11 Best Paytm Cash Earning Websites

best websites to earn paytm cash

Most Rewarding Paytm Cash earning Website

Paytm has grown as one of the most popular UPI-based payment applications in India in the past few years. You can easily link your bank account and proceed with the payment i.e. send or receive money from your bank account using the account-linked mobile number. 

If you are using Paytm as your payments application then you must be looking for ways to get Paytm cash for free. There is a Paytm cash earning website, which offers bonuses and perks to their users after accomplishing several tasks. 

We all are well aware of the importance of money in our everyday life, but not everyone will get a satisfactory amount of money. These websites will help you to get free Paytm cash even if you are a student. The best thing is that all the websites we will provide below are free of cost. There is no need to spend a penny to get Paytm free cash. 

Also, there is no need to worry about the credibility of these websites. We have conducted good research to find out the top Paytm cash earning website with thousands of daily users. All these websites are 100% genuine and trusted. 

Which Website Is Best For Earning Paytm Cash?

There are hundreds of such Paytm earning websites on the internet, every website has its advantages and disadvantages. But the website with the best features and that provides a maximum advantage is TaskBucks

TaskBucks seems like an ordinary website but it is a wonderful application that will allow users to learn about INR 50 per day just by completing some simple tasks, taking quizzes, and completing surveys. The originality of the app can be determined by the association owning this app, i.e. Times Internet Ltd. 

The whole functioning and legitimacy of the application are regulated by them as well. That depicts the essence of the app. There are more than 32 million installations and visits of the application from the play store and it has collaborated with 160+ popular brands. All these features and specifications make this app the best Paytm cash earning website

There are many sources where one can redeem cash, these include Paytm Cash and MobiKwik. Also, users can Directly do their Mobile Recharges. You can try this app yourself and enjoy the daily supplementary income as a student. 

How Can I Earn Free Paytm Cash?

Paytm cash can be transferred and received from any bank account but if you want to get free Paytm cash then you are at the right place. As a student, it is very annoying to have a lack of money, and sometimes we are unable to buy our favourite thighs. We have researched and found some websites that will provide free Paytm cash. Here are they: 

paytm cash earning websites

The Panel Station 

The Panel Station is the destination to earn real Paytm cash for free. For students who want to get their pocket money expenses, this website offers a reward-based survey platform. All you need to do is just complete the easy surveys and get your money directly to your wallet. 

Also, for more Paytm cash, you can regularly attend the surveys, update the profile and take part in a contest offered timely on their social media handles. The website is optimised for all devices whether it is a Desktop, Android, or iOS. 

First of all, you need to create your account and choose the geographical area, the topic of interest, and many more. The surveys will be based on the topic of interest you entered. After every successful survey, you will get around 2000-5000 points which can further be converted into Paytm cash. 

Roz Dhan 

Roz Dhan is another best Paytm cash earning website available on the internet. There are more than 12 million active users of Roz Dhan across the world. One of the best features of Roz Dhan is that new users will get INR 50 free Paytm cash after registration. 

It offers various ways by which you can earn Paytm cash like you can read news, and magazines, taking part in quizzes, attending surveys, and contests, and visiting some of the popular websites. You will get RS 12 instantly after referring your friend. All Over one can easily make hundreds of rupees within a day and can also win a bonus big cash reward. 

Roz Dhan has a separate wallet where your cash is stored till the amount reaches INR 200. After your wallet gets Rs 200, you can transfer the cash to Paytm using UPI. 

Survey Monkey 

The easiest way to make Paytm cash for free is by completing the surveys. The same can be done from the Survey Money website. It is the platform that allows users to win free Paytm just by completing surveys. The biggest feature of this platform is that one can create their own surveys and get the option of other users. 

On average, you can get Rs 25 for completing a survey, the price is for short surveys and can vary according to the extent of the survey. You can directly get the amount in your Paytm wallet. 


This website is unique because it is an e-commerce website that usually deals with digital products. The main function of this platform is that the influencers can promote their products and increase sales. Users other than influencers have a good chance to make Paytm cash and win amazing vouchers and coupons. 

First of all, you are required to create your account which is free of cost, and if you are logging in for the time, you will get 150 points which further can be converted into Paytm cash. For sharing your referral you will get 50 points too. 

Also, if you have free time and a lot of data you can take part in various surveys, and lucky draws, visit popular websites, complete contests, and quizzes, install apps, and view ads. It is easy to link your Paytm using UPI with the CashNGifts platform and transfer your Paytm cash. All these features make this the best Paytm cash earning website. 

How Can I Get 10 Rs In Paytm?

