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copy paste jobs

Copy paste jobs are among various ways to make money online while working from home. Copy paste jobs are the easiest jobs to earn money on the internet. Top 10 legit jobs for college students for instant earning.

Copy paste jobs are quite similar to copying some quotes from the image for our What’s app status.

The best part about copy paste jobs is that it doesn’t require any degree or prior experience since it’s a non-technical job, so all you need is a decent typing speed and familiarity with some softwares.

This article will walk you through some of the best practices to avoid getting cheated and know the top 10 genuine websites for copy paste jobs.

Whenever we think of earning money, we think of options like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook but copy paste jobs are among the easiest.

After completely reading this article, all your questions will be answered, like what is copy paste jobs? Are copy paste jobs real? Can we really earn some extra money through copy paste jobs? How much can you make? and many more

You will get to know everything about copy paste jobs along with the top 10 genuine websites for copy paste jobs.

What is Copy Paste Jobs actually ?

Copy Paste Jobs are much similar to data entry jobs. In data entry jobs, you deal with data and fill out the required entry. Whereas in copy paste jobs, you need to change the information’s Source.

All you need to do is convert the document from one Source to another, for example, Pdf to word document

Let’s say you work for a company, and they want all their Client’ email addresses on a spreadsheet. So your task will be to copy those data from Source and paste them into a spreadsheet.

So, Your typing keyword must resonate with the deadline of the project, similar to typing works. Sometimes you even have to work with an email address, phone number, address, etc.

You have to deal with hundreds of documents and finish those in a day. Copy paste jobs might sound easy, but in reality, they aren’t.

copy paste jobs

Types of Copy paste jobs:

Excel to Spreadsheet or Excel to Excel

You have to copy data from one form Sheet and paste it to another sheet in this type. You must have to have complete knowledge of both Excel and Spreadsheet to work efficiently.

PDF to Word and Vice versa

Here the source data will either be given in PDF format or Word format. You have to copy the information from one Source and paste it to the other.

Invoice to Excel

Generally, companies keep records of invoices or bills. Your main task will be to copy paste the information of hundreds of bills into either Excel or Word.

Visual Basic or Visual Studio

You will have to copy paste the data from the database of a form to either Excel/Spreadsheet or Word document.

These are some of the most important types of copy paste jobs.

Copy-Paste jobs are best- Why?

Flexibility: You don’t have to be physically present at any location to complete your task. You can do it lying on your bed.

No Technical Knowledge: All you need to know is the basics of Excel and Word and how to operate a computer. You don’t need a fancy degree to get this job.

The difficulty is just above Easy: Although Copy paste jobs are considered very easy jobs, in reality, these jobs are not that easy since you have to complete the task in a given amount of time.

Work for different companies: You can always work for different companies and generate some passive income.

Who Can do this job?

Anyone who is looking for a Passive source of income can do this job. This is one way to earn money online, Although there are different ways you can earn more money online than this.

You have to be very careful before joining any company or website as the fraudsters continuously target an audience who wants to earn more money in a fraction of time.

Some Important Points to remember

Before telling you about the websites to look for there are some points I would like to tell you:

#1 Before applying for the company, look for their online presence

#2 Make sure that they don’t ask for any registration/ One-time joining fees

#3 Keep a record of your Conversation(either via mail or phone) for future.

#4 Ask the company for their Client’s list and their work.

Don’t pay a single penny as any fees. So as long as you keep these things in mind, you are Good to go.

This article will mention the top 10 genuine websites that provide online copy paste jobs without investment and daily payment.

10 genuine websites for copy paste works

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best place to look for any Freelancing job. Every 2 sec a gig is sold on Fiverr. It allows you to connect with.

Steps To Earn on Fiverr:

Step1: Create a Profile on Fiverr

Step 2: Create Your gig and get started

Step 3: Drive some initial traffics

Getting Initial traffics can be tough. It is recommended to join some Facebook groups, Youtube Channels related to your niche and redirect traffic to your website.

Fiverr copy paste jobs are one of the most trusted and rewarding jobs available in the market.

Payout: Every gig starts from Rs.790. To get this payment, you must have an active PayPal account.


Naukri.Com is India’s one of the leading job listing portals. So keep in mind before signing up for any company. There may be a fraudulent listing, so be careful.

Steps to Get a job through

Step1: Click on the link above

Step2: Create a Naukri Account

Step3: Select the Desired Company and get in touch with their managment, and don’t forget to keep the points in minf.

Everyone knows the Indeed platform. This is one of the best platforms to look for a job in any field. You can click on the link and look for the best company for you.

4.Times Job

Times Job again a job listing site is safer to consider with proper precautions.


LinkedIn needs no introduction. LinkedIn is the leader in job posting sites. You can follow the company and their representatives and can directly ask for consideration.

Linked In is super easy to use and the most trusted job posting sites in all list.

6.Quikr Jobs

Quickr recently launched quicker jobs for aspirants. You can now go and check for it.

These are the top 6 websites that are trusted and will definitely give you regular jobs as other websites stop giving you work after you reach a threshold of $10.

Companies resume their work after you pay a sum of money to them. So it’s better to avoid them. That’s why I didn’t mention those here.


You can definitely earn money with copy paste jobs but make sure the platform which you are choosing is correct and the company is genuine.

To stay safe from fraudsters, follow the steps provided, and in the meantime, you can check out:

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    • Hi,Uchass the methods shared here are some genuine methods. It will take time so be patient and don’t fall for the trap of fast money as all the sources mentioned here doesn’t ask for any upfront payment.

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