Best professional Courses After 10th Standard


Best Professional Courses After 10th Standard || Courses after 10th

Class 10Th result is About to come Across India. And As A  student or Parent All of You Must Be worried To get
 some Professional courses after 10th To Land in a Perfect  job That Suits You and In fact pay you well. Here Are the Lists Of Various Courses Offered In Our Beloved Country.
I am Making This list Keeping In Mind That Maybe Some or  many of You Belong’s To A semi-rural or From Village But These Courses are available in Almost Every Part of India And The Most Important Thing That Matter is cost. So  Most of the Courses are Cost-efficient.

Courses after 10thclass

courses after 10th
 Note:-Out of Every Course On The List, The Vocational course is the  Most Popular among The Youngster’s.

Vocational Courses Aka Industrial Training 


The reason for This Course/Training To be on The Top is due to the demand a Higher Availability as well as Lesser Cost and  anyone can do these Courses From India’s Prestigious Industrial Training Institutes aka (ITI) As this can be the best Option For Most Of You Due To The Higher Availability of The
Institutes and Demand Of This Profile On The Industry Level this is a Fact That a Graduate From ITI some times even Earn more money Than an Engineers.
So why not give a Try. These Are the Best Professional course after class 10th and Will definitely Help You To find an Excellent Job:-
 · Steward/stewardess In Airlines
 · Mechanical Draftsman
 · Technician In Medical Field
 · Operator In Chemical Plants
 · Assistant (Para-legal Or Legal)
 · Mechanical technician In Automobile
 · Caregiver
 · Electrical technician In Automobile
 · Beauty & Body Care
 · Horticulture
 · Disaster Relief Or Fireman
 · Technician Of Dental Lab
 · Technician on Food
 · Confectioning & Baking
 · Nutrition Assistant
 · Desktop Publishing
 · Fashion Designing
 · Event Managing
 · Housekeeping (Corporate)
 · Management Of Facilities
 · Electronics and IT Maintenance
 · Refrigeration Technician
 · Air condition Technician
 · Welding Technician
 · Data Entry Management or Operator
 · Food Processor
 · Commercial Landscaping
 · Assistance in Logistics
 · One More Staff at a Hospital
Above Are The Some Of The Many Courses Offered BY ITI And the best part about it that anyone whether
it be Boy Or Girl Of Any Age Can join These Courses and these  Days They Are Adding More And More Courses To Get Indian Students skilled Under Modi Govt’s Skill India Programme.
Skill India Programme Is Focused On The Development Of the  Society To Get a Better Job Opportunity And live there dream Life So Moving Forward With The List So At Number 2 is

Diploma In Engineering

Doing a Diploma can also Be a better option For You AS This gives A little advantage upon The iti’s on the industry level. There  Are various Polytechnic That Rank Higher Than Some Of The
Iti’s . And this is also Considered As The Best course after  Class 10th.
This Course has an Advantage Over ItI since You will have an  Option After Completing The Graduation You Can Take Admission In Any OF the Prestigious IIt’s To Complete Your
Available Diploma In Engineering Are:-
 ·  Computer Science Engineering (Very rarely Found)
 · Mechanical Engineering
 · Metallurgical Engineering
 · Chemical Engineering
 ·  Civil Engineering
These Are Basically Industry Oriented They Will Provide You  Industry Experience. Although This Courses are Good But Keep  In Mind that this is India where almost 12lac Aspirants become Engineers, So Getting a perfect Job Will Very Difficult.
But This is Also True That if You somehow Get an Admission In  Any Of the reputed College Then This can be a very Good Deal. Degrees From Non- Reputed college Can be risky.

Medical Courses After 10th standard

Yes, You read It right Medical Courses After 10th standard But There is A twist You Cannot Become A doctor with this  Degree but yes You can become a Healthcare specialist.
And compounder also After You Gain Enough Knowledge as Compounder You can Give an Exam to get certified and can  Become a real Doctor. Now After Reading this if You want to  Make a Career in this then these are some of The bestcourses  After 10th standard
  •  · Rural Healthcare
     · Nursing Assistance
     · Hospital Assistance
     · Paramedic Nursing
     · Lab technician(Pathology)
     · Nursing Assistance (Certificate)
Nowadays India Is Becoming An Major Player In Medical Tourism So This Can Be a Golden opportunity to Grab it. More and More New Hospitals Are Opening These days creating a huge Market For The newcomer To come and Join the Industry.
These World-Class Courses can Give you a Plus point In achieving Your  Goal And skyrocket Your career.

Tourism And Travel

Indian Tourism and travel Industry is Growing at a Very Impressive Rate. Thus Creating A huge Demand of the
Employees related to tourism and travel industry.
This  Industry is India’s One of The Fastest Growing Industry and Tourism Plays a Very important Role in India GDP. 
So these are Some of the best course after 10th availableRelated to tourism and travel.
  •  · Food &  Beverage Management diploma
     · Food & Beverage Production Diploma
     · Food Technology(Diploma)
    · Nutrition(Diploma)
    · Catering and catering technologies(Diploma)
    · Hotel stores Management Diploma
   · Front office & Reception Management Diploma
   · Restaurant & Hotel Management Diploma
   · Hospitality Management Diploma


    Computer & Information Technology

There Are Certain Options Available To Do the best course after  10th standard in computer & Information Technology all of  these are Certificate Courses.
These Will Definitely Help You to  get an entry-level job and as You gather More and More
Experience You will have a chance For better Job Security  And A chance to go Forhigher Courses.
  •  ·Hardware Maintenance Diploma
     ·Computer Technician Diploma
     ·Social Media Management
     ·Search Engine Optimisation
And Many More

Indian Armed Forces


This is One of The Prestigious Jobs Mentioned into the whole list. Yes, You can join Indian armed Forces on The basis of  Your 10th standard Marks. So this basically doesn’t Fall Under Category of best course after 10th standardBut Then also  The pride of serving the Nation is Way beyond Imagination.
The duration varies differently from posts to post after that If you wish to pursue the higher studies after joining Indian  Armed service allows You to do so.


So here comes the final thought, these are some of the best courses after 10th standard You can opt for any one of the courses of Your choice if You don’t want to pursue or if you  or if you want to earn money online while doing the course after  10th you can click here. Never lose Hope.
Good Luck have a good day ahead.


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