Your search for free Paytm cash must provide you with plenty of websites and applications. But most of these applications and websites will only allow the users to withdraw their money after it reaches a certain limit, which takes time and effort as well. In such a situation as a student, you must be looking for Paytm cash earning website that gives Rs 10 instantly for free. 

Well! You can go for GameZy, it is a fantasy gaming platform that will allow you to earn free Paytm cash just by playing some easy games. You will also get referral rewards and time-to-time contests take place which will help you to get Rs 10 instantly in your Paytm. The only thing you need to do is just complete KYC, email and mobile verification, PAN card verification, Bank details, and scanned documents. 

After completing the post-KYC and other formalities you will instantly get Rs 25 as the welcoming bonus. This cash can be directly withdrawn into your Paytm wallet. 

How Can I Get 500 Rupees For Free?

If you are looking for the best Paytm cash earning website that will help you to earn Rs 500 for free without any investment then you are at the right place. There is a popular platform named BigCash which is also known as the instant Paytm cash-earning app. The norms of earning are simple, you just need to play simple games and refer them to friends. 

Just do your KYC to activate the wallet and transfer or withdraw your cash to Paytm. Also, there is one more perk you will get i.e. joining this application from a Facebook referral will instantly give you Rs 20. After every successful referral, you can earn Rs 11 for free. All over you can get the chance to earn hundreds of rupees every day. 

Vision 11 Fantasy game 

The game is similar to Dream 11, just playing some simple games including Cricket, Football, basketball, and many other popular games. More importantly, the referral system can also aid you with additional earnings. If you are a new user you will get Rs 300 as the welcome bonus after registration. 

For the first referral, you will get Rs 100, and afterward 20% of the income of your referral lifetime. The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs 100, which makes it a way for you to earn and transfer your money to your Paytm wallet easily. 


This Paytm cash earning website is different from all the above-mentioned. On most websites and platforms you need to play games or complete surveys to earn money, whereas this is a financial and management services website that offers a free analysis of credit scores. It can also help you to earn Rs 500 for free. 

It works on the referral system and can easily assist you as your pocket money. You get a unique code and after every 3 referrals, your wallet will be credited with Rs 100. To start making money just create your account and share your unique code with your friends. After getting the money you can withdraw cash to your Paytm wallet. 

India Speaks 

India speaks is considered the best Paytm cash earning website over the internet. This is usually a survey site where big brands used to conduct the surveys and receive honest reviews from genuine customers. Just fill out the surveys based on your interest and earn decent money after every successful survey. 

There is also a lucky draw where 11 lucky users get elevated and receive amazing rewards and mega prizes. There are several ways by which one can withdraw money, this includes Paytm, vouchers, demand drafts, coupons, and loyalty cards. 

The payouts of each successfully completed survey are around Rs 50 and to increase your earnings you can refer your unique code to your friends. 

How Can I Earn Real Money From Paytm?

If you have ever searched on the internet about the best ways of earning Paytm cash then you will see thousands of such websites, a few of them are genuine whereas others are scams or fake. They will give you money that can not be transferred to your Paytm wallet. There are a few things to ensure before choosing any such website. 

We have researched and found the best real Paytm money-making websites. Here are some of these websites: 


BDSakal is one of the free Paytm cash websites available on the internet. The website has a collection of some popular games by which one can earn money. These challenging games will be easy to play and help you to win Paytm cash rewards and perks. For new users, the website offers a Rs 20 welcome bonus and Rs 6 on each referral. 

The winning cash is depending upon the rank you achieve while playing games. Here are the steps to be followed to earn real money for Paytm: 

  • Visit the BDSakal website and create your account. 
  • Or you can also sign up using your existing google account. 
  • Link your Paytm number with the website, it takes a few seconds. 
  • After successfully signing in you will get Rs 20 as the welcome bonus and Rs 6 on each referral. 
  • The minimum amount that can be redeemed is Rs 50 and the maximum is Rs 100. 
  • After the balance reaches Rs 100, redeem the amount as there is no place to receive your new wins. 

Paytm Cash Earning Website 2023 

For a student, it is difficult to manage money and pocket expenses. There are various ways to earn money but one needs skills and qualifications. As a student, you can win free Paytm cash just by completing some easy task. The Paytm cash earning website named Finshorts will aid you with your pocket money. 

This is a financial advice website where you can give financial advice and earn real money in 2022. All you need to do is just complete the easy financial surveys and take part in the pool game. You will get Rs 20 as the joining bonus after verifying your email and joining the app. 

