About Us

Hi Everyone I’m Ankit Kr. Shaw a B.tech Computer Science Student and a Tech Enthusiast .

I founded Careerguarantee with a interest to learn about content writing and to get an realtime experience of what SEO is and how it works.

As a student you cannot deny the fact that Money plays a vital role in your life the more you earn the better your student life is.

So being a Proud Baniya i always try different ways to earn money and during this phases i have been fooled multiple time by some websites that’s why I love writing about genuine money making Website.

There’s No Shortcut to Sucess

And I do love to write about Career, Education & Jobs i won’t say i have proficiency But ya I can and i will share what I or my Friend’s have been through and as a whole i’ll share the knowledge here .

I have other website name hindiinformer . Where I share my knowledge in my Mother language Hindi.

All the Informations Provided on both the Websites are well research or Event based .