How to Earn Money From Playing Games Online?

how toearn money from playing games online

Playing games is a fun way to relax and have some enjoyment. But it can also be a great way to earn money as well! There are many ways you can make money playing video games, including tournaments, challenges, contests, and more. If you’re interested in learning how to earn money from playing games online then keep reading because we’ll cover everything here!

How To Earn Money Online Through Games?

Making money from playing games is definitely possible and there are many ways to do it. If you’re looking for a new career path, then becoming a game tester may be right up your alley. If not, then we can help you find some other way to make some cash off video games!

how to earn money from playing games online

Play games on reward sites

Some of the most popular and reputable rewards sites include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints. Sign up for these three sites and then start playing games! You can earn a lot of money from these types of websites by playing games online.

Become a game tester.

As a game tester, you get paid to play games. You’ll be testing the latest releases and deciding whether they’re fun or not. You need to be a good gamer yourself in order to test games out. You can’t just sit back and watch others play them! You can find freelance jobs online with sites like Upwork or Freelancer that pay you per hour.

Sign up for beta tests

If you are looking for options on how to earn money from playing games online, this is our best bet. Just sign up for a beta test and you can earn money from testing the newest games before they’re released. Beta tests are great because they allow you to test out new versions of games with updates that may include bug fixes or extra features. If you’re lucky enough, some game developers will even pay you for your time!

There are two ways you can find beta tests: by searching online or contacting developers directly through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 

Enter tournaments and challenges

Tournaments and challenges are a great way if you want to know how to earn money from playing games online. Game tournaments are often sponsored by big companies, so they’re easy to find. They can be held online or in person, but most of them will require you to submit an entry fee and compete against other players for prizes.

Compete in paid esports leagues

Competitive gaming is another option if you are looking for how to earn money from playing games online. The best way to start is with local competitions. There are plenty of options available, from big-budget events to smaller tournaments. You can also find local tournaments on your own through meetup groups or websites that list people who play together regularly so they can get better at their favorite game!

Make YouTube videos about games

Create a YouTube channel and make videos about the games you play, explaining why they’re fun and how to get better at them. You can use this video to promote your channel, which will help increase your subscribers and views over time. Promote yourself through social media like Twitter and Facebook; these are great places where people will see all of the latest updates about what’s going on with their favourite person/channel!

Some notable channels are- Mortal, Dynamo and many more who have proved that “E-Gaming” is the future!!!

Stream your video game play to Twitch or other platforms.

If you’re looking for how to earn money from playing games online, streaming is a good option. Streaming allows you to share your gameplay with viewers and earn money from subscriptions, donations and sponsorships. You’ll need an internet connection with enough bandwidth for playing games in high quality. You’ll also want a webcam so that viewers can see what you’re doing on their computer or mobile device. It’s important to note that streaming isn’t for everyone, you’ll need dedication if this is something that interests you!

Work for a game company

Game companies are always looking for people to help make their games. They have job boards on their websites, so you can apply directly through the company’s website or look for game companies in your area and apply there.

Dollar Earning Games

How to earn money from playing games online in dollars? Well, there are several options. One of the easiest is playing games like Clash of Clans or WorldWinner cash tournaments. These games reward players with virtual currency that can be used to purchase things in their game world or on other sites.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that you can play for free or pay to upgrade your account. You can earn in-game currency by completing in-game tasks and using it to buy upgrades for your village and heroes.

WorldWinner Cash Tournaments

WorldWinner is a free online game site that allows you to play games for free or win real cash prizes. You can choose from a variety of different games, and each one offers different types of payouts. 

McDonald’s Monopoly

McDonald’s Monopoly is a promotional game of chance that you can play online or in-store. You can win cash, electronics, and toys by collecting the game pieces. The game also gives you the opportunity to win free food for your prize collection efforts.

