India for sharing views and information. 

Women are mostly preferred to work from home or do a job that requires less physical involvement. Blogging is a profession that can be done from home using a laptop and an internet connection. For woman who has writing skills and technical knowledge can start their blogging site and make passive money. We are providing some examples of such women in our list of top 10 female bloggers in India

Many women use blogging for their professional and personal platforms for sharing views with their audience. When it comes to the top female bloggers, we have prepared a list of the top 10 female bloggers in India. It is a huge achievement for women to make their professional careers as bloggers as they need to balance their roles as women, a mother, a sister, or a wife. 

Here’s the complete list of Top 10 Most Successful Bloggers in India

Top 10 Female Bloggers In India 

There are thousands of top blogging sites managed and owned by Indians of which hundreds are owned by women. We have compared the top female bloggers and listed the top 10 female bloggers in India. We consider various aspects and factors while preparing the list like page visits, income, success, popularity, and many more. Below mentioned are the top 10 female bloggers, let’s have a look: 

top 10 female bloggers

Harleena Singh 

Pro blogging needs the talent of writing and expressing views in the form of words. She is a superwoman with all these talents and started her journey of blogging on blogging, health, motivation, and writing niche. Before blogging she was a successful freelance writer, which gave her experience and the motive to start her own blog. Her achievements can be known by her nickname, “blog commenting queen”, given to her because of her valuable presence in the field of blogging. 

Net-Worth: Harleena Singh is one of the top 10 female bloggers in India and earns a massive amount of money from her blogs Aha!NOW. Her estimated net worth is estimated around ($361.8K – $486.5K). Most of the revenue she earned came from paid promotions and collaborations with the brands. She used to perform guest posting on other websites too. 

Website and Social media: Harleena Singh is active on her social media platforms. She owned a blogging site named Aha!NOW. Below mentioned are some of their social media handles. 




Journey: Harleena Singh was a teacher and used to teach in private schools. When it comes to qualifications, she has a degree in Commerce, a postgraduate degree in English, and a professional degree in Education. After some time she decided to work as a freelance writer and after spending a year in the field she started to showcase her writing skills on her own blogs, Aha!NOW. 

Shraddha Sharma 

Shradha Sharma is another female blogger who has set a benchmark in the blogging industry. She owns an extremely popular blog site named Yourstory. The site displays current and social topics along with entrepreneur stuff. Shradha Sharma also works as a brand advisor at the Times of India. At the age of 37 years, she attained a lot of fame and prosperity as a female blogger. 

Net- Worth: The net worth of Yourstory site is estimated at around $8.5 million, in which 50% of stakes are owned by Shradha Sharma herself. 

Website and Social media including youtube: As a generalist, she has active social media platforms and uploads daily updates about the world’s current and social situations. Her website is full of entrepreneurial stuff which influences new startups. 




Journey: She belonged to Patna Bihar and shifted to Delhi for higher education. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history. In her early career days, she worked as a brand advisor at The Times of India. And finally, in 2008, she started her new portal Yourstory. 

Chitraparna Sinha 

A popular blogger and inspiration for the younger generation, Chitraparna Sinha used to influence others through her freelancing and content marketing blogs. She used to work as a full-time content writer and consultant and has a blogging site named When she joined blogging, she had no idea how vast is the world of blogging. She used to write articles and content for others and her clients used to upload them in their names. 

That is why she started researching blogging and purchased domain names and hosting. Then she took guidance about WordPress, and traffic-building strategies and had never looked back. And now, she is making thousands of dollars every month and is counted in the top 10 female bloggers in India

Net-Worth: The main source of her income is Google Adsense, collaborations, promotions, and branding other blogs through backlinks. The income is not revealed but according to sources she makes around $30000 a month from her website. 

Website and Social media: She owns a website named, where she used to provide tips and tricks relating to content writing. 


Journey: She was inspired to start her own blog when she came to know that her writing clients used to upload her writing on a place named as blogs and earn massive money. With a good web hosting and domain name she researched about the same and started blogging. She looks for traffic building on site and never looks back. 

Shalu Sharma 

One of the most popular travel guides in India. If you want to plan your trip then no one will describe the trip better than Shalu Sharma. All of her writings and all other blogs can be found at her blogging site She belongs to Bihar and had a great affection towards her home state which is why her Twitter account is also named @bihar. 

