Top 15 Best Banks In India To save Your Money From Scam

Banking And Finance Sector Plays A Very Important Role In Any Country’s Development  Stronger The  Banking  And Finance  More Developed The  Country Is. 
India A 3rd World Country and Home of 135 crore People Very Chaotic And Asia’s Largest Slum. This is What Comes In Foreigner’s Mind When They Hear The Country Name India.

But India Is Changing And Developing And  certain Important Steps Were Taken By Our Government To Strengthen Our Finance Sector and came up with the best banks in India.

Shortly After The PNB Fraud And the crisis Of the Indian Economy. Our Government Decided To Merge Different Banks Into One Single Bank To strengthen Our Banking And Finance Sector.

Table of Contents

  1. Rise of Indian Banks
  2. Features of a Good Bank
  3. Top 15 Bank in India
  4. My Opinion

Rise of Indian Banks

India Has a strong Hold In banking and finance Sector With it’s 21 Private Bank and 21 Public Sector Bank After Different Public Sector Banks Were Merged In order To Provide better Service. But Everyone Look for top 10 bank in india.     There Are different types of banks in India, Private Banks In India Are The Finest and Even There are different types of Private Banks including The Local Area banks, Small Finance Banks And Payment Banks.   In India, There are A total of 21 Private Banks, 21 Public Sector Banks, 49 foreign banks, 56 regional Rural banks, 1,562 urban cooperative banks and 94,384 rural cooperative banks.    


  Modi Government When Came Into Power They Emphasis More on The account Opening Under The name OF Jan-Dhan-Yojna. Due to Which Around 51.3 Crore banks Were opened In The Year 2014-17. And The Account Holders(Adult)Rises Significantly From 53% in 2014 -80% in 2017.This Yojna Mainly Focuses On below The Poverty belt to introduce Them To Formal Banking System.   The Deposits In The Bank Account Increases Significantly At a Compound Annual Growth Of 11.66% Whereas The Lending increases At a Compound Annual Growth of 10.94% Just For The Financial Year F2017-18.   Now After The Jan-Dhan-Yojna Our Government Is Now Focusing On The Complete Payment Digitalisation And Shift India From Cash Dependent Economy To Cashless India. And This Digitalisation Is being Accepted on a Large Scale.     What Exactly Is A Good Bank?   A Good Bank Is definitely the Bank Which Offers Great  Features. So What Exactly Is Good Features.  

Features Of Good Bank

1.Offer’s Great Customer Service. 2.Offer’s Great Deals 3.Offer’s Great Discounts 4.Offer’s Great rate of Interest On a savings account 5.Offers Little To No Minimum Balance Requirement 6.A great Chain Of Atm’s 7.A bank With Great Reputation 8.Easy Online Banking 9.Free Checks 10.Little to Free Online Demat Account For Trading     Based On The Above Factors I have Categorised top banks in India and will try To answer Some of The Questions like which bank gives the highest interest rate on savings account, best banks in india.   At the End Of This Article, You will find out which bank is suitable for you. What are the different types of bank in India and what are the perks of having a bank account in a private bank and as well as public sector bank.    

 Top 15 Bank In India                       

  Here’s A list Of banks in India to even get a clear idea than top 10 bank in india to choose your best bank in india and enjoy the service.

1.HDFC Bank

  The Housing Development Finance Bank Or The HDfC bank is One of The Most Reputated And Largest Bank in India. Operational In India Since 1994. It has one of The Largest Employee Base with 80000 Employee Working For HDFC With Headquarters In Mumbai. This Bank Has Been a prominent choice among  People Opening a savings Account. Due to Its wide availability.

best bank in india

Other Than Savings Account HDFC Provides Various Other Services like- Car Loans, Home loans, Credit cards, Forex Cards, Consumer Finance Services, Personal Loan and Many More.   Perks OF HDFC Bank   1.Best Credit Card 2.Best Deposit Loans 3. Loans Focused For all Class 4.Payzapp 5.Samsung Pay 6.Smart Hub     Perks Exclusive To Some HDFC Customers   1.HDFC Dinner’s Club Black Credit Card 2.HDFC Smart Buy 3.HDFC Personal Loan’s  On Atm’s 4.HDFC On Chat     HDFC is The Biggest Private Bank In terms Of Market Capitalisation and Revenue. It generates an Annual Revenue OF 17 Billion Dollars For The F2019.The Bank’s Currently Market Capitalisation is 5186.62 Billion Dollars.

Downside OF HDFC   I Personally Like HDFC But Their Customer Service Is very Poor. Their Employee Don’t Have enough Knowledge About The Topic So They Leave You In The middle Puzzled. Their App is not user Friendly and poorly Designed UI/UX.  

2. SBI bank

SBI- State Bank Of India is a Public Sector Bank and  It is the Largest Bank In India and it is one of the biggest Bank Corporation In the World. It is The Most Trusted Bank Of India, It is owned By Indian Government. SBI is one of The largest Employer It has 112743 Branches and 159 Fully Computerised Banks.  


