How to get Netflix free forever? – 8 best ways in 2021

How to get netflix free forever

Netflix is hands down the biggest OTT platform. With hundreds of original shows and web series, Netflix has now become a part of everyday life.

Netflix is so big that in the past 12 months its paid users have grown by roughly 22% and it has a user base of 204 million worldwide.

With original series like Money Heist and The Witcher, I’m 100% sure that you must have heard of Netflix at least once.

With all these great movies and original series, Netflix comes with a hefty monthly subscription. With a Basic subscription starting from $8.99 per month to $16 or 17 per month.

With that price point, it can be hard for someone like you and me to maintain. So we look for better alternatives to cut down costs and manage to get entertained.

Even I have searched for how to get netflix free forever and for sometime even managed to enjoy the content but they didn’t lasted more than 10-15 days.

So here are some ways with which you can get Netflix subscription for free or you can use Netflix free forever or get a lifetime Netflix membership.

How to get Netflix free forever?

Netflix knows how to retain customers. That’s why they offer Free trials, Netflix gift cards, Netflix coupons, and if you are lucky enough you receive a lucky mail.

I had Netflix premium and my friends would frequently ask to share my credentials so much so that I would receive calls at 3:00 in the morning just for credentials.

That’s the craze of Netflix in Indian and abroad. Netflix’s business strategy helps him stay at the top.

Ways to get Netflix subscription for free

There are Basically Two methods to get Netflix for free. The first one is the Ethical way and the other one is the Non-ethical way.

You can definitely enjoy the uninterrupted Netflix streams but you have to work a little to keep up your entertainment.

So let’s get started with the ways to get Netflix subscription for free.

How to get netflix free forever

Use Netflix free Trial Period

Netflix offers one month trial period for new users to try out their platform. To access their platform all you need is valid credit card.

You don’t need to pay them a single penny for a period of 30 days. After that, you can enjoy uninterrupted premium content.

And if you wish to continue then you will be charged according to your plan. You can always downgrade your netflix plan.

Steps to use Netflix trial period:

  • Signup with Netflix with an email id that has never been used

  • Select Plan according to your choice

  • Fill up your credit card details

  • You are ready

If you wish you can earn money from this. There are many Instagram handles, Facebook pages that use these tactics to earn money.

How you can earn money from it?

Once you got the trial period of 30 days. Just look for folks who want to get the full Netflix experience at a very cheap cost.

All you have to do is share your credentials with them and charge a nominal fee for 30 days or 15 days of experience.

Extend The trial Period

This method depends on luck. You have to wait for the extension email from netflix. As this trick may or may not work.

All you have to do is call the netflix support helpline number as ask them to extend your free trial period.

Tell them that you have been busy this whole month so you were not able to get full exposure of netflix.

After that all you can do is wait for the luck email to arrive. Actively check for spam box, promotion sections.

If you are able to convince them then you get the netflix premium subscription for free.

OR cancel your netflix trial 3-4 days before and wait for around a month then you may get an lucky mail for an invite to extend the netflix trial period.

Multiple Trials

This is the simplest method. After 30 days of the trial from one account just move to other.

Every time uses different email IDs and different payment options to enjoy your Netflix. If you wish you can enter your PayPal details one time and credit details on another.

Netflix operates on recursive payments that’s why they target credit card holders so that they can directly deduct money from the account. That’s why Netflix uses sophisticated technologies so that you don’t get charged before the trial ends.

You can issue virtual credit cards from Companies Like Kite Cash, Yandex. And if you are in India you can use IRCTC’s Mudra app, SBI Banking Portal.

Follow These Steps(Only For Users in India):

  • Just download these apps from Play Store

  • Complete the registration

  • Get your Know Your Customer or (KYC) done

  • Click on Visa Virtual Card

  • Open Netflix add card details

  • You get Netflix free trial for 30 days

For SBI banking portal :

  • Open SBI Net Banking Portal & Login Using Credentials or Yono

  • Go to Cards section in Dashboard

  • Click on Virtual Cards and Generate one for 1 day

  • Sign up for netflix and copy the details

  • You got 30 days to watch netflix for free

Pro-Tip: Use Tempmail For Unique email Id and note it down the credentials. SO you don’t have to create multiple email id’s just to verify your account once

Sharing among Friends and Family

Netflix is a popular streaming service, everyone wants to watch some of its blockbuster originals.

You can purchase the netflix premium and share your credentials with family and friends and can charge some fees of $5 a month per screen and all of you can enjoy netflix at very cheap rates.

Before sharing make sure that they are ready to pay at least for two months so that you have time to switch to lower plans.

By this method, you can cut down your expenses on netflix and all four of you can save a minimum of $14.99 per month.

Use Third-Party Billing

In the era of Digital content who watches the television. If you have televison you know the pain to pay for setup-box and again pay for the online streaming services.

But here’s is another option now you can now choose third-party services that offer bundles with Netflix subscription included.