Journey: She traveled across the world and while returning home, everyone asked her about the journey. The most common questions are like the best time to visit, the best places to visit, whether it is safe to visit, where Manali is, and many more. That is why she got the idea to start traveling blogs and guide other people too. 

Her blogging career started around 10 years ago when she registered a domain name The same domain name is still in use. Hence, the blogging site is not so active but she hired a lot of writers who handle her blogging sites. 

Malini Aggarwal 

For people who love lifestyle and the fashion industry can follow the blogs of Malini Aggarwal. She is a full-time lifestyle blogger and a celebrity as well. Her blog has a massive fan base only because of her engaging writing and lifestyle tips. Not only from India, but her website also gets traffic from western countries as well. Currently, she is working with MTV channel and is also an RJ. 

She has her links and contacts deep in the Bollywood filming industry. Her blogs are available in both paid and free versions. To get access to premium content you need to join the membership or in case of viewing free content, you can visit as a guest. 

Net- Worth: Malini Agarwal’s net worth is calculated at around $5 Million as per current data. 

Website and Social media including youtube: As a fashion influencer and blogger she updates the latest fashion trends and news on her social media handle.





Journey: She is a native of Allahabad, India, and was raised by her parents. After her graduation, she was selected for Indian foreign services and used to spend most of her time traveling to different foreign countries. Her blogs usually cover all the latest fashion trends, lifestyle content, and food as well. Her website MissMalini has officially collaborated with different brands including Lakme Fashion Week, Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, and India Resort Fashion Week. 

Nirmala Santhakumar is the domain handled by Nirmala Santhakumar. She used to share excellent blogging and social media tips on her website. The content includes tips to grow on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc, blogging career, and many more on her website. The main motive of her to start a blog site is to enhance her writing and marketing skills, but soon the site starts making money and a reputation. 

Net- Worth: Her net worth is not known but from her blogging site she used to make around $40000 to $50000 per month. 

Website and Social media: She owns a blogging site named For instance, She has a profile on different social media platforms.  Some of them are mentioned below: 




Journey: Her journey is quite complex, she is an Electronics Engineering graduate. From her childhood days, she was good at writing and joined to give a push start to her talent. Soon she started her own blog on social media tips and blogging. In her earlier writing profession, she wrote at Blogspot domain but one of her friends Atish Ranjan encouraged her to start a tech blog and it is the moment she never looked back. 

Jyoti Chauhan 

In the field of Blogging, SEO, and Technology News, Jyoti Chauhan is a renowned name because of her blogging site In her initial days, she used to work as a freelance writer and soon started uploading blogs on her own domain. Currently, she makes money primarily from her blogging site and deals with some clients as well. She helped many other writers as a consultant and provided tips to grow faster as a blogger. She has been featured as a guest on many other popular blogging sites. 

Website and Social media: She owns a blogging website named She has an active profile on many social media handles. You can get in touch with her easily. 




Journey: Along with her professional career, she is pursuing MCA from IGNOU. She used to handle various clients as a freelance writer and upload blogs, posts, and articles which solved major issues faced in SEO and digital marketing. She has not revealed her earning but has described her successful journey in her interviews. All her efforts and hard work have made her one of the top 10 female bloggers in India

Shivangi Srivastava is an amazing blog site made by Shiwangi Srivastava which deals with blogging, money-making online, writing, social media, technology, and much more. She has described all about becoming a successful digital entrepreneur and making money online. She had described her motive behind making the site, she wanted to spread the awareness of her niche among the audience. She has not focused on a particular niche as she is trying to help people by sharing whatever she can. 

She gains knowledge and shares it with others in the form of blogs. Her efforts and dedication to helping others through her knowledge lead us to mention her in our list of top 10 female bloggers in India.

Jane Sheeba 

Achieving a successful business in life is the prime motive of her blogs. Jane Saheeba has a professional blogging site where she shares her ideas and knowledge regarding the business world. In early 2007, she developed an interest in the world of blogging and online content. She did so just to satisfy her curiosity but soon her blogs started making money for her. She just wants to know why people are sharing their ideas on the internet and have an online presence. 