    Customer Care Number OF SBI-1800 425 3800   SBI has Not Only Largest Chain Of Branches In India But Even In Abroad. They Have Branches In 32 Countries. Headquater In Mumbai Maharashtra In The Year 1995 The imperial Bank Was acquired By the Government OF India and was renamed. SBI is the largest bank of India.   SBI Has The Largest Chain Of ATM With 58558 and The largest Workforce Of 2,57,522. With the Market Capitalisation of 1117.99 Billion Dollar and The Asset Of over 700 Billion. You Can imagine the Impact OF SBI on Indian Economy.     SBI is Even Ranked 261st On Forbes List Of 500 Global Fortune. The revenue of SBI is 40 billion Dollars.   The Services Offered by SBI includes consumer banking, investment banking, finance and insurance, credit cards, car loans, mortgage loans, private banking, Home Loans, Corporate banking,  private equity, wealth management and asset management.

3.ICICI Bank


Customer care Number Of ICIC-1860 120 7777   This Bank Plays A Very Important Role In Indian Economy, as This is The third-largest private bank of India and it is one of the best bank in india. This bank was established With a Purpose Of Industrial Credit in 1994 with headquarters in Mumbai Maharashtra.   The Total Asset OF ICICI bank is 170 Billion Whereas The Market Capitalisation Of ICICI Bank is 3 Trillion Rs. The Total Profit Of ICICI Bank is about  RS 2100 Crores. ICICI has a strong Chain of ATMs and Branches with 15189 Atm and 4882 branches. It is a key player in the emergence of the private sector.   Customer Security Is their First priority That’s Why They offer 200+ Banking Services Which You can Opt Online. Even their connection is 256-bit SSL secured.   The employee strength Of ICICI is about 85000 And it is Operational In 17 Countries. ICICI Partnered with Amazon Pay To Launch Their Credit Card Line-up To Give Their User a good and Discount and Exclusive Perks.       

3. AXIS Bank

  Axis Bank Is One of the Finest Private banks in India And Made its way under the list of the best bank in india. It is India’s 3rd Largest private bank In India.    


Customer Care Number:1860 419 5555   Axis Bank Experience  is What we call A True Premium Experience They Have Even Won Different Awards That show Their dedication Towards  Customer Satisfaction and  The Awards are:    1.  Best Reward For The 5th Consecutive Year in 2015   2.  Best Contact Centre 2018   3.  Best Loyalty Programme For The Second time from 2018   Axis bank is Beneficial For Customers who are looking for the best service and care. With its 62000 Employee, 17315 ATMs and nearly 4200 Branch  I’m Sure You will get Premium Experience.   Axis Bank is Operational In 9 Countries and Has a Market Capitalisation Of 1282.10 Billion and Revenue of Rs 2200 crores this is one of the best banks in india.

5. Punjab National Bank


Customer care Number:1800 180 2222      Punjab National bank Recently Came Into Limelight When A Nirav Modi’s  Scam Came into Lights. But Punjab National Bank is The Oldest and Golden Bank of India it was Established In May 1894 By The Lala Lajpat ray And Raj Mool Raj with their Friends Opened A national Bank. During British Era, The Banking System was Controlled By The Britishers And there were discriminations with Indian’s as they received Very Less Intrest.   Punjab National bank is for sure the best bank in India with its rich History It even Becomes The best government bank of india.   Punjab National Bank Has A huge List of achievements Like   1.   Best public sector bank 2012     2. 6th Among The Forbes Indian banks and 717 In Forbes Global and       26 in Fortune Indian 500.     Punjab national bank has Assets Of Total of 260 Billion Dollars and offers Services In Nearly Every Sector. With its 9000 ATMs and 11473 Branches after The Merger OF Oriental Bank OF Commerce And United bank Of India.   You will definitely Get a Good Service.  

6.Kotak Mahindra Bank


    Customer Bank Account Number:1860 266 2666   Kotak Mahindra Bank is the top player of best banks in india as well as a best private bank. It offers Great convenience to The customers. It was established in 2003 and The owner or funder Of The bank is Mr Uday Kotak.   With Headquarters in Mumbai Maharastra This Company’s Primary Focus is Convenience They Know The Potential Of Online Market. So They came Up with the idea of 811. 811 is zero balance Savings account that you can open online through their App or can call them at 811.   So in terms of convenience, they are the best bank in india. Even Their 33000 Employees are always Ready To help you When You need them.   They provide one of the highest rates of interest that is 6% which is equivalent to some of the Top companies like SBI,HDFC etc.     Kotak Mahindra Bank is at more than 700 locations with their 2000 employees and 1300 Branches. Their revenue was 41.1 billion in the F2019. Kotak Mahindra bank has a Market capitalisation Of  2252.2 Billion. This Bank is Good For The Investment In Mutual Funds because of high returns.    