Here are some options which you can choose to reduce the overall cost:


T-Mobile or T-Mobile Us,inc. is a wireless network operator in USA who in the year 2017 partnered with Netflix to launch #NetflixOnUS.

If you purchase any Magenta plan with two or more lines or any Magenta Max then basically you get free netflix basic worth($8.99). Or Any Magenta MAX plan with two or more lines makes you eligible for free Netflix Standard Subscription worth ($13.99 per month).

This service is limited to USA. Here are some Instructions on how to get netflix free through T-Mobile:

  • Sign up for any plan on T-Mobile

  • Go for at least two lines since Netflix is added with only two lines.

Please regularly check for their Terms and Conditions of T-Mobile as they might change their T&C.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios aka Fios by Verizon a bundle communication bundle service provider in more than 9 states of USA.

You can get Netflix free only with Verizon triple play package which include television, phone and internet.

Follow these steps to avail free netflix account and save money:

  • Sign up with Fios TV

  • Strictly Chose triple play package as it is available only with this package

  • Wait for a month or so to receive the credentials

  • Login with credentials and enjoy free netflix

Please regularly check for Term and Conditions of Verizon Fios as they might change their T&C.

Chose Among The Internet Provider(For India)

This Tip is Specifically For Indian Consumers. There are many Internet Providers that either Provide an option to integrate Netflix subscription in their bill or Offers packages with Netflix include.

Some providers that allows you to add netflix subscription to their bill:

Jio Fibre on the other hands provide Not only Netflix but Amazon prime and Disney Hotstar plus subscription along with 10 more services subscriptions.

Use Group Buy

Group Buy is again a non-ethical way but it saves you a ton of money for sure .

There are websites like Filkover, Youraccdealer which offers netflix at very cheap rates starting from $1.5 per month per screen.

Note: This is not recommended but you can use these websites if you really want to cut cost on Netflix.

How to get Netflix for $1.55 or Rs100 per month:

  • GO to Flikover or Youraccdealer

  • Signup With them and pay Rs 100 or $1.5

  • Now enjoy Netflix for 30 days Uninterrupted

Please Note that to use this type of services there are two basic requirements

1. You must use Chrome browser

2. You must install some Extension

Use SplitSub App

This concept of the app is very great Suppose you wish to stream netflix but you have only amazon primes subscription and you don’t want to spend more on subscription.

Now SplitSub comes into play it helps you to share your subscription with others in return get what subscription you want.

For eg: If you have subscription that cost less and if you find anyone on Splitsub that wants to share his netflix subscription with lets say ALtbalaji or HULU, you can.

With every deal SplitSub ask for a commission of $1.2. So You can have Subscription of platform that cost less but you can stream netflix at nominal additional cost.

You can download SplitSub from Google Play store. And almost get Netflix free forever.

Netflix Gift Cards

In this method you can either purchase or earn gift cards in order to get Netflix free.

You can checkout 10 best ways to earn extra money or know 10 genuine copy paste job sites to earn some extra bucks.

You can do these jobs 30-40 minutes a day and can earn $2-$3 per day if you work for 15 days that’s 15*2=$30 and that’s more than enough to buy Netflix gift card.

Or you can even earn gift cards by completing the survey on websites like SwagBucks, etc.


How to get Netflix Free Forever in India/Abroad?

In India there are various Internet Providers that offers free Netflix subscription along with their data packs.

You can check those out or else buy a yearly membership and once it gets exhausted don’t pay for next few days and Netflix will try its best to get you back even offering a massive discount OR you can follow the Multiple Trial Technique mentioned in our Article to get Netflix free forever.

Will Netflix Charge During Free trial?

No, Netflix does not charge a single penny during their free trial. Once their free trial generally of 30 days gets exhausted then they charge according to the chosen plan.

To be on the safer Side you can set the notification 3 days prior to the deadline. If you wish to continue you can else you can cancel the trial prior of 30 days

How to get Netflix for free?

There are various ways you can get Netflix free one such is by earning some extra money.

You can checkout 10 best ways to earn extra money or know 10 genuine copy paste job sites to earn some extra bucks.

Or you can try multiple trial methods and there are bunch of ethical ways mentioned in our article.

How to get Netflix free without CreditCard?

Nowadays Netflix has started to accept payment in debit cards in India. You can use this to signup and setup everything or you can chose option of paypal.

Paypal is similar to Paytm or Phonepay to open an paypal account all you need is an active debit card and phone number attached with the account

Some Final Words on How to get Netflix free forever?

Well I have personally used the above methods more than 4 times and it still works.

Try using Netflix free as long as you can but later purchase the subscription too once you become financially stable. Netflix has some awesome contents.

Share this article with your friends who too want to get Netflix subscription for free in India.

If you have any Suggestions please Comment down below.

I keep updating posts as soon as I got any new method to get Netflix subscription for free.

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