Second Life

Second Life is a game that lets you explore a virtual world. You can buy and sell virtual items in the game, which is free to play but also offers some in-game purchases. In addition to earning money by selling your own items, you can also earn money by playing games on this site and completing tasks or missions.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. 


Winloot is a game of chance, where you can win money, prizes and gift cards. You can also win vouchers and merchandise. To play Winloot you will need to join their online casino and earn points by playing slots or other games. Once you have enough points to cash out your winnings the payout will be made directly into your bank account within 24 hours!

The Walking Dead Slot Machine

The Walking Dead slot machine is a great game for you to play if you’re looking for ways how to earn money from playing games online and it’s also free to play. The only thing you have to do is enter your credit card information and start spinning! It has five reels that pay out when they line up 3 or more times in a row (including on their own), which means there will always be something happening throughout your gameplay experience!

Earn Money By Playing Games On Android

If you’re an Android user, it’s easy to make money playing games. There are plenty of apps out there that let you get paid for playing games and earning points. This can be good if you want to know how to earn money from playing games online on the side while spending time on your phone or tablet.


Swagbucks is a website that allows you to earn points for completing online surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more. You can redeem your points for gift cards from major retailers like Amazon and Target, or cash back in the form of PayPal or gift cards via PayPal.


Banana Points are earned by playing games on your mobile phone. You can earn up to $5 per day, and you can use these points to get cash back on purchases or other rewards.


There are many doors if you wish to know how to earn money from playing games online on Android. One of the best ways is through Pogo, which is a website that allows you to play games and earn points. You can redeem those points for prizes or even make money by watching videos. Pogo has over 300 different games from which you can choose when playing at home or on your mobile device. The game types include card games like poker and blackjack as well as arcade-style titles like pinball machines and racing games where you drive cars around tracks at high speeds trying not to crash into other cars. 


You can earn coins by playing games on Nintendo’s website and they’re actually pretty fun to use. You’ll get a reward when you spend your coins on something that interests you, like a pack of cards or a character skin for Super Smash Bros. You can redeem the coins for rewards ranging from new games to digital cards that unlock characters in other games. Choose a game that appeals to your interests and play it as much as possible. 

Real PayPal Money Earning Games Online

The world of online games is ever-changing, and there are a lot of ways on how to earn money from playing games online through PayPal. Earning money online can be done by playing card games, video games, and even casino games. To earn additional income, you can participate in tournaments and other content offered by gaming apps. Here are the best online games to earn money from playing games in India to get you started

Paid Game Player

Paid Game Player is a free-to-play game that rewards players with virtual currency. You can earn money by playing the game or buying upgrades with real money. There are multiple ways to earn money in Paid Game Player, such as completing missions and winning matches in PvP mode (player versus player). 

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is a fun game that allows you to earn real money. You can play for free or pay to play more often, and the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. The game’s simple concept is easy to understand: navigate your way through levels by clicking on objects in order to get through obstacles and enemies.

As time goes on, the difficulty level will increase so be sure not to miss any clues! Once completed successfully, players will receive their earnings as cash which can then be withdrawn into PayPal accounts directly from within Cash Crates itself!


Lucktastic is a fun game to play and you can easily win real money. It’s a great way to earn extra cash, but you need to be sure that your account is secure. The best thing about Lucktastic is that it allows players to play for free or pay for tokens with PayPal. You’ll also get extra tokens when you refer your friends so they can join in on the fun!

Lala Loot

Lala Loot is a free game that’s available on Android and iOS devices. It has a lot of different games, including slots, scratch cards, and bingo. The game also allows you to earn money through the use of in-game purchases or real money via PayPal.

GSN Cash Games

GSN Cash Games is a free game that lets you win real money by playing games for free. The site also offers a variety of different types of games, so there’s something for everyone! Once you’ve registered and logged in, all you have to do is choose which type of games interest you most. You can then play through them on your computer or mobile device. After each round is complete, your winnings are automatically added to your account balance until it reaches 1 million dollars or whatever amount fits into PayPal’s limit.

