10 best courses after 12th Commerce to earn more than Rs 1-2 lakh per month

If you want to know the best professional course out there after 12th commerce then do check out this article

best courses after 12th commerce

You don’t need good marks in your 12th to become successful. But Education plays a very foremost role in becoming successful.

Almost 99% of students consider the science stream as one of the best streams to get highly paid and for a better Lifestyle.

In fact with the expansion of the Internet, the tables have turned and anyone with proper skill and degree(preferred) can earn anywhere between 1-2.5 lakh per month easily.

So let me walk you through the 10 best courses you can complete to earn a good amount and of course a better lifestyle.

best courses after 12th commerce
best courses after 12th commerce

The Career Options after 12th commerce option are great you can do so many things and here’s the gist of it:

List of Best courses after 12th Commerce or Professional courses after 12th commerce:

Courses after 12th commerce without maths || best courses after 12th commerce with high salary

1. B.Com

2. LLB

3. Interior Designing

4. Bachelor Of Event Management

5. Bachelor of Hotel Management

6. Digital Marketing

But Hands Down Digital Marketing is the best course after 12th commerce without maths and with high salary.

Best Courses after 12th Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce(B.com)

This is one of the most common courses by commerce students who just want to have a graduation degree after 12th.

It is 3-year degree courses that walk you through subjects like Accounts, Human resource, Economics, Business Studies, etc.

There are various Institutes offering B.com course based on your 12th marks. The Overall difficulty of this course is very low.

Pro-Tip: Choose this course if you want to follow your passion but don’t wanna miss out on your graduation certificate.

A student seeking B.com can pursue different job oriented courses. This is a course after 12th commerce without maths. There’s also B.com(honors) which is quite tough.

Bachelor of Law(LLB)

Bachelor of Law is a 5-year long course that you can join right after completing your 12th. As this course lasts for 5 long years so it becomes, even more, tougher for students who aren’t passionate about Law.

The Republic of India is a Democratic Country where everyone has equal rights and once their rights are violated, they are free to defend them and then the lawyer comes into play.

There are various types of lawers Corporate lawers being the most wealthy ones.

Throughout your 5-year journey, you will learn subjects like Industrial laws, Banking laws, property laws, company laws, family laws, environment laws, human rights laws, labor laws.

You can choose any one of the above and became a lawyer in a particular field.

Pro-Tip: Choose this stream only if you are interested in law and don’t get driven by salaries or any of your relative’s success.

At the end of the day, It’s you who will make it to the top, not your relatives.

Interior Designing

As India’s Real estate is on the boom, It creates a huge opportunity for others. You can also be part of this Rs: 65000000000cr(US$9.3Billion) Industry.

You can do this course right after your 12th. All you need is just a 10+2 certificate with 40% marks for your bachelor’s/diploma.

And for MBA in Interior Designing, you need to have a Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree from any recognized university.

After your 12th you need to give the All India Entrance Examination(AIEED) based on your marks you can choose colleges as preferred.

During your 3-year curriculum, you will study topics like Construction Technology, Design Technology, Model Making, Cost Estimation, Design Theory, and many more.

The average salary of an Interior designer is about Rs-3lakh per annum which is considering the market is bad but as you gain experience your salary goes on increasing.

Average Salary of an Senior Interior Designer Ranges from Rs-6lakh to Rs-10 lakh per annum.

Pro-Tip:The road from Interior designer to senior interior designer is not easy but with determination and hardwork you can definitely acheive this.

Bachelor of Event Management

Due to the growth in our diverse economy now not only Agriculture but other things also plays a very significant role.

As people are willing to spend more on the different thing than they used to do before 10-15 years.

A large portion of this is spent on food and events and this creates opportunities for the Event managers.

That’s why nowadays colleges are offering to train students in this field. Under the name Bachelor of Event Management.

This is for sure one of the hardest courses on the list. As the no. of events happening is increasing thus creating a spike in the requirement for a professional Event Manager.

The area where you will be trained in this course is organizing, planning, and conducting an event.

Course NameCourse TypeDuration
Certificate In Event ManagmentCertificate3 Months
Diploma In Event ManagmentDiploma 1Year
BA In Event ManagmentGraduation degree3 Years
MBA In Event ManagmentPost Graduate2 Years

An event manager can in his early days earn up to 3.2lakh per annum. As he acquires skills and experience his salary can go up to 15-17 lakh per annum or more.

Pro-Tip: This is a very difficult and laborious course, but don’t give up one. Choose this course not based on salary see if you can give so much effort or time to it or not.

Bachelor Of Hotel Management

Hotel Management is the most preferred course among students after 12th commerce who doesn’t want to settle in India or those who just want to work outside India and earn more money.

Hotel Management course is quite popular, It is offered by a total of 790 colleges 175 among being private.

Completing this course gives you access to present your skills outside India mostly being America or Dubai.

This is a moderate level course.

Completing your Hotel management degree from a top NIHM(National Institute Of Hotel Management) gives you an extra edge over others.

NIHM is the IIT, AIIMs of Hotel Management.

You need to clear NCHMCT JEE( The National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Exam).

Hotel Management is generally a 3-4 years course depending upon the college.

Pro-Tip: This is a very good course if you want to pursue only if you are determined or else you will get a job but salary will be comparatively low.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is trending and nowadays has become the most valuable skill. Due to the expansion of Internet Services, even a person from a remote village in India is using Internet services like social media.

This makes this course highly valuable especially for those who want the best courses after 12th commerce with a high salary or Courses after 12th commerce without maths with a high salary.

