10 Best Professional Computer courses after 12th for Every student

best computer courses after 12th

India, an emerging Superpower, currently has the largest IT in the world. India is now 5th position in the list of world GDP.

And IT plays a significant amount in GDP. In fact, during the lockdown, India experienced tremendous growth in the IT sector. Indian IT-BPM Industry is roughly around USD 153bn, and it is expected by 2025 to touch USD 300bn mark.

Today, every youth wants to pursue a career in Information Technology, and it has become the most preferred career option among youth. TCS is now the world’s largest IT company beating Accenture and the American giant.

Keeping such growth in mind, it wouldn’t be correct to say that IT companies have a great future ahead. And you can also be a part of this growth.

Many companies nowadays don’t require a b.tech certificate to give you a job. Basic computer skills are enough to get yourself a job.

But it’s always good to have at least a diploma in computer skills you are willing to do. On average, every year, companies hire 140,000 folks.

So let’s check out the list of best computer courses after 12th that can get you hired.

List of top 10 computer courses in demand after 12th

MS Office Program(Cerification Course)

Microsoft Office or MS Office is one of the most used Software Globally. This is because of their User-Friendly interface and wide accessibility.

Microsoft Office is a basic and essential need for any IT employee, from a software engineer to MD. At some point in your life, you must have used MS Office products like MS Word, etc.

MS Office course generally lasts for about six months after completing your course. You are awarded a Certificate of completion. After that, you are eligible for data-related jobs in almost every Industry ranging from Hospitality to FMGC.

Pro-Tip: There are various Govt approved institutes trying to grab a certificate from them since they are generally preferred.

Data Entry Operator Course

Data Entry courses are among the easiest and basic courses available right after 12th and can lead to a full-fledged job. 

Students who have good typing skills will have plus point here.

The main role of a data entry operator is to enter/update data into company-directed forums. Specialized software used here is again MS Excel, Spreadsheet, Google Sheets.

Data Entry course is a basic level course, and this can be the best course for someone with good typing skill and are willing to earn some good money.

In some cases, data entry operators are hired by Hotels like The Oberoi Grand as their receptionist.

There’s a significant demand for receptionists in abroad countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, etc.

They are paid a good amount. A dear friend of mine is currently earning Rs.55000 as a receptionist in a hotel in Dubai.

This course will not last for more than six months. Once you are trained, you can even do freelancing part-time.

List of courses available under PMKVY or Skill India.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is an Intermediate level course you can complete right after the 12th standards. If you are creative and want to make your passion a profession, then Graphic designing is for you.

computer courses after 12th

Graphic designing is a very good way to showcase your talent as nowadays more and more people are coming online and people love creativity.

The Duration of this course may differ. If you choose the online mode, it will be somewhere between 3 weeks to 6 weeks, and in offline mode, it can vary from Institute to Institute.

There are different options to choose from for Graphic designing, which includes:

1. Logo Designer

2. UI/ UX Designer

3. 3D Illustrator

4. Graphic designer( as both Independent & for magazines/websites)

There’s a significant growth in demand for a Graphic designer.

Pro-Tip: Go for online course on platforms like Udemy and starts with basic their free courses then move on to courses that are starting with Rs.445.

They got all basic to advance level graphic designing course.

You can Follow channels like :

Easy Tutorials

Graphics design Hindi me

Content Writing Courses

Content Writing Course is a course where you learn about how to write good quality content. This course will teach you how you can deliver awesome content within a given time.

There are various paid guest posting sites where you can guest post your content and earn money. Similarly, hundreds of magazine, online communities where you can write and earn a decent amount of money.

There a huge demand for good content writers as digital media is taking over traditional media. Thus more and more. Of people are coming online.

Thus everyone wants their content to be the best; as you know, “Content is King.”

Pro-Tip: There are various youtube channels and udemy courses available to start with. In the meantime, try to start posting your content either on your Facebook/Instagram page and share those with potential websites.

You can become a freelancer, Content head at any digital media company.

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Top 5 websites to get Content writing jobs and earn upto Rs.30000 per month.

Animation & VFX

Students these days are not following their parent’s choice of profession; rather, they are digging deep and finding their passion for making it their profession.

That’s why Animation and VFX are one of the top choices of 12th students. It is predicted that India’s Animation Industry will reach USD 23bn mark by the end of 2021.

Although Animation& VFX is a time-consuming course, various Institutes across India offer a Diploma in Animation. The Duration of this course is between six months to two years.

So if you are creative or want to pursue a career in Animation, this computer course is definitely for you. After completion of your course, there are several designations you can be appointed for:

1. VFX Expert

2. Layout Artist

3. Game Designer

4. Illustrator

5. Freelance Professional

Animation & VFX is the best computer course after 12th for arts group students or even a creative person. Animation makes it easier to understand everything, and there’s a shortage of Good iArtist in this Industry.

Pro-tip: MAAC is the best Institute for Animation by far, as I can say from my personal experience.

Tally / E- Accounting

Tally Enterprise Resource planning, better known as ERP & E- Accounting, is the best course for students after 12th commerce.

Tally is one of the basic courses available for the student after 12th commerce, Tally is used for maintaining company accounts, and the software that comes into play is Tally ERP.

Various Institutes are offering a diploma in Tally. It is generally a two- three-month course with subjects like taxation, finances, etc.

After completing this course, you can work as a tally operator or an assistant for any Company dealing with GST.

One course similar to Tally and is the best computer course after 12th for commerce is E-taxation. This is a diploma course where students learn about taxation.

There are numerous no. of online and offline institutes offering E-taxation diploma courses.

The course duration varies from 100 hrs to 3 months. This course of E-taxation deals with filing of taxation via electronic medium.

After completing, you can become a clerk in a GST filing company or junior assistant. Since digitalization is the future, E-taxation is a smart choice under best computer courses after 12th commerce

Pro-Tip: I would suggest doing both courses as you get ample time since march- April is the busy month. And you can freelance for smaller organizations, companies, Individuals and can earn some extra money.

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Diploma/ Certificate course in Programming Language

A diploma in Programming Language can be great for someone who wants to be part of the development side of IT services. These certificate or diploma courses are generally a 4-6 month course where students learn programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, etc.

They learn to code and ways to solve given problems with important data-structures and algorithms to optimize their solutions.

best computer courses after 12th

After completing the course, people can apply for startups, walk-in drives of IT companies, or start their careers as freelancers.

You are just one google search away from Institutes near you offering This course, or else you can go online and study.

Pro-Tip: As an Engineer, I can assure you that learning online is best Since some of the teachers available offline to these institutes are not knowledgeable enough to teach students.

Youtube is the best platform to learn anything for free. Subscribe and follow channels like:

English Language : freecodecamp.org or programming with mosh

Hindi Language : Apni kaksha, Anuj bhaia, code with harry

These are some of the best youtube channels available to follow.

Web Development

Web development is the hottest topic right now as students from arts, commerce, science, or even folks who don’t have any degree can do this course.

Everyone wants their business online, and for that, they need a website, and there, a web developer comes into play. He builds the site from scratch and hands it over or maintains the site on behalf of the owner.

There are countless no. of courses available online, and 1000’s of Institutes offer a certificate/diploma course in web development.

I completed the Industrial training for one month and learned Web development. This course’s Duration is somewhere between six months – one year for diploma and one- three months for the certificate course.

Technology Involved





php – for backend

wordpress : for smaller and faster website

Job roles:

Freelancer, web designer, web developer, UI/UX designer

Pro-Tip: I would suggest to check out free youtube videos first as there are various youtube channels where you can learn website development.

The channels are :

Income School : For people who prefer English over Hindi.

Wscube Tech : For people comfortable with Hindi.

Apart from them Udemy has some great courses available.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing the “hottest” topic in the digital sector. Recently Digital Marketing is the top courses picked up by students after 12th.

Digital marketing is a way to utilize the Internet properly to get benefits. Digital Marketing covers broad topics such as SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing), SMM(Social Media Marketing), and many more.

omputer course after 12th

Digital Marketing is a course where people get a chance to learn how things on Internet works. If you are planning to build a company, Build a brand, this is the best course after 12th as Digital Marketing has huge potential.

Although the downside of this course this isn’t a cheap course. Some Institutes even charge Rs—100000 for a six-month course on Digital Marketing.

But the Internet is changing, and you can get high-quality courses at cheap rates at Udemy. So my Pro-Tip will be to start with online courses, and if you think it’s enough, then no need to spend that much money else you can move.

Cybersecurity Course

Cyber Security is the need of the hour. As India is becoming a digital nation, there exists a threat called “Black hat hackers.”

These hackers exploit the Internet for their profit. They hack into systems, target people for money or fun.

You must have heard recently about a 17-year-old who hacked prominent figures twitter accounts and asked for bitcoin.

Now to tackle these kinds of people, Cyber Security experts called “White hat hackers.” They are the folks that are as capable as Blackhat hackers but chose to help people.

Cyber Security’s course is among the toughest courses available. A folk must learn about at least one hundred topics from kali Linux os to Windows.

But as you know, hard work pays off. The average salary of a Cyber Security Expert starts from Rs.2.5lakh per month and goes as high as Rs.12 lakh per month.

Pro-Tip: There are various online courses. This is a course where pracrice is everything.

Do more and more practice, and finally, when you think you are prepared enough, then give a Cisco test, and if you pass, you become a certified Cyber Security Expert.

Cisco’s exam is among the toughest and expensive exams. So work hard and do it.


Best computer course after 12th arts stream?

As arts is an stream of creativity/Literature. So the best computer courses after 12th arts are:

1. MS office programme

2. Data Entry Operator course

3. Graphic designing

4. Content writing course

5. Animation & VFX

6. Digital Marketing

Which Computer course is best for job?

That depends from which stream you are if you are from arts/ commerce stream then digital marketing will be the best computer course after 12th as it has got great potential and money.

You can even read: Top 10 best courses after 12th commerce to earn more than 1 lakh per month or Top 5 websites to get Content writing jobs and earn upto Rs.30000 per month. If you are from Arts/ Commerce background.

Best computer courses after 12th commerce?

As a commerce student if you want to pursue what you have read till now then Tally/ E- Accounting will be the best course for you if you want to stick with your subjects.

If you want a course that have great potential and money then Digital Marketing, diploma in programming language are best for you.

Best computer courses after 12th computer science or courses after 12th computer science without maths?

As a Science student you have the flexibility to move freely. You are not bound by restrictions.

The best computer courses after 12th computer science:

1. Diploma in programming language

2. Cyber Security

3. Web Development

Apart from these all of the remaning seven courses you can complete.

The best computer courses after 12th computer science without maths:

1. Digital Marketing

2. Web Development

3. Animation & VFX


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