Air Hostess Salary In India-Complete Details


Air Hostess Salary In India – Complete Details (Cabin crew Pay)

Vacancies for Flight attendant Are Very often. Due to the rapid expansion of the Aviation Sector in India. That’s Why the Pay of the Crew flying Especially Air hostess salary in India is quite High. But with high salary Comes Great Responsibilities.
With All Responsibilities Comes A great opportunity To Explore The World  This is the main attraction of this Job. Air hostess gets an opportunity to travel to various cities and foreign Countries Around the Globe. 

This gets even exciting with the salary received by the Cabin Crew or Air hostess.

air hostess salary


With this Excitement, Air hostess job comes with Great Responsibilities and require a great level of dedication to deal with every type of passengers, In the worst case some arrogant passengers also. 

Even In the epidemic’s as long as the flights of the company are operating they have to do their job.
So definitely Working as “Air hostess” is Not  Easy With Physical Beauty You also Need To be deterministic to become successful in the aviation industry.
 Air hostess salary In India varies from operator to operator, there are various factors such as whether you are flying Domestically or Internationally. So Let’s First Understand About the Term “Air hostess”.

 Defining The Term “Air Hostess”

The term “Air hostess” is very Contradictory Since in Some countries this tag Can damage your whole image. Still, in Some Outskirts area Or predominantly in Bihar These Profession Is considered derogatory.
 So after Various Thoughts The Term “Flight Stewardess”  And “Flight Steward”  Were Given to respective female and male crew. But this was a Very hard phrase.
So After Various other Thoughts “Cabin Crew”  name coined to the air hostess or  “Flight Stewardess”.
After that, This has become the Standard of The Airlines. This as a standard is directed by International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO) & International Air Transport Association(IATA). Which is a Working Body of the United Nations(UN)


Salaries of Air Hostess (Cabin Crew)

These Figures Are Approximate. And original Figure Can Vary But these figures will give you an idea.

Foreign Operators

These Figures Can actually Fluctuate and can Vary very Much from This Amount.

  • Etihad Airways         :- Rs 65000
  • Delta Airways           :- Rs 60000
  • Singapore Airlines   :- Rs 55000
These Salaries Are Not actual Figure. It may Vary this is just an estimation.

Indian Operators

These Are the Approximate  Entry Level Air Hostess Salary  Offered By the Indian Carriers With Minimum of 2 Years Of Experience

  • Air India        :- Rs 45,000
  • Indigo           :- Rs 35,000
  • Jet Airways    :- Rs 35,000
  • Vistara          :- Rs 38,000
  • Air Asia         :- Rs 33,000
  • Go Air           :- Rs 29,500
  • Spice Jet       :- RS 31,500

Factors Affecting An  Air Hostess Salary

There Are basically 2 Types of Carriers Available In The Aviation Industry. Those Are Full-Service Carriers & Low-cost carriers.

Full-Service Carriers(FSC):- 

These Carriers are Basically the Ones those Who Offer Meals and Drinks Moreover They Will give you Full Service. They Even Have More Than Minimum Number of Air hostess directed By ICAO.

Low-cost carriers(LCC):-

These Carriers Basically Carry Passengers They Get Water as Drink Only and for any extra thing they have to pay heavily

So The Air hostess Salary Will be decided On The basis Of which Type of Carrier You Work For.

Full-Service Carrier(FSC):


  • You Get the opportunity To Travel World, Explore Different Places.
  • The Company Will Be Paying for Your Accommodation in Any Foreign Country, While You are Traveling with the Crew.
  • You Get To Know Different People.



  • These Company’s Offer 1st Class And Business Class Which is a lot More Costlier Than Economy class. That’s Why The Cabin crew Have to Serve The Customers Better So Again That’s An headache.
  • Usually, These Carriers Fly Abroad, Again Which is a very Long and Hectic Flight And The Air Hostess OR the Cabin Crew Has To take care of all The Passengers.
  • Even You have to Promote The stuff. Since you travel in the Duty-Free International Airports. So company Want’s You to promote The Items, Which is again a Headache.

Low-Cost Carriers(LCC):

  • This Type of Carriers Pays Lower amount to Their Cabin Crews.
  • They Even Carry The minimum Number oF crews As per the guidance by ICAO.
  • Very Few LCCs Travel On International Routes. So It’s Harder To get a chance to fly Abroad.

Since They Have to Go through so much of Hard work. Sometimes They Have to Fly Twice or Even Worse Thrice In A Day. So For Passenger’s Safety ICAO has set a Maximum Limit of Flight For everyone. Which is Globally Recognized.

Companies That Are Available IN India:

The Aviation Sector Of India Is Expanding Rapidly. Thus Creating A huge Chance To make a Career In this Field.

There Are Several Players That Are Even Beating Global Players In terms Of Quality Service. Although The Market Is Dominated BY Etihad and Singapore Airlines.

But Still, Indian Companies Are Making Their Presence Abroad Also.

Full-Service carriers:

There Are Very Few FSCs Available In India To Fly With But The One’s Available Are:-

  • The Government Owned And The Oldest    :- Air India
  • India’s Most Successful But Now Grounded:- Jet Airways
  • A Joint Venture Between Singapore Airlines And the Founder of Indian Aviation Industry Tata This is officially TATA-SIA But Work Under  Brand Name:- Vistara


Low-Cost Carriers:

  • The World’s Largest LCCs  Air Asia With Joint Venture With Tata Sons:- Air Asia India.
  • An LCC with Limited Number Of Flight Routes And The Cheapest:- Go Air  
  • A Large LCC That Flies Till Middle east And Cover Up India’s Almost Every Destination:-  Indigo
  • The Indian Government Controlled And India’s Oldest Airlines With frequent Travel To Middle east:- Air India Express
  • India’s Biggest LCC With the Most Destination:- Spice Jet

Promotion For Cabin Crew/Air Hostess

There are Various Posts Available After Joining And Gaining A Minimum Of 2 Years Of Experience So the Post’s Available Are:

  • Flight Purser
  • Senior Purser
  • Cabin Crew Supervisor
  • Cabin Service Director


This Article May Help You To Get A Clear Idea of Everything about the Air hostess salary and Career. There is a Huge Scope of Success Even Joining a Company With Lower Salary. If You Can Handle The pressure and passes The Initial 2 Years that’s It You will rock.

Hope You Gathered Some Information  About The Air Hostess salary And if you want to earn money online click here



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