At first, she wrote everything that came to her mind in her spare time. She had a Ph.D. degree. Currently, she is married and bears all the expenses of her blogging with savings from her job. After establishing a website she quit her job and started giving her full-time to her blogs and became one of the top 10 female bloggers in India

Website and Social media including youtube: She has an active social life and has her profile on almost all social media platforms. 




Journey: She is a struggling woman who used to perform the role of a wife, a mother, and a housewife as well. Along with these, she managed to have a job and gather money to start blogs. Once her blogs started making money she quit her job and became a full-time blogger. As a result, she is now the top female blogger and earns a passive source of money. 

Manidipa Bhaumik

Manidipa is a keen observer and has good reading skills which is why she uses her talent in helping beginners by providing them with useful tips and tricks to make a successful career using WordPress. She has a specialization in, “In-depth topic analysis and writing comprehensive review articles”. She collaboratively with her husband owns a blogging site named Both of them together help people to achieve their dream capabilities. 

Website and Social media: She has collaboratively been active on her blogs with her husband. You can contact her on any of her social media handles or can chat with her on her blogging site. 




Journey: When it comes to the top 10 female bloggers we have to consider Manidipa Bhaumik die for her enthusiastic & dedicated blogging. During the early phases of her life, she used to work as a human resource consultant & content marketer. But earlier, she realized that she needed to do something more in her spare time and started her blog wpblogging360

Women and blogging 

It was imaginable for a woman to achieve such fame and prosperity a couple of years ago. However, nowadays women did better than men and are contributing a major portion of the blogging industry. Even though they need to perform various roles as women like as mothers, as a wife, a household lady, and so on. Society puts plenty of hurdles and obstacles in its path. Even after all these if a woman has attained the position of top 10 female bloggers in India then this is a big thing.


Blogging is the best way to make money and fame if you are good at writing. These top 10 female bloggers in India have made their professional careers as bloggers and influenced other women as well. Being a female making far more than ordinary make is a thing to be proud of. You can take these women and can also start your journey as a blogger

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do the Top 10 female bloggers in India usually write about?

The Top 10 female bloggers in India cover a wide range of topics in their blogs, reflecting the diverse interests and concerns of Indian women. Some of the most common themes in their writing include fashion, lifestyle, food, beauty, travel, personal development, and women’s issues.

Fashion and lifestyle Blogs
Fashion and lifestyle are popular topics among the Top 10 female bloggers in India, with many of them showcasing their personal style and sharing tips on how to dress and accessorize. They often collaborate with fashion and beauty brands to showcase their products and provide reviews to their readers.

Food Blogs
Food is another popular theme among female bloggers in India, with many of them sharing their recipes, food reviews, and recommendations for restaurants and cafes. They often focus on healthy eating and cooking, vegetarian and vegan diets, and regional cuisine.

Travel Blogs
Travel is another major theme, with bloggers sharing their experiences and recommendations for destinations within India and abroad. They often provide tips on budget travel, accommodation, and local experiences, as well as cultural insights and advice for female travelers.

Self Growth or Personal Development Blogs
Personal development and women’s issues are also important topics for many female bloggers in India. They often share their own stories and experiences, offering advice on topics such as relationships, careers, self-care, and mental health. They also write about women’s rights and gender equality, addressing issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence against women.
Overall, the Top 10 female bloggers in India write about a wide range of topics that reflect the interests and concern

How do the Top 10 female bloggers in India bloggers make money from their blogs?

The Top 10 female bloggers in India use various methods to monetize their blogs. Here are some of the ways they make money:
Sponsored posts: They collaborate with brands and create sponsored content to promote their products.
Affiliate marketing: They recommend products or services to their readers and earn a commission when their readers purchase through their unique affiliate link.
Advertisements: They display ads on their blogs and earn money based on the number of clicks or impressions.
Selling products: They sell their own products such as eBooks, courses, or merchandise.
Consultation services: They offer consultation services such as coaching, training, or mentoring to their readers.
Events and workshops: They organize events and workshops to engage with their readers and offer paid tickets.
Brand collaborations: They collaborate with brands to create sponsored content or to promote their products on social media.
Freelance writing: They write for other blogs or websites and earn money for their writing services.
Public speaking: They speak at events or conferences and earn money as keynote speakers or panelists.
Brand endorsements: They endorse products on their social media channels and earn money based on the


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