Bingo Mania

Bingo Mania is a fun game that you can play on your phone, tablet or computer. It’s free to play and you can earn real money playing it. The site is easy to navigate and the graphics are good.

Free Online Games To Earn Money

Following is the list of some free online games that can help you earn some easy money with little effort. 


WorldWinner is a site that allows you to play games and win money. In addition to the games it offers, WorldWinner also has a variety of scratch cards, slots and casino games. You can play for free or for actual cash here. They offer referral programs where if you refer your friends who sign up through your link then they get 100% of their first deposit plus a 5% commission from each of those referrals’ deposits.

Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is a free game that pays cash. You can play it on your phone or computer, and there are no ads or in-app purchases involved. The way it works is simple: you play the game and try to get as many coins as possible by spinning the wheel of fortune. 

Brain Battle

Brain Battle is a fun trivia game that you can play on your phone, computer, or tablet. You’ll be asked questions about popular culture and pop culture in general. The point of the game is to answer as many questions correctly as possible before time runs out. If you’re looking for how to earn money from playing games online then look no further than Brain Battle! There are two main ways to earn money with this site: playing games or answering surveys/offers which basically offer cash. 

Now that you know there are quite a few choices out there. Some other options that you can opt for on your quest on how to earn money from playing games online are Lucktastic, Swagbucks, and Bananatic. It’s up to you what games you want to play and how much money you want to make. If any of these options sound like something that would be fun for you, then go ahead and give them a try!

How Much Can I Earn Playing Games Online?

It depends. There are lots of different ways if you are looking for how to earn money from playing games online. Some people earn a lot and some earn nothing at all. It relies on how much time you spend playing games online, your skills and the game itself.

If you’re a pro, the money can be pretty good. But if you aren’t, it might not be worth it for you to play games online. It all depends on how good of a player you are and what kind of game is being played, as well as how much time and effort goes into playing each session.

If your goal is just to have fun with friends or family members online then there are many other ways to do that without having to worry about making any money off your hobby!

Some games’ payouts are pretty good, while others pay nothing at all. What makes a game payout well?

The answer is simple: the game has to be fun and it has to offer good rewards. If you like games that reward players in ways that make sense with your play style, then you’re probably going to find yourself content with whatever kind of payout they give out.

Games like poker, blackjack, and slots tend to pay pretty well because they involve strategy and sometimes luck, while chess and checkers don’t usually pay much at all unless someone is willing to spend more money on them.

Read More: Earn $5 daily just by copy pasting. You can use all of these articles and combine them and work for 2-3 months and you can even afford your own P.C.

Some games are free but have restrictions on how many times or how long one can play before needing cash; others offer features such as extra lives or improved graphics if someone buys extra coins from within the app itself​ 

Some games give you a lot of free things that you can sell to other people who want to get started. You can make money by selling things in the game, or by trading items with other players.

Some games have a very cool trading system where players sell and buy items. These games can be fun to play, but you’ll need to learn the ropes of trading before you can make any money.

You can also become a professional gamer and earn money from sponsorships, endorsements and competitions if you know the trick on how to earn money from playing games online. Moreover, if you have the ability to play at a high level, there are many companies that will pay for your time to play on their website or app.

If you are a casual gamer who plays for fun, then there is no limit to what you can earn from this hobby. You should be able to make around $2-4 per hour playing games online if you have a decent computer and internet connection.

However, if this is not your case then it might take longer than expected before making any money from gaming as opposed to other jobs out there where they pay hourly wages based on their experience level with the job.

In a nutshell, the best way to get an answer to the question – ‘how to earn money from playing games online‘ is to make sure that you are prepared and know what you are doing.

You will need to have a good internet connection, but other than that, no special skills or training are required. If you want to play some games for fun then there is nothing wrong with playing in your spare time as long as it doesn’t take over your life, just like any other hobby!

How To Earn Money By Playing Games Online In India?

