20 Best Travel Vloggers to Follow on Social Media in 2023

Travel Vloggers of 2023

Hey there, young adventurers! Are you ready to go on an incredible journey without leaving your room? Well, get excited because I will tell you all about the Best travel vloggers of 2023 with whom you can explore the coolest places through their videos!!

Imagine sitting with your favorite snacks and watching these travel vloggers take you to far-off lands. It’s like going on a super fun virtual vacation! But these vloggers do more than show you cool sights. They’re like storytellers who make you feel right there with them, experiencing everything they do.

Let me introduce you to one of these awesome travel vloggers.

Indian Travel Vlogger to Follow in 2023

Get ready since these Indian travelers offer diverse perspectives and unique travel styles, showcasing the incredible beauty and cultural richness of India.

Desi Traveler

Website: DesiTraveler

Style: Travel Photography and Visual Stories

Desi Traveler, curated by Prasad Np, celebrates the art of travel photography and visual storytelling. Through stunning imagery and engaging narratives, Prasad brings destinations to life, capturing the soul of each place he visits. Join him as he embarks on photographic adventures, showcasing the beauty of landscapes, cultures, and everyday life.

Nomadic Indian

YouTube Channel: Nomadic Indian

Style: Cultural Immersion and Offbeat Travel

Biggest Indian Travel Vlogger
Source: Nomadic Indian Instagram

Nomadic Indian, aka Deepanshu Sangwan, embarks on offbeat journeys, uncovering the lesser-known side of India’s diverse culture. Join him as he immerses himself in local traditions, explores remote villages, and engages with the warm-hearted people of India. Nomadic Indian’s vlogs will open your eyes to the rich heritage and vibrant traditions that make India a truly unique destination.

Mountain Trekker

YouTube Channel: Mountain Trekker

Style: Trekking and Outdoor Exploration

Mountain Trekker, led by Varun Vagish, is a channel dedicated to trekking and outdoor exploration. Join Varun as he conquers majestic mountains, treks through lush valleys, and discovers hidden trails. His videos will transport you to remote corners of India, showcasing the raw beauty of nature and the thrill of conquering new heights. Get ready for an adventure that will inspire your own trekking dreams!

Travelling Desi

YouTube Channel: Travelling Desi

Style: Entertaining Travel Vlogging with an Indian Perspective

Mohit Manocha, known as Travelling Desi, offers an engaging mix of Hindi and English travelogues, showcasing his adventures across the world. His budget-based travelling insights and detailed breakdowns of expenses provide practical guidance for young, aspiring travellers.
Join Mohit Manocha as he sets out on his caravan trip around the globe.

Nomad Shubham

YouTube Channel: Nomad Shubham

Style: Adventurous Travel Vlogging with a Focus on Offbeat Destinations

Best Indian Travel Vlogger
Source: Shubham Kumar Instagram

The inspiring YouTube channel Nomad Shubham is run by storyteller and ardent traveller Shubham. He transports audiences on amazing excursions all over the world with eye-catching graphics and thought-provoking tales. Nomad Shubham gives a look into the beauty and variety of our globe through isolated locations and cultural immersions. Whether seeking adventure or simply wanderlust, this channel is a must-watch for travel enthusiasts looking to broaden their horizons and embrace the spirit of exploration.


YouTube Channel: Visa2Explore

Style: Indian Travel and Food Exploration

Harish Bali is the charismatic host of the fascinating YouTube channel Visa2explore, where he explores the alluring world of Indian travel and cuisine. Harish takes viewers on a virtual tour of the varied landscapes and lively cultures of India with his contagious passion for regional food and strong sense of adventure. A must-watch for both travel and food fans, Visa2explore serves as a pleasant guide, providing a taste of real flavour’s and engaging experiences in everything from bustling metropolis to secluded nooks.

Kritika Goel

YouTube Channel: Kritika Goel

Style: Travel Exploration and Adventure

The thrilling Kritika Goel Travelling Channel on YouTube is run by Kritika Goel and features her love of travel, discovery, and adventure. Kritika takes her audience on enthralling trips throughout the world with her passion for seeing new places and taking on exhilarating activities.

Kritika Goel Travelling Channel provides a glimpse into the world of adventure travel, with breath-taking scenery and heart-pounding activities. This channel is a must-follow for travellers who want to embrace the spirit of discovery and wanderlust, whether they’re looking for inspiration or vicariously thrilling experiences.

Mumbiker Nikhil

YouTube Channel: Mumbiker Nikhil

Style: Motorcycle Travel and Vlogging

The lively Mumbiker Nikhil YouTube channel is run by Nikhil Sharma, who is well-known for his love of travelling and vlogging while riding a motorbike. Nikhil captivates audiences with his charming personality and sense of adventure, taking them on exhilarating journeys around India and beyond.

Mumbiker Nikhil provides a distinctive viewpoint on seeing the world on two wheels, including anything from beautiful road rides to engrossing travel vlogs. This channel is a top choice for motorcycle fans and travellers looking for adrenaline-pumping adventures and a window into other cultures since it combines travel, narrative, and motovlogging.

DesiGirl Traveller

YouTube Channel: DesiGirl Traveller

Style: Solo Female Travel

DesiGirl Traveller, gracefully led by Priyanka Chandola, is an empowering YouTube channel that celebrates the beauty of solo female travel. Through serene storytelling and inspirational journeys, Priyanka gently encourages women to embark on independent explorations.

From serene offbeat destinations to embracing sustainable travel practices, DesiGirl Traveller offers a tranquil perspective on the world of globetrotting. Priyanka’s serene videos provide practical tips and highlight the transformative power of travel, emphasizing the importance of mindful tourism. For those seeking a soothing and empowering escape, this channel is an essential watch for wanderlust and self-discovery.

Ghumakkad bugz

YouTube Channel: Ghumakkad bugz

Style: Traveler Foodie Vlogging

A businessman named Kapil runs the endearing YouTube channel Ghumakkad Bugz, which documents his family’s travels around India in their customised XUV 500 compact camper. He travels with his wife and two children, taking them on excursions through beautiful scenery and into other cultures.

Families are encouraged to embark on their own unforgettable travels via Ghumakkad Bugz, which offers both unusual sites and helpful travel advice. Families searching for excitement and to make enduring memories on the road would like watching Kapil’s films since they highlight the family’s unity and friendship.

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International Travel Vlogger to Follow in 2023

Now, get ready to explore the coolest travel vloggers from around the world! These awesome adventurers will take you on exciting journeys to incredible places. Get ready to see stunning landscapes, learn about different cultures, and feel inspired to travel. It’s time to let your imagination run wild and discover new horizons with these amazing international travel vloggers!

Eva zu Beck 

YouTube Channel: Eva zu Beck

Style: Adventurous Travel Exploration and Vlogging

Imagine this : You’re walking through the busy streets of a city you’ve never heard of, in a country that’s not on the most of tourist maps. This is a vlog by Eva zu Beck, not a new game. She is a natural adventurer, travelling into corners of the world that most people would never consider visiting. She challenges stereotypes by hitchhiking across Iraq and surviving a Siberian winter, proving that the world is much more than what we see in glossy travel brochures. Eva’s vlogs are a must-watch if you have the same sense of adventure that she does.

Drew Binsky

YouTube Channel: Drew Binsky

Style: Adventurous Global Travel and Cultural Exploration

Travel Vlogger

Get ready to join the incredible journey of Drew Binsky, one of the most amazing international travel vloggers out there. Through his captivating content, Drew takes you to fascinating destinations around the world, showcasing the beauty of different cultures and inspiring wanderlust. From vibrant festivals to breathtaking landscapes, Drew Binsky’s travel vlogs will transport you to new horizons and ignite your passion for exploration. Buckle up and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with Drew Binsky as your virtual guide.

Hey Nadine

YouTube Channel: Hey Nadine

Style: Inspiring Solo and Budget Travel, Expert Packing Tips

Hey Nadine is the persona of Nadine Sykora, a renowned travel vlogger and blogger, who shares her journeys and experiences with the world through her vibrant and informative content. She is passionate about solo and budget travel and is known for giving expert packing tips.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone planning their first trip, Hey Nadine’s site provides valuable insights and guides to help you make the most of your adventures. From whimsical vlogs to practical travel advice, her work encourages viewers to embrace new experiences and explore the world fearlessly. Discover unique destinations, learn how to travel smart, and get inspired with Hey Nadine.


YouTube Channel: FunForLouis

Style: Epic Adventures, Experiencing Cultures, and Living Life to the Fullest

FunForLouis is a popular travel-oriented YouTube channel created by Louis Cole. Louis is a British filmmaker and online celebrity known for his daily vlogs that discuss and capture his life experiences, adventures, and trips worldwide. The channel is known for its positive and adventurous spirit, and Louis often emphasises living life to the fullest and embracing every opportunity.
Louis has travelled to many countries and regions, and his travel vlogs often showcase his unique, firsthand experiences of diverse cultures, landscapes, and adventures. So Buckle Up to Experience World with Louis and his DIY Tesla.

You must have become hungry after following so many travellers. To satisfy your hunger, Mark Wiens is here.

Mark Wiens

YouTube Channel: Mark Wiens

Style: Delicious Food Explorations, Diverse Cultural Experiences, and Global Adventures

Mark Wiens is the creative mind behind the popular YouTube channel, Mark Wiens. He is a food adventurer who explores the globe in search of the tastiest dishes and broadcasts his culinary explorations to his audience. His channel is famous for its mouth-watering food reviews and the joy Mark brings to every bite.

Mark has visited numerous places worldwide, and his food vlogs provide us a taste of various cultures and cuisines. From trying local street food to dining in fancy restaurants, Mark Wiens takes you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Mark continues to delight his viewers with his enthusiasm for food and his warm, inviting personality. Mark Wiens is a feast for the eyes and the palate, whether you’re a foodie or you just enjoy travelling.

Samuel and Audrey

YouTube Channel: Samuel and Aundrey

Style: Authentic Travel Experiences, Local Food Discoveries, Cultural Immersion

Samuel and Audrey’s YouTube channel offers genuine travel adventures. They explore hidden gems, share local traditions, and indulge in mouth-watering food. With helpful tips and recommendations, they inspire viewers to embark on their own immersive journeys. Join them as they capture the essence of each destination, from vibrant markets to stunning landscapes and local festivals. Let Samuel and Audrey ignite your wanderlust, helping you experience the world’s beauty, diverse cultures, and delicious flavors. Subscribe and be part of their authentic travel community.

Kara and Nate

YouTube Channel: Kara and Nate

Style: Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Travel Vlogger Couple

Kara and Nate embody a style of blogging that focuses on sustainable and responsible travel. They try to showcase travel experiences that have a good influence on the environment and local people through their YouTube channel and blog.
They are conscious of their carbon footprint, promote eco-friendly practices, and highlight destinations and activities that prioritize sustainability. Kara and Nate’s content encourages viewers to make informed choices while traveling, respect local cultures, and contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. Their commitment to sustainable and responsible travel sets an example for others, inspiring a more mindful approach to exploring the world.

Lost LeBlanc

YouTube Channel: Lost LeBlanc

Style: Cinematic and Inspirational Travel

Christian LeBlanc, known for his captivating YouTube channel, Lost LeBlanc, embodies a style of travel blogging that is cinematic and inspirational. With his impeccable videography and editing skills, Lost LeBlanc creates visually stunning content that transports viewers to breathtaking destinations around the world.

His videos are a masterful blend of stunning landscapes, cultural immersion, and thrilling adventures, all presented in a cinematic narrative. Lost LeBlanc’s travel blogging style not only captures the beauty of each location but also inspires viewers to pursue their travel dreams and experience the world’s wonders firsthand. He invites audiences to move outside of their comfort zones, enjoy various cultures, and create their own remarkable journeys through his stories.

Dave and Deb

YouTube Channel : The Planet D

Style: Adventure and Exploration Travel

The Planet D, led by the dynamic duo Dave and Deb, embodies a style of travel blogging that revolves around adventure and exploration. They record their daring adventures to some of the world’s most breathtaking sites on their renowned YouTube channel and blog.. Dave and Deb’s content is a testament to their adventurous spirit, as they conquer challenging terrains, dive into exhilarating activities, and seek out unique experiences off the beaten path.

Their travel blogging style captures the essence of wanderlust, inspiring viewers to embrace the unknown, push their boundaries, and embark on their own extraordinary adventures. With their infectious enthusiasm and insightful storytelling, The Planet D encourages a sense of exploration and discovery in the hearts of their audience.

Mark Wolters

YouTube Channel: Wolters World

Style: Honest and Informative Travel

Wolters World, curated by the knowledgeable Mark Wolters, embodies a style of travel blogging that is honest and informative. Through his popular YouTube channel and blog, Mark provides candid and insightful travel advice, ensuring that his audience is well-prepared for their own adventures. With a focus on delivering authentic experiences, he offers genuine recommendations, tips, and even potential pitfalls to avoid.

Mark’s travel blogging style is characterized by his straightforward approach, providing viewers with a realistic perspective on different destinations, cultures, and travel experiences. By sharing his wealth of knowledge, Mark empowers his audience to make informed decisions and navigate the world with confidence. The honest and informative nature of Wolters World ensures that travelers are well-equipped to make the most of their journeys.


Congratulations, young adventurers, for taking this exciting journey through the world of travel vlogging! We’ve introduced you to some of the most brilliant and inspiring travel bloggers of 2023 who have the power to ignite your sense of wanderlust and push you to explore new horizons.

By following these travel bloggers, you’ll not only witness breathtaking landscapes and learn about diverse cultures but also discover the transformative power of travel. Each blogger brings their unique style, perspective, and experiences, giving you a glimpse into the wonders of our world. From solo female travelers to offbeat explorers, they show us that travel is not just about visiting new places, but about connecting with people, embracing different perspectives, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

So go out and explore, my friend, as Life is short and there’s so much to explore.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is India No 1 travel vlogger?

In India Currently Mumbaiker Nikhil and Nomad Shubham are the biggest Travel Vlogger with 4.4 Million and 2.82 Million Subscribers.

Who is the Indian lady travel vlogger?

Kriti Goel is currently India’s most Famous female travel vlogger with over 586k Subs

Who is Desi Girl Traveller?

DesiGirl Traveller, gracefully led by Priyanka Chandola, is an empowering YouTube channel that celebrates the beauty of solo female travel. Through serene storytelling and inspirational journeys, Priyanka gently encourages women to embark on independent explorations. From serene offbeat destinations to embracing sustainable travel practices.


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