7. Induslnd Bank


Customer Care Number:1860 500 5004   Induslnd Bank Limited Is one of the emerging A private bank in india. Induslnd bank was founded by H.P Hinduja on 1994. The total assets of The bank is 26 billion dollars and has a market capitalisation of 316.79 Billion.     With a workforce of 26000, 1004 branches and 2264 ATMs Induslnd bank is easily accessible. This is a good bank For You, if You an Online Trader as This provides You with an INDUS-STOXX  3 in 1 account with a collaboration with Upstox. It gives You a Free Demat Account For Trading and Zero Brokerage On Delivery.  

8. BOI(Bank of India)


Customer care Number-1800 22 0229   Bank of India is one of The prominent Player In Banking Sector Of India. It has total assets of 91 Billion sand roughly 7 Billion in revenue for F2019. This is one of The top 5 Public sector banks.     There is a total of 5600 Branches In around 56 Zones of India. It was Undertaken By Government in 1969. With Headquarters In Mumbai Maharashtra Founded In The year 1906. Your Money Will be safe Here. The Total Market capitalisation Of 117.6 Billion.  



  If You are Among Customers That require a bank with Global Transaction. It was Founded In 1812 as CITI Bank Of Newyork. Citi bank Can be a great choice as it has a strong Presence Abroad with Operational In 42 Countries with more Than 4000 branches. This can Be a great bank to Transfer Your Money To Your Loved Ones without any hassle.   The important thing to note here is the limit on the account You can Receive up to 30 lakh INR into Your Account whereas You can Send 15 lakh INR to Citi Bank account Holder.     With its CITI Global Transfers You can transfer Money Hassle-Free.With a Market cap of little Over 92 Billion.    Limitations: Operational in Only 23 States Of India.  



  Customer care Number:1800 102 4455   Bank of Baroda is Another Popular Public bank of india. It was founded in July 1906 By The maharaja Of Boroda now Vadodara of Gujrat. This bank Was later Nationalised By the government In 1969.     With a Market Cap of 236.6 Billion and With a chain of roughly 10000 ATMs and 13153 Branches In India and abroad. This Bank Can be perfect For Customer Of Any Age Group. With the Employee Strength of almost 86000 Bank of baroda is always ready to help their customers.   Bank of Baroda is Being Merged 12 Times With Other Companies to create one Ally for Development.    



  Customer Care Number:1800 425 0018   It is the 4th Largest public sector bank In India after the merger of Syndicate Bank. Canara bank was founded in 1906 Under The name of Hindu permanent Fund But later in 1910 Changed To CANARA BANK limited. It was Founded By Philanthropist Shri Ammembal Subba Rao Pai.   Canara Bank has a Sub-division Focused On to meet the financial requirements of the female section of this society under The Name of “Mahila Banking Branch”. On 1st April Syndicate Bank Was Merged With Canara Bank which led Canara Bank  to become 4th Largest public sector bank.   Canara Bank is headquartered in Bengaluru  it has over  8000 Branches and over 10000 ATMs operational for Your Service.   Canara Bank has a Market  Capitalisation of 133.72 Billion.  

12.IDBI Bank


      IDBI bank – Industrial Development Bank of India was Created To give Credits To Large Industrial Companies with headquarters In Mumbai Maharashtra. The market Capitalisation of IDBI Bank is More Than 231.6 Billion. With 3700 ATMs and 1900 Branch, IDBI is always ready to finance.  

13.Union Bank Of India


Customer Care Number:1800 22 2244   Union Bank of India was founded in 1919 as a private bank and Later in 1969 The Government Nationalised it. The One Thing That makes this bank a true Gem is That It was Inaugurated by Father Of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.   The market Cap of Union Bank is little-over 111.2 Billion. On first April Union bank was merged with 2 Other banks i.e Andhra bank and the Corporate bank.     Canara Bank has a strong Chain Of Atms with almost 10000 ATMs and about 7000 Branch All total.  




Customer Care Number: 1800 4250 0000   Indian Bank is Another Public sector bank. It was founded in Chennai When in 1907 During The time When Chennai Was Hit By The Worst Flood IN Indian History.     Indian Bank on 1st April was Merged With Allahabad Bank. Indian Bank has a Market Cap of Around 60.02 Billion and Around 4000 Branches with Almost 6200 ATMs.  


15.Central Bank Of India


  Customer Care Number: 1800 22 1911   This is one of the oldest Banks of India and was founded in 1911 Mumbai. It was Under Taken by The Government in 1969. It is the 8th largest bank. It has an Assets Of worth more than 68 Billion.   Market capitalisation OF Central bank of India is 90.79 Billion. It was one of the very First Bank That issued Credit Cards. Central Bank of India has an Employee strength of 37000 and it is Present in 5 Union territories.     Central Bank Of India has More Than 4500 ATMs and it has more than 2800 Branches.  

My Opinion

  So In My opinion, if You are Student And looking to Open a Zero balance savings account Then You can Go for SBI and if Online then Kotak 811. If You are an Online trader Then Definitely INDUSIND bank is for You. And rest Can apply to almost every bank on the basis of the availability of the bank in their locality. But ICICI or HDFC is best among Them.   So this was the list of best banks in india. Hope You got some information about the top 10 banks in india.



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