There’s a lot to learn in Digital marketing it’s basically trial and error even though there are set of pre-defined instructions. The more you practice the better you are at.

10 best courses after 12th Commerce to earn more than Rs 1-2 lakh per month
Best course after 12th commerce without maths

There are different Technologies to work on in Digital Marketing like:

1. Search Engine Optimisation

2. Advertising

3. Email and automation and many more..

You can learn Digital Marketing both Online and Offline. Various companies are out there to teach you this professional course.

The salary of a Digital Market Expert is Unpredictable it varies on your performance. The better your performance the more you earn

Pro-Tip: There are various Fraud Companies out there too, So be careful please do a bit of research about the company before signing up.

As the Digital Marketing course is very expensive it can go as high as 3lakh, so you don’t wanna make mistake.

I would recommend you to first start with free options like Youtube, Udemy, Edureka to test Yourself then if you feel confident then enroll in the course with a company.

So now the Best courses after 12th commerce without maths is complete and now it’s time for the best courses after 12th commerce with maths.

Here’s a list of the best courses after 12th Commerce with maths:

1. BBA

2. CS


4. CA
and many more.

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

Everyone Wants to earn Good money, That’s why they look something for courses after 12th commerce with high salary and here BBA comes into Play. This is a Moderate level course in the field of business and its administrations.

In this 3-year degree course students learn things like Business aspects and their methodologies, they learn about the law’s functional, corporate operations.

This course is highly recommendable for those pursuing MBA-Masters In Business Administration.

After completion of your BBA course, you can join a company to run their business. But to become successful after completing BBA you need countless hours of dedication.

As you will start off with little to nothing salary. But as you gain experience and acquire skills after few years you will definitely satisfied with your salary.

Pro-Tip: Join this course only and only if you are dedicated and passionate about how companies run their businesses, Or if you want to pursue MBA.

Company Secretary(CS)

The difficulty level of this course is high. This course is concluded under The Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI).

After 12th Student can apply for the CS Foundation Programme. Anyone from Science, Commerce, Arts can apply for this course.

This course has 3-Programme or Rather to complete this course you have to clear all 3 hurdles.

1. Foundation Programme: This is 1 Year(Minimum)

2. Executive Programme: This is 1 Year(Minimum)

3. Professional Programme: This is 1 Year(Minimum)

keeping this Article short if you want to know more then click here

There are various posts after CS some being :

-> Company Registrar

-> Legal Advisor

-> Chairman and many more.

The salary offered varies from post to post. For instance average salary:

PostAverage Salary
Legal Advisor6 lakh per annum
Chairman12 lakh per annum
Managing Director43 lakh per annum

Pro-Tip: This is a very serious Course as this requires tremendos efforts. Choose this course if you can give your 100% to it apart from this you can even complete your graduation parallelly.

Bachelor Of Computer Applications

You must have heard about the news that TCS became the world’s no.1 service provider company beating Accenture.

Recently HCL and Wipro announced that they will hire nearly 16000 freshers. In upcoming years you can even become one of them and get hired by one of the biggest IT Companies.

You can become an IT employee even after 12th commerce by completing a 3-year IT-oriented course by the name BCA.

This is a moderate level course. There are limitless opportunities after completing this course.

You can even get Rs-30000 per month as starting salary. Which is equivalent to an offer made to a Computer Science student or Information Technology student of Tier-3 colleges.

This is probably the best course after 12th commerce with maths for those who don’t want to give so much effort as required for CA or CS.

There are various Entrance exams of BCA and MCA so do checkout once respected to your city.

Pro-Tip: Scope of growth is very high in BCA. So will definitely recommend this course(Moderate Input but very good output).

Chartered Accountancy(CA)

This is probably the hardest course among Commerce. Since the success rate of students in CA course is very low thus becomes the most respectable field in commerce.

This Course is managed by The Institue of Chartered Accountants for students who completed their 12th with maths in commerce.

There are various levels in CA and every candidate must clear one level to sit for the other levels. The most prominent choice for a specific Community of people in India called “Marwadis”.

The course has been reduced to 3.5 Years. But still, it’s the hardest among others.

During this course, you will have to gain knowledge in subjects like Auditing, business laws, Financial Management, Ethics and Communication, Cost Accounting, etc.

The salary of a CA varies from 15-20 lakh per annum based on the company working for.

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At last, all I can say is that Choose your Career wisely because what you will choose now will definitely affect your future.

Signing up for any course will require Capital, Effort, Time and you don’t wanna lose all of this by signing up for the wrong course.

Ask your self some question before you choose your course:

1. Will you be able to complete the particular course

2. Will you be able to give your 100% to this course

3. Whether this course will add values to my skill and resume

Some tips to remember:

1. know the ground reality before signing up for any course (online or offline do thorough research)

2. Ask your seniors about the Institute, If it’s up to the mark or not

3. Never Give up on your dreams

Some answers for commonly asked questions:

Which job has the highest salary in Commerce?

Ans: There are many like CA, BCA, Digital Marketing moreover if you work hard with consistency in any field or any course then money will never be an issue.

And I would suggest avoiding looking for “Salary” and ask yourself what you want to pursue.

Creative courses after 12th commerce?

Ans: Bachelor in Event Management

Digital Marketing

Graphic Designer

Game Designer

Digital Marketing

Diploma courses after 12th commerce?

There are various courses that offer diploma courses like Digital Marketing, Hotel Management, Event Management, Interior Designing and many more.

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