When it comes to gaming in India, most people think about it as a hobby. But there are some people who know how to earn money from playing games online very well. We will tell you their secret on how to earn money by playing games online  in India below:

Can we play games and earn money in India?

Yes, you can play games online to earn money in India. The best part is that you don’t need to be a pro at any one game, so even if you’re new to playing games online, there’s no excuse not to try it out! Once you know the basics of how to earn money from playing games online in India, you are good to go!

You can play games on your mobile phone or tablet as well as on your computer or console. All these devices are connected to the internet and have access to hundreds of different apps that will enable them to function as an effective platform for earning cash if used correctly.

Premium Web Games with higher payouts are available on Gameskharido. Choose from the list of games and add to your time of fun & entertainment. If you are a gamer and looking for ways how to earn money from playing games online in India, there’s no better place than Gameskharido. The site has the best collection of games that you can play online, along with the option to earn money while doing so.

You can choose from over 40 different games on Gameskharido, including action-packed fighting games like Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. You’ll also find puzzle titles like Bejeweled Blitz or Candy Crush Saga if those are more your style!

Once you’ve found a game that appeals to you, simply log into your account at Once logged in, click “Add Game” under the New Game submenu in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you through two steps: The first step is selecting a category from the dropdown menu; the second step involves entering details about the game such as the title name into the text box below select the category dropdown menu; then press Add Game button located near bottom right corner of the page after filling out the necessary information.


As a takeaway, play games and earn money online. There are many gaming apps available on Google Play Store that you can use for earning rewards. You can also earn by playing games with your friends or family members. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. The ultimate goal of this blog is to educate people about how to earn money from playing games online and how it all works. If you have any questions about the sites listed above or anything else related to online gaming, feel free to comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them!


Can I earn real money by playing games?

Definitely, You can earn in 6 figures by playing games. If you know one of the Greatest Gaming streamer bagged a deal of $30 million Per year i.e 250 Crores Per Year. Even If I give Indian examples you must be familiar with Soul’s Mortal, he built a gaming house worth Rs. 8 Crore just by Playing games.
So there’s ample space for you to start earning decent money and go ahead and earn in 6 figures. One Key Point for success in Gaming/ Streaming Industry is “Entertainment”. People watch your streams to get entertained so your commentary is what makes a Huge difference. If you don’t believe me Search about Tanmay Bhatt.

Which online game is best for earning money?

According to Indian Perspective any game that can be played on mobile or tablet will fetch far more views and will generate much more revenue than games that are P.C Oriented. This scenario is changing in India but it will take quite a time. So, Start with Mobile games and according to viewer’s interested switch between technologies.
So the best online games to earn money will be BGMI Mobile formerly known as PUBG and Free Fire.

Do gamers earn a lot of money?

Absolutely, top gamers like Dynamo and Soul Mortal, Hydra earn in Crores per month through all platform. If we talk about US gamers then it is a different league, the top gamers earn anywhere between Rs. 300 crores to Rs. 500 Crores and more Per Year.
The Gaming Market altogether is very huge so there is ample opportunity for a good gamer and entertainer.

Who is No 1 game in India?

Currently Free Fire is India’s top most game that is streamed and right after that BGMI bagged the second spot and followed by GTA and Hit Man.

Who is the king of gamers in India?

There is no set parameter about deciding who is the King of gamers but the biggest gaming streamer currently in India is DesiGamers_ followed by Dynamo Gaming and Soul Mortal.

Top 3 Gamers in India?

The Top 3 full time Game Streamers in India are Desi Gamers, Dynamo Gaming , Soul Mortal

What are the top 5 Indian games?

The Top 5 Streaming Indian games are :
1. Free Fire
2. BGMI formerly known as PUBG
3. Call of Duty Mobile
4. Clash Royale
5. Clash Of Clans

In which gaming app we can earn money?

Ludo King is one such app where you can earn money just by playing games.


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