Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India To Start A Career

As a student, we all find ourselves in a situation Where we have to decide which career to choose to get along with it. But what Comes first In our Mind is to get a Job That pays well and comes with a Pride. 
That is why we often Search For highest paying jobs in India. And if You are doing The same You landed in the right place.
Here We will discuss the highest paid jobs in India.
highest paid jobs
People usually Thinks That The big Figures Comes with big-Tech Certificates. But let me clear It’s Not, It’s Your Passion and Knowledge That Leads to grab that opportunity.
So In This Article, I’ll Cover Both Types of Certificate and Non-certificate  That are best jobs  in India along with the highest salary In India.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India


On Our List This is Probably The Most Prestigious Jobs In India. Not even in India But around The Globe as they are treated after God. In The Situation Of Epidemic They are the ones Saving Us.

Becoming A doctor is almost Dream of Every  Middleclass Indian. Even All Science Student’s Are Not Capable Of Becoming a Doctor Since They Have To Crack MBBS and it’s Not a Piece of Cake.

They Can Even earn 1-1.5 Lakh Per Month As a Fresher And It Goes On, As They Aquire Experience Their Salary Goes Up. After they acquired a good amount of experience They Can even open their own Clinics And Can Practice their. Thus it is among the highest paid jobs in India.
Qualification:- Students With Science in 12th With Biology Can Apply For NEET.

2.  Commercial Pilot

Surely After Doctor Pilot Is Among The Most Common Profession An Student Want TO Pursue. Because Every One Wants to fly high and touch the sky. It requires a lot of hard work And Dedication To become a good pilot.
This Profession Has Its Own Pride It’s one of the top appreciable Jobs around the globe and what make’s it even More appreciable is salary it is among the highest paying jobs in India.
With  Gaining Experience In Flying and Completing The Flying Hours As per directed by ICAO and IATA. A pilot can Easily Make Around 1.5 lakh to 6.5 lakh Depending Upon the Experience and The Carrier.
You Can Even Start a Youtube Channel And can Share About Your Personal Journey and Moreover You Can Even Become a Lifestyle – Travel Vlogger Like Flying Beast and Many More.
Factcheck:- In a Video Flying Beast Revelated that His Earning From Youtube is around $1800 Per Month Plus The brand Sponsor That is Not counted here. So this is among the best jobs in India.
This Job profile requires a Lot of Everything From Your Focus to Money To Dedication To Understanding. Because Once You are Flying  You are on Your Own  You Have the Responsibilities of your Crew and Passengers.
 Qualification:- To Become a Pilot if you start Your Flying from India You Must be Great In Physics and Especially Mathematics With At least  94% In 12th Science. And You Have to spend a MInimum of 30-40lac INR.
3. Gamer /Live streamer 
Shocked? How Come Live streamers Comes In The list OF highest paying jobs in India. Yes, Live streaming/ Gaming is also a Job Profile.
As The Gaming Community is Booming In India. So This Can Be right Time to Start Your Career As a live streamer In India. Since Gaming Has a Huge Potential in India. All You Need Is Some Gaming Equipment if You can afford or else Mobile audience is More In India than Pc.
You Don’t Need a Degree in This field. You just have to be good at whatever Game You Choose. If Your Channel Grows You can Even Earn 1-1.5 lac per Month plus the brand Deals.
There Are Various Gamers Like Gareebo And Mortal, Carrys Live that Earn More than the mentioned amount. This is the best job in India if your passion is Gaming.

4. Actor

 This Is For Sure The Most Demanded Job Profile. This Is The Most Glamorous Profile And Every One Dream To become an Actor One day BUt This Glam Makes This Profile To be The Most Competitive.

There Are several Acting Schools To Start Your Acting Career With LIke National School Of Drama, SRFTI and Many More. And This Even Requires Basic qualification But passion Towards Acting.

Please make a Note That Students Enrolling To These Institutes It’s Not Like they will definitely get a Role of Hero or Hero’s Friend. They Have To struggle A lot.

If You are Ready For The Struggle and really Wanted To Make a Career In It Then this can be the best job in India along with highest paid jobs in India for You.

The pay scale varies differently Since The exact amount is not disclosed But once You become Famous you can grab More and More Films and Brand deals. And You can earn somewhere between 5lac-17lac per month.

5. Civil Services

Civil Service Is Hands Down The Most Prestigious Job an Indian Can Ever Have. The Top service officers are IAS, IPs.

This is Even The Toughest Exam In Our Country  WIth No Educational Field Barrier.  Even If You are Studying arts, Commerce. You can apply For The UPSC Exam.

Due to The Less Seats Available There’s A Huge Competiton Among Students. So The Most Talented Can Crack This Exam’s all rounds But Person With The Higher Analytical skills Can Only Crack these Exams.

If You Want To Learn More about  On How To improve the analytical skills I Encourage You To Check Out This Article On Why analytical skills are Important and how to improve it.

Qualification:- Graduation From Any Stream.

6. Business Management

Top 10 highest paying jobs in india

An Business management or Business analyst From Indias Top-B School Can Earn More Than 25-30 lac Per Annum As a fresher, this is one of the highest paid jobs in India.

To achieve This Kind Of Figure It requires a Lot of Experience and Hardwork But The Business Management Course Can Provide You These Types of Figures as a Freshers.

The Twist is there Are Hundreds and Thousands of Institutions That Offer MBA Courses But The Top B-Schools Can Only Provide You with these Type Of salary.

There Was a Report Published By The IIM-C i.e- Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta That All Their Students were Placed In Just 15 days with the least package offered was 22lac per Annum.

But Getting Admission Into The Top IIM’s OR B-schools  Is very Tough You must have a very Strong Academic Background Along with At least 25lac With You To pay The fees.

But Once You Get an Admission In Top B-schools Through Your Hardwork You Can earn the above-mentioned Figure easily.

In B-schools There’s No Stream Barrier. But if You have more than 90%in each subject then only you can apply for IIM’s. Non-engineers are More Preferred.

Qualification:- Graduation From Any Stream.

7. Air Hostess Or Cabin Crew



Air hostess Or Cabin Crew This is The best job in India for A Student. This Job doesn’t Demand any Diploma OR graduation Degree So any One even If he or She is an Average Looking Can Apply For The Job.

salary of a Cabin crew or air hostess is Very Difficult to say since it varies Differently From One carrier To different carrier But on an Average, They Can Make somewhere between 35000 To 40000 A Month.

Go through This article To better Understand About every break down of an air hostess/Cabin crew. You will get every bit of information about Air hostess or cabin crew from allowances to Their different packages.

8. Data Scientist

This is One Of the Buzzing Job With Very Good Package and highest paid jobs in India. Nowadays Data is Everything Every Bit of Your Data is very important it can be used to target the advertisement and much more.

Big Companies Such as amazon and Walmart Are highering Data scientists to handle the data’s Created By Millions of Users To show them The perfect result of what they want.

The base payment of a data scientist is nearly 10lakh per annum as a fresher but what makes This profile even more exciting is that there’s nearly 40% rise in demand. So  You can always shift the Companies and can earn up to 25-30 lac per Annum.

To become A data scientist there are various skills required.
1. Skilled At Programming 
2. To analyse Business
3. Ability to work Fluently  with complex Formulas
4. A better understanding of Markets such as Consumer Markets

                                 Anyone With Good Coding Experience.

9. Charter Accountants


This is again The Highest paying jobs in India. This is one of the Most Reputed Course in India. You Receive paycheck of around 4lac-5 lac a month. That makes this course, even More, Tougher Than You think.
Around 100000-150000 lakh Students Appear In The Prestigious CA examination But only 2% Of Then Can clear their CA in Their Very First Attempt. In Fact Only 22% of The above No. Are able to clear The CA examination ever.
Becoming A CA is Very Tough You Have to Study Very very Hard To clear Your exams. You have to read Numerous numbers of Voluminous Books.
A CA While Studying Have to work In this Field To Gain Experience About The market and how Practically Things are done.
There’s A Huge Demand of a CA But During March To June, There’s a peak Since Every Company Has To file a Return So They hire a CA.
Qualification:- Anyone From Commerce Stream Can Apply.

10. Chefs Or Executive Chefs

A hotel’s  Restaurants Highest Position Is Executive Chef. He is responsible For the food department.
A  Chef’s Starting salary is Not very Much But with experience, You can Move Towards Becoming a Master Chef this creates a steep increase In salary from  30000 to 1-3 lac Per Month.
But this requires Patience to reach The Master Chef’s Post You Must have experience of at least 8 years. But if You Work Smartly with All Your Hardwork You can even achieve That Well before the mentioned year.
There are several 4 starts-5 stars Hotels That provide A very Good Salary.
Student’s From Hotel Management are Appreciated In Merchant Navy.
There You can Become an Executive chef in Just 2 years and Your salary will be around 2lac per Month.
Qualification:- Bachelors  Degree  In Hotel Management.
These Were Some of the best highest paying jobs in India. I Hope This Article Will Help You in Choosing A Successful Path along with To grow Financially.
Every Job Profile Has Its Own Advantages and Dis-Advantages But Moreover, Every Job is a Balance of  Both. But With Hardwork and Dedication, You can Achieve Success Very Early.
This list of highest paid jobs in India includes Job Profiles that requires Both degree and Non-degree Courses. IF you are in 10thand Searching To choose a career then you can check Out Article on Best  Professional Courses after 10th.


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