The minimum limit of withdrawal is around Rs 50 and Rs 5 for each referral. All these benefits make it one of the best Paytm cash earning websites. Just download the application and sign up having your google account. While logging in, enter your name, and verify your mobile and email to continue. 

Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites

For those who want a platform that will allow them to earn Paytm cash daily, here are some websites: 

paytm cash earning websites


PayBag is a popular Paytm cash earning website that is based on the referral system. It will help the users to earn hundreds of rupees every day by following some simple steps, these steps are mentioned below: 

  • Open the PayBag website and sign in using your Google account.
  • Now type your username and profile name according to your choice. 
  • Fill up your Paytm mobile number and continue. 
  • Now you need to follow a simple verification process of email, and mobile number and then continue. 
  • Now enter your DOB, state, select gender, and visit the dashboard directly. 
  • Rs 20 will be received in your Paybag wallet instantly as a welcome bonus. 
  • There is an option to refer and earn, just copy your link and share it with your friends and family members. 
  • After each successful referral, you will get Rs 6 in your wallet. 
  • After the Paybag wallet limit reaches Rs 50, the money can be withdrawn to the Paytm wallet. 

The biggest feature of the platform is that there is no need for OTP verification, just to verify email. This will keep your privacy locked. 

Panel Station Site 

If you have free time for completing surveys then you can visit the Panel station website. It is a survey-based website that gives Rs 300 Paytm cash to users just by completing some simple surveys. On average, the users made more than Rs 9000 from this website. 

You don’t receive the Paytm money directly. After completing each survey you get some Panel station points where 3000 points are equal to Rs 300. Get your winning cash to your Paytm wallet directly. 

Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites Without Investment

Investing is necessary to earn a massive amount of money or become a millionaire. But you can make a small amount of Paytm cash without investment. It can be an aid for your pocket expenses. You can go for the FireWin website and app. It is a Paytm cash earning website that gives referral bonuses. Refer any friend and get paid for each successful referral. 

The biggest feature is that there is no need to invest a single penny to start making money. You can also refer your friend and get Rs1 on each referral. For new users, the website gives Rs 10 as a signup bonus. The minimum withdrawal limit is Rs 13 and one can easily make Rs 20-40 daily for this platform. 

iSay Survey 

The brand-new platforms for earning money simply by completing surveys. One can even up to Rs 500 Paytm cash, Amazon, and Flipkart vouchers, direct recharge, etc just by completing some simple surveys. For every survey, iSay gives around 600-900 points which can be converted into real cash once reached the minimum redeemed limit. 

There is no need for prior investment for starting to make money. iSay is a free and easy-to-use platform. The steps to start making money using the iSay survey are as follows: 

  • Open the official website of the iSay survey and sign in using your good ole account. 
  • Fill in all your details including your email, password, username, mobile number, and age which must be more than 25+ years. 
  • Tap on the sign me up option. 
  • You will get a confirmation mail soon. 
  • You need to confirm the registration by clicking on confirm from the mail. 
  • Select your sex and age to continue. 
  • Click on the complete registration option. 
  • This will take around 5 minutes and after successfully registering you will get 600-1000 points. 
  • Now start completing surveys and after 5-6 surveys you can redeem your points into Rs 500 Paytm cash and transfer them to your Paytm wallet. 
  • The minimum limit for withdrawing money is Rs 500. 

You can only withdraw or redeem your money from the iSay survey wallet to your Paytm wallet after the amount in your iSay wallet reach the minimum limit of redemption i.e. Rs 500. 

Paytm Cash Earning Website

Last but not least website in our list of Paytm cash earning websites is the CollegeDunia site. Here are the steps to make money on CollegeDunia: 

  • Open your default browser and visit the website of CollegeDunia. 
  • Here, complete your profile, verify your mobile number and sign in. 
  • Now tap on the write review option, here search and select your college. 
  • Now fill up all the necessary details about your grades, name, and marks as well. 
  • You need to complete the review in 5-6 steps. 
  • After that, write a review of around 1000 words about your college. 
  • Submit your review and tap on the submit review option again. 
  • Now, enter your email address and upload any of your mark sheets. 
  • Your review will get verified in a few days. 

The payout from this platform is not more but will fulfill your pocket expenses as a student or unemployed person. You can easily earn hundreds of rupees every day for free. 


All the above-mentioned are Paytm cash earning websites that will help you to make money and bear your pocket expenses. You will make hundreds of rupees easily just by completing simple quizzes, and surveys, playing games, and writing reviews. Also, no need to worry about investments. All these applications and websites can be assessed free of cost. So this is all about Paytm cash earning websites hope you liked this article. If you do find this insightfull Please share it